Friday, June 10, 2011

Beachin it.

You are gonna have to suffer thorugh a whole day full of photos from the beach! I took my camera down there, and risked its ruin with the humidity and sand, just to get these pictures, so you gonna have to look at em!! How ya like Linda Lou's lariat in the above photo?! By the way, I have about 6 of your jewelry orders packaged up, and I haven't heard from you regarding your addresses. SO, if you said you wanted something, I heard and completed it, and now I need to know how to get it to you. Email me at
Now back to the beach!

Johnnye is more of a sunworshipper than Todd the Bod. And it drives him crazy that Todd is typically fully dressed, never goes in the water, and doesnt' come down til around 4 or so.

In fact, something I failed to mention is that Todd got food poisoning yesterday. You know those cartons of egg substitutes or egg whites or something?! Well, it took him a day of being sick to realize that he was the only one who had that for breakfast.

That's because all the rest of us also had the toast and bacon. Just no eggs. Sooooo, that's the deal! And it WAS food poisoning.

This fruitcake is one of the reasons my three year old FOUGHT me every day to wear a mismatched swimsuit. And by mismatched, I mean a teal and purple top with hot pink, white and orange bottoms. Not even in the same neighborhood!

And when you go to the beach with the Fords, LInda Lou usually comes down at least once a day with a whole stack of paper plates in ziplocs with fancy schmancy sandwiches and wraps.

She knows how to take care of her friends and family! I had the grape and walnut chicken salad wraps. I mean, does that sound like a beach lunch to you!?

And then, Clayton came up with this fish, and we were all impressed that he'd caught that with his hands. TIL we found out he'd picked it up DEAD. That's just gross, Clayton!

We may have to move away from Emma. Do you see a trend here?! Recognize that pose?! And look at the loving admiration from my baby girl!

Yaaay! Someone grabbed my camera and let me get a pic with my baby girl!!

Dontcha love pigtails?! I sure do! And someday she won't let me do what I want to with her hair, so I take advantage of this time!

I dutifully played the part of mama who likes to dig holes in the sand and make sandcastles. I kept telling myself, "they won't want to do this forever, so get down there and make a dadgum sandcastle"!!

Because I am NOT a fan of the sand. ANd Keif, if you are reading my blog and this picture ends up as a screensaver on the computers at work (like the last one did of me in the pool with boobage), you will be looking for a new j-o-b! Just sayin!

Making memories with my girls!



tricia said...

I'm not a sand person. Give me a pool anyday but I do love walking the beach in the evening.

I see where Ellie has many outside influences and so many trends to mimic! Good luck.

I'm going to be away from pc access for the day so I'll catch up later tonight.

Amy said...

You make me laugh, fun pictures! Sorry to hear that Todd was sick, hope he's on the mends.
I think it's hysterical an employee put your picture as a screensaver and you mentioned. Love how you are willing to share anything! Awesome character! I"ll chuckle about this post all day!

Maggie said...

I love how you convinced yourself to get down and dirty in the sand. I've had to do the EXACT same thing! With some of my friends' little girls, who are just desperate for us to come down to the sand and play with them, I have had to say to myself "These are little grains of love stuck in my bottom!" I used to be the type that was constantly rinsing my feet off (with the drinking water!) and putting my feet on a towel. But ultimately I realized, like you did... I don't have any memories of sandy feet, and I've got some pretty sweet memories of holes and drip castles. Totally worth it!

Mary said...

Looks so fun!!! Love the screensaver story--that's hilarious!