Friday, June 17, 2011

Shower for Baby Kenna

This is what we did this past weekend. We seriously hit the ground running when we got back in town! Remember, we had Kaitlyn's party on Saturday... then on Sunday, we were invited to a baby shower. I think this is Ellie and Gabbi's first baby shower to attend!

I was even able to convince the diva to wear a dress.

The party was at Nannie's house. This is Veronicia's mom and Mary Alice to many. Nannie to her grands and to mine and Stacis'!

And this was the star of the show... Miss Kenna.

These are her proud parents. This is Cody, Veronicia's sister's son.

And that's his wife, Cate. This is their first young un.

Gabbi had a baby of her own to tend to.

I wonder how many other kids actually chose the toy german shepherd to "baby" in a blanket.

There you go, Gabbi Girl. That's more like it!

Nannies' house is pretty great. She keeps her foyer stocked and ready to roll!

The majority of the party was poolside. It was primarily a family party. Cody and Cait live in Texas, so this was an opportunity for the local peeps to view the new addition and celebrate her birth.

Veronicia, dutifully, wrote down all the goodies they got. The little girls were strangely all into the shower! Especially into the watching her open the gifts!

And when I say gifts, I mean GIFTS!! I will show some of the goodies later.

Nannie had told us to make sure and bring our swimsuits. There was fun to be had!

But before all that, Gabbi and Ashton played cars together.

And then he knocked her in the nose a few times with Lightnin' McQueen. Ha. Sarah, control your kid!

This is Craig. I have worked with Craig in PT since he was 5. He's about 19 now. WOW! I call him Craigers. Has a nice ring, doesn't it?!

And then came pool time.

I'm surprised my kids aren't water logged by now!

If it's one thing we've had this summer, it's water time! I mean, seriously!!

Ellie and Maddi are still trying to get as brave as Gabbi in the water. This was another fellow shower goer. Check out those CHEEKS!!

Staci is cuckoo for Coacoa PUffs over babies! I, am not. She even thinks it's cute when they start that, "wah, wah, wah, wah, wah....". I, on the other hand', do not. ANd we'll just leave it at that.You could say Staci and Kenna bonded. She never put the poor child down. She would love to have another one. But, she has progressively more pain and discomfort and fatigue, etc. with each pregnancy. And the girl has had FOUR babies! I cannot imagine! Breanna!!

Aha. This is Nicole, Veronicia's sister. And grandmother to the new baby! I cannot believe she is a grandmother. WHOA! And she is right about my age.

This kid got a STASH!

I recognized a whole, whole lot of it from Staci's store. Like these... I LOVE Gracious May shoes. I remember getting them for my girls right off Etsy. Looks like they've made it to the big leagues, with all this fancy packaging and all!

And there's hardly anything leaving Spoiled Rotten without a monogram! Lucky you, Miss Kenna!

Except maybe this! HOW CUTE IS THAT?!

That's something I do miss about babies. Those tiny, sweet little outfits. But, now we just have slightly bigger, sweet little outfits.

Welcome to the world, Kenna!! Glad to have you!



Zhohn said...

Very lucky baby indeed! So glad Ellie let you put her in a dress!

Sharidrew said...

aww...babies are adorable! Happy Friday to you!!

Hugs from Missouri,

Theresa Shirley said...

Love the pics! Your girls are both just beautiful--and I don't mean this as a slight to Gabbi AT ALL--because she is gorgeous too, but it just struck me in those first few pics how absolutely BEAUTIFUL Ellie is. I don't know if it's that we rarely see her all dolled up in a dress, or if it's that "big girl" look. She is just radiant! The picture of Gabbi feeding the actual baby doll had me laughing. She's got her mouth open (like we all do when we're feeding something)--like "here-eat Baby!" And Ellie looks pretty darn brave in the one where she is jumping in!

snekcip said...

That baby w/the cheeks!! OMG!!! I would love to "gum" on those cheeks! I'm attending an "after the baby" is here shower in about 3weeks and I was stomped as what to give a baby that has EVERYTHING already! I chose to do a "video montage" of the TONS of pictures they have taken of the new baby. They reside in California and will be in TX for a month.

tricia said...

What a pile of beautiful gifts! Welcome to the world Baby Kenna.

Mendy said...

Love, love, love the third picture (Gabbi with her head on Ellie's shoulder)!!

And I totally would have been the kid to choose an animal over a baby doll any day!

Emery Wilkerson said...

We had quite a few Phi Mu bid day parties at this house & pool! :-)

Kaia said...

Cute dress on Ellie there! And I'm the same as you when it comes to babies.. I like to hold them for a while if they're happy or sleeping! Give me the "older little kids" any time!

Amy K said...

Cute sundress Ellie! You too Gabbi. Congrats to the proud new parents.

Deb M. said...

oh, I absolutely love LOVE Ellie's dress....its beautiful - she's beautiful WOW . . . and I am so with Stacie there is nothing better than say the 0-6mo age.... if it wasnt that they grew up I'd have had about 10....but smartly opted to stop at four! I am not sposed to even be typing as I had surgery to both hands Tuesday, but I am still interested in the anklet (I love that Ellie is sportin' one these days--too cute) I will email you next week!
Deb M