Thursday, June 9, 2011

Side of the road photo shoot.

Wellllll, we tried! We had to wake up ol Miss Grouchy on the left, so we just had to do the best we could! I was SO proud of Todd the Bod, when he saw this cool pier out over Mobile Bay and said, "Let's pull over there. That'd make a cool place for pics." I swear, the Heavens separated and I saw Jesus! He NEVER wants to take pics. And now he's recommending backdrops?! Gooooo, Todd!

Please understand that every one of these is a different photo. And please understand that Gabbi Girl wasn't planning on smiling in ANY of them!

Ellie had promises of gum, touching a bird, sitting with the big kids... bribery works nicely for her!

With Gabbi, we just have to hope that her scowl "kinda" looks like a smile in at least one or two of her pics. And we'd just choose that one!

I just kept whispering to Todd, "Just keeeeep smiling."

And well, this is what we got.

Did you like our coral, white and khaki color choice? I actually thought we would be on the beach, and I thought this would be gorgeous! Did you know that orange and blue are complimentary colors on the color wheel?! That means the "compliment" each other or make each other "pop"!

Having at least a general knowledge of the color wheel may be to your advantage someday. You should check it out! Like, when you are kinda between two colors when painting your room, or buying a piece to an outfit. I chose the orange to go with the blue. ANd thankfully so! Check out the contrast in these pictures!

My other option in these dresses at the Old Navy outlet, mind you, was light aqua. I LOVED that color and really thought it'd look great as a "beachy" theme. And it WOULD have looked great with a great sunset (oranges!!) Why you ask?! Well, because orange and blue are complimentary. Duh!

The basics are like this... purple and yellow. Orange and blue. And green and red. then, you get into red violet and red orange and blue greeen and.... much deeper subject matter! Important, nonetheless! I use it all the time when I am doing my paintings. Dude! I seriously digress!

I think I am going to have to get one of these blown up for Mary Allison. And a canvas for Ellie's room. These are pretty cute! Look how BIG my baby girl looks!

Our two awesome sitters. Too bad Julianne isn't wearing red/orange. Just sayin'! Perfect compliment to that blue green!

I have to MAKE Julianne pose for a picture. Mary Allison, notsomuch. She likes to try different poses and angles. Just like my elder child. But that's cool. I like to try different angles and such too, so I like a willing subject.

For instance, I got down on my knees on this dock to get an upward view to make her look all tall and ethereal. I think I captured it. Be looking for me in the next issue of Vogue. As I think I am a photographer now! ha.

yet another valuable thing to have a general knowledge of... photography. Wouldn't you agree?!

Simply being able to put someone's head or body in a frame in a creative or appealing way doesn't seem like a big deal. But sometimes I hand my camera off to someone and ask them to take a picture, and what I get back is rather shocking. Really? Is that what you felt was center? or most important? who knows?! Everyone has different eyes!

And while we are on deep thoughts. Have you ever thought about THAT?! That we all see things differently because we all have different eyes. Or smell things a little differently. Or that we can't possibly taste the same,because we have our own specific taste buds! So, when I say I like chicken, and so do you... are we really tasting it the same?! Pardon me while I take my Adderol!

In the words of Larry the Cable Guy...
"I don't care who you are..." you GOTTA like this picture! NO matter what eyes you are using!

I mean, how ethereal?! I love how her right foot is turned in just a hair, and the vastness of the bay behind her.

I'll definitely have this one of foamboard and blown up big time!

Thank you, sweet girl for being such a willing participant!



L said...

I love these!!!!! The one's of Ellie alone on the dock are amazing!!!

Bj said...

Opposites on the color wheel and rule of thirds....Mo, you use these little tricks to a "T"....and Imma lovin' it!! These pics are great and WTG TODD!! I know you guys have enjoyed your trip so much....huggers, BJ

Lori said...

Great pics! I LOVE the ones of Ellie on the pier. So amazing. Even the ones with pouty Gabbi (how rare is that?) are great!

Mandy said...

Your pics are great!!! I really like the 5th one down of all of you!! Your color choice is great too!!

tricia said...

Even with Gabby not smiling the family pics are GREAT!

Donna said...

Love the coral color and I agree I love the 5th one down of all of you. Of course, the ones of Ellie are great too. Two comments in two days. I'm rockin' it. lol

Becky said...

Love the pictures and the coral is beautiful....

Shannon said...

Not a photographer but did take a photography class and learned that it's better to shoot females from 'above' and males from 'below'. I can't really remember all they 'whys' behind it but I do remember that shooting guys from below makes them looker bigger...more muscular. For a shooting a woman especially a "fuller-figured' woman it's best to shoot from above.
Also photography has the 'rule of thirds'. think of the picture in thirds.
Thought you might be interested. Love the coral by the way. We did aqua last year with coral being my next choice!

Jason, Betsy, Jackson said...

Love these pictures! We are trying to plan our outfits for our upcoming beach trip ~ don't want to do the usual khaki and white!

Kenzie Holley said...

It's crazy how big the girls are! Last time I saw them was two years ago this summer! They are super adorable.... and beautiful! Have fun in Gulf Shores.

~Kenzie Holley

Karen said...

Your family pictures are just as precious as your family...I love them.

Sandy P said...

I did orange last fall at the beach and loved it. If you ever visit by blog it is the header. We did not have water, but the sky was really blue.

Deb M. said...

OMGOSH I LOVE your family photos!!! I so like the one where Todd is looking at Ellie - SWEET stuff! Too bad GG was being a stinker and had her head burried in your shoulder for that particular picture! You can just tell - HE LOVES HIS GIRLS - all of you! And yes, your color choice(s) were fantastic! The ones of MA and Miss Ellie are beautiful, too! Great job, guys!
Deb M

Shannon said...

great pictures!!! Love the colors!

Tracy said...

Great pictures, I love the coral. I dont know why Julianne doesnt want to pose, she is gorgeous, beautiful eyes!
I just have to say that I think about that all the time, the taste/seeing thing. How do I know that what I see as blue is what you see as blue. People think I am mad.

snekcip said...

Love the pics and the colors you chose! Good stuff!