Thursday, June 9, 2011

Such a good girl daddy!

Our daddy is a good girl daddy! It dawned on me lately that he is absolutley SURROUNDED by girls! There's ME, Ellie, Gabbi, and our babysitters, who are also always girls! Then, between my mom and sister, he has to put up with one of my female family members is always at the house too.

At work, he is pretty much resigned to Renee, Beth, Robin, and Donna. He deals with everyone, but these are his main co-workers. Oh... and Tom! Thank goodness for good ol' Tom!

Daddy knows that with girls, you gotta get down on your belly and be VERY interested in the distinct shade of purple that was chosen to color the princess's skirt.

And then Ooooh and AAaaaaah over the many colors used on a puppy color sheet!

Yep. It's a tough job, but our Daddy rises to the occasion.

I suppose MY daddy knew a little about girly things too! Recitals, softball tournaments, cheerleader tryouts, drill team camp.... etc. He, too, had nothing but girls to preoccupy his time!

But for the record, I also loved going to the hunting camp with him. I loved basketball, softball, ran track, and basically was a sports enthusiast!
Not so much that he was. He was more of a hunter/ fisher kind of daddy. But his girls would partake in that with him too!

And look at that. Pooooooor, pooooor old Todd! He was complaining that his back hurt. So, Mary Allison was trying some sort of old Chinese method of torture!

I really don't think he'd change it for the world. I have asked my dad (and my mom... to confirm!!), whether he'd ever wished for a boy. He said he never did! He loved his girls and was happy to be a girl daddy.

And I think Todd the Bod has a similar philosophy. He loves his girls... and his girls LOVE him!!

And speaking of my daddy... be checking in this afternoon. It's MY DADDY's BIRTHDAY!! I'll be loading videos for his birthday wishes. (With Jessi's help of course!!)



Judy Cousans said...
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Judy Cousans said...

I think God chooses special guys to be girl daddys. I'm glad your girls and my girls got one! (They are pretty terrific husbands too, aren't they?!?)

melanie, aka Mo said...

Why'd u dete ur comment? Huh?

Judy Cousans said...

When I read it, it didn't make sense, so I reworded it and reposted it!!!
You're quick on the comment reading aren't you?!?

tricia said...

Girl daddies are special. Both my girls were/are very lucky. He got down on the floor just like Todd to play with them! He bought every trinket(junk) at gift shops for them,went to recitals,was their coach etc. But to be honest my youngest ....a boy came 7 years after my second daughter and he was a great boy daddy too! And I'm sure Todd would be too!

melanie, aka Mo said...

I must be today. I'm chilling on beach.

Kathryn said...

Love all the posts! I have been so busy, I haven't been able to comment much. What fun! I am going to miss all of them next week.

Ava said...

I was actually thinking about how Todd is always surrounded by girls when I read your one of your posts earlier today.

Kristina said...

Gabbi looks so tall in these pictures.