Friday, June 10, 2011

Our sweet sitters.

Well, the day has come! We are heading back to West Monroe! Before we head out, we needed to take a few pics of my baby and sweet babysitters. I was thinking, I guess this was Mary Allison's third summer with us here. So, since she was 13.

She turned 16 last week, and now can officially drive. She'll be keeping my babies all summer. Gabbi starts speech therapy next week, three days a week. They BOTH start summer dancing next week, and swimming lessons are probably around the corner!

Hard to believe we will be right back to the grind in only four short days.

We'll miss you, beach! It's been fun! Next stop... hopefully, Wisconsin for Todd's kinfolk to meet the youngest Groves, Gabbi, who they've never met. And for Daddy to play in a tournament with his uncles and grandfather. That's in August.

I think one of these pics needs to blown up too! Pretty cute!!



crystal said...

Need "blowing up" source when you get time. Also I need to order me another pair of believe earrings with clasp. Loved, loved, being able to share the beach with y'all. Oxox

Emily said...

These pics are GREAT! Would make great gifts for the sitters,too ;)

Lisa O. said...

What sweet pictures and great memories! :)

Shannon said...

Great travels!!

Kathryn said...

Are you driving to Wisconsin? Spend the night here!

Zhohn said...

Great pics! Have a safe trip home!