Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A joining together!

For starters, Holly, your words were EXACTLY my sentiments from the last post. There have been some rough spots in our family's life journeys, but it is all about perspective! And all about learning to seek JOY! And if you open your eyes, you will see it everywhere. And not only that, you will see the PURPOSE for so many things that have happened in the past.

Which brings me to.... a big deal we had yesterday, including a full on press conference, to celebrate this:

JOR Foundation was established to keep the memory alive for Jake. But as it has grown and thrived, it has found such a deeper purpose! It is helping so many families of kids who have cancer. And true to its mission, we support any organization, as well, who gives to kids with cancer. Since receiving blood is a big, big deal when kids are going through chemo, supporting our local LifeShare Blood Center meets the criteria of our foundation's mission.

And so, yesterday, many from our board of directors, gathered to share in the celebration that was our presenting them with a sizeable donation. These are three of our little angels... Angie, a true worker bee! She is willing and ready to do ANYTHING she feels will forward the efforts of JOR. Dawn, who is pretty much heading up this year's 5k and who is a perennial runner for TEAMJAKE. And Veronicia, chairman of Shake 4 Jake, which you will be hearing lots about in the coming week, as Shake 4 Jake 2011 is at hand! It's next weekend, and I am expecting Dee, Cindy, Lindsay and maybe a few others to haul it on over here for the event!

There were some sweet volunteers who also showed up to show support for this great cause.

Don gave his talk about the mission of our foundation and how LIfeshare was vital to Jake and to so many kids from our area who needed blood.

These are a few of the representatives from Lifeshare who were deeply greatful for the gift.

The room was full of folks who came from all walks of the community to be present for this event.

There's Aunt Bonnie and PawPaw. (Sorry Bonnie. We can say you were praying!)

This is Don officially handing over our donation.

And the crew in a posed pic. Lord have mercy, I have huge boobs!

That's a little better! The arm across the body helps!

I suppose being at events where there are 400 donated cupcakes can't help in the "I wish I was skinnier" department!!

Thanks, Ruby's Bakery for such a generous and time consuming labor of love!

Get ready, peeps. I will be telling you how you can get involved and help in the coming week!!



tricia said...

such wonderful work!

Holly said...

Your comments on seeking joy made me remember Jake's beautiful, happy face. Your family's ability to do just that made his much too short life so incredibly joyous and filled with love and laughter! He packed a lot of fun to his years! What an amazing gift!

Zhohn said...

You guys are great! Very cute with the cupcakes.

Kathryn said...

Thank you. Our sweet Corinne from up the street, age 7, was born with cancer. Brain surgery at two weeks. All the hell on this Earth for the next two years. She is fine. Until last Wednesday. Bad yearly scan. She goes into surgery tomorrow at nine.

Thanks to organizations such as this one, she will be given everything she needs God willing.

Thank you for all you do, and no, your boobs aren't too big for your frame.

Amy K said...

What an amazing gift for this important cause.
Such admirable work JOR is doing in honor and memory of one sweet, smiling little boy.
Many blessings...

Sharidrew said...

wow...that is so amazing! You guys do great things in that sweet little boy's memory! What a blessing you guys are. I thought those were cupcakes and thought, wow! There must be a million of them! (or 400!) That's crazy! I wish I were closer so I could experience the Shake in person. I guess I will just live through your pictures for now!

God bless,

Bj said...

I know little Jake-man is sooooo proud!! I can just see his sweet face, complete with big ole blue eyes and GREAT BIG smile!! Keep up the good work JOR Foundation!!.....huggers, BJ

rebeccabrabb said...

Melanie, I think you need to let everyone know that if they can't support Shake for Jake financially that they can always go to Lifeshare or any blood donation place in their area and donate plasma & platelets. You can donate those every 14 days which is what I do. I have been doing it for about 10-15 years and it is easy and helps someone that needs it very badly. Also, everyone needs to be on the bone marrow donor registry. I have been on it for 5 years and all they did was swab my mouth with a Qtip. I am still waiting on my call to help someone in need. Have a great day! Rebecca Harrison

snekcip said...

First I would like to say that Sweet Corinne is in my prayers. These precious Angels, along w/Jake are such warriors. Organizations such as JOR is such a GODSEND and I'm more than excited to be there next weekend. I also agree with Rebecca, there are so many ways to give back, blood donations as well as BM donor are essential.

Bethany said...

Mo, as a Breast Cancer survivor - THANK YOU! For all you and JOR do - Thank you!

Theresa Shirley said...

That is wonderful that ya'll can help so many! What a true blessing that instead of turning bitter or resentful, like some would, ya'll have turned sweet Jake's legacy into something that will help others and will ALWAYS help him to live on. Just love all of you :) And you cracked me up with that boob comment--leave it to you to notice your BOOBS of all things in that pic! You are beautiful girl--inside and out!!! Much love from Georgia.

adrogan said...

I have emailed and written several times about the leather and pearl braclets and earrings....No response! Are you not doing them anymore???If not , please let me know, so I can look somewhere else...

Becky said...

I know Jake is so proud! Our family has also been "touched" by cancer... my cousins 8 yr old son passed away from ALL in Feb 2007. Because of him I became a blood donor and am on the bone marrow registry. Makes me feel like I can help to make some difference. His mom also started a foundation "Hands of Hope" to support other kids affected by cancer. I even ran a 5k last year to support it... and I am SO NOT A RUNNER!!!! But for Brycie (and all the other amazing kids) I could do it!!! My time may not have been pretty, but I finished!
Lovin' the cupcakes! They look delicious!