Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fourth of July

Better late than never! This is fourth of July! And it all started with a mini pallet party on the floor in the foyer. WHAT is up with all the pallets lately!? Ok, so I am warning you... I have a LOT of pics in this post! Just not as many as you will be seeing in the upcoming "Ellie's 4th birthday party" post!

It was midday, and these girls were bursting at the seams to walk over to Emma Lou's. So, I just made it doable for them. I helped them balance this humongous bag full of poolside essentials on both of their shoulders so they could make the long voyage over to the Fords.

And this little precious said, "I stay you". Which is what she ALWAYS says when the choice is to do ANYTHING or stay with me!!

Once we go there, our manly daddy and Johnnye were already setting up the grill!

And by "Grill", I mean this bad boy!

And it was only minutes before we were IN THE POOL!

I think I have mentioned that Gabbi Girl is like a little fish! She slaps those floaties on, and away she goes!!

Usually head down, booty up and she's GONE! She shows those two big girls how it's done!

Although that one "big girl" in the back in a Hello Kitty navy blue bathing suit couldn't care less! She got to hitch a ride with all the 11-21 year olds in the golf cart. She saw them taking off, and don't you EVEN think that she would let them leave without her!

Maddi hung back with Gabbi Goo and would you check out the form as she jumped into the shallow end?!

She's gotta be three feet above the pool's edge! And these would be a few of the COOL teenage boys who were also there for the celebration!

The big people pretty much had "drank" in hand and sat around in sweltering heat!

Oh. Have I introduced you to Charlie!? This is Linda Lou and Sam's new puppy. I broke the news to Todd that we are getting one for Christmas. I am giving him a little time to decide on the breed, but my Gabbi Girl MUST have a dog. She LOVES them!! and we typically go visit Charlie everyday in the golf cart.

These pics crack me up. Linda Lou doesn't mind, but Queenie better not get used to it! Her highness sat there with her hands under the towel and waited on Linda Lou to feed her!

She'd open her mouth like a baby bird, and Linda Lou would feed her. Ha! Not around here, sista!!

She thinks Meredith is the bomb! Meredith and Linda Lou are both dance teachers at Ellie's dance school.

The good daddy took his turn pushing the babies on the swing set. How great is it that Paula and Johnnye still have a swing set?! And their oldest starts school at LSU in the fall! As long as they have one, I don't have to go buy one! Same with an inground pool! Yay!

This would be Melanie without a STITCH of make-up!! And Tashia, just as fresh as ever!

My husband can grill like noone I have ever met. These look like ordinary ribs, but believe me, they are EXTRA ordinary! Gotta love a man who can cook!

This is LInda Lou. But by now, you know that! Hey... who was it that got a trivia question right one time and I never sent their goody!? I know. I know. But like I said earlier... better yet than never! And this tells me if you are reading the blog or just looking at the pictures!

Todd is sweating like a pig. But in case you don't live in Louisiana... trust me when I say it is HOT here! I mean, MISERABLY HOT!!

Aha! And now Linda Lou's son, Ford, takes a turn pushing the girlies on the swing. Thank you, Ford!

And this is Miss Linda. Ellie's dance teacher as well as mine and Paula's back when we were three!

Here's the big crew. Or at least the majority of them.Check out my hat. Like it?!

Emma Lou also seems to love Charlie.

She's the new puppy of the group. Does anyone remember when I was going to name Ellie "Charlie". And then, Gabbi too! I just LOVE that name for a girl! And Charlie is a girl!

We love the Fords. They are like the matriarch/ patriarch of the group!And then just as the evening was becoming a little dull, our Daddy decided to do a big fat "jackknife" into the deep end to drench his friends. He lost the popularity award!

I bought props. Because I am a nerd! And I like themes and props and such!

And my fun friends obliged.

As did Staci and Don.

Charlie got a ride on her daddy's shoulders! Johnnye was, I think, just trying to annoy Sam, but I thought it was the CUTEST pic, so I snapped it. And then yesterday, I delivered copies to Linda Lou, as I think it is frame worthy. Her two sweet babies!

I am not sure, and I certainly don't mean any disrespect, but I think there is some rule about getting the flag wet. Is that right?! Well, I did my best to keep it all respectful and keep these runts flying their flags HIGH.

It was just a fun day altogether. Thanks, Paula and Johnnye for the invite. Or at least for letting us use your pool. I think we kind of invited ourselves!!

Like we do every year!

Hey Daddy. Watch those flags!! Teach those girls respect. Actually, he was more anal about making sure they were flying them than I was.

And then our day was done. Todd took his "tool kit" back to the house.

And poor OLD, FAT Bo said goodbye and good riddance to all those noisy kids who occupied his space all day long!!



Zhohn said...

Ok, this will be my THIRD time trying to comment! I noticed my comments haven't been posting!

Love the pic of the girls carrying the bag together, cute. I'm not enjoying the heat this year at all, we go outside for just a minute and we're SWEATING! Can't wait to see what kind of dog y'all get!

tricia said...

Such fun pics and the narrative as always is entertaining.

Miss Linda is stunningly beautiful!

Becky said...

Wish I had fun neighbors like that!!!!!

blessedmomof3 said...

Third attempt @ posting! I love these pics. It looks like y'all had an amazing day! Is Charlie a Boxer? Boxers make amazing family dogs. We have one that is three. They are gentle, loyal, and extremely loving. They are also very intelligent. They are very hearty and can handle being loved on by little ones. I never thought I would want a large breed and definitely not as a house dog. But, now I wouldn't have it any other way!! He is our fourth child. :) oh well, that is just my two cents on the dog breed debate. By the way, I answered a trivia question and never got my prize. Have a great weekend!!
Leigh Ann

Beverly said...

Had to come in on Saturday to get ready for a Board meeting. It WAS really dragging here so I though I'd pop in and get my smiles. Love the post and it did give me lots of smiles. I love Charlie! AND I'm so excited that Gabbi is getting a dog. The best dogs I've ever had were resuce/mixed breed. Can't wait to see what Gabbi will get. Do we HAVE to wait until Christmas?


I loved this blog Post. I love family gatherings. We are a close knit family like this.. It is so good to see people with the same values as me :)

Kimie said...

I think Gabbi needs a kitty cat! She would love that.

Amy K said...

I just love your party posts. Your crew absolutely must have THE best parties.

Becky said...

Mo Thanks for providing the props. I copied down one of the photo's of the gang waving the flags. My newphew in Afghanstan asked me to send him and his buddies photos of how folks spent the 4th of July here. Loved all the pics as ususal.......