Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Jake's Jamboree

I gotta tell you... this NEVER EVER gets old. This is the welcome I get when I come home every day, it's what I get when she rounds the corner and sees I have arrived anywhere she is, and on this day, it is what happened when she showed up at the Convention Center and saw me. I just love it.

These three girls are sitters and, with Mary Allison out of town, KK has been a lifesaver this week!

Someone grabbed my camera and caught a few precious moments.

I liked em all, so I just posted them all!

So while my baby loves me and showers me with affection... my big kid strolls by, nonchalantly with the big kids, being all CHILL and ignoring me altogether!

But, I gotta say, snowcones are pretty hard to resist. In fact, that is her primary request for her upcoming birthday party. Yep... I'll have a four year old in about two weeks!!

Remember Sarah?! Well, she hung out with us at Jake's Jamboree!

A local bakery (Tummy Yummy) brought all these SUPER CUTE cookies and goodies to the volunteers and JORF devotees.

I mean, like, REALLY! What a nice donation.

My kids LOVED these! I think we may have to have some of these for Ellie Sue's birthday party too!

And then it happened! The Hooters girls arrived! They were there with a bunch of wings and to serve on the panel of the telethon.

Didn't take long for Zach to go and "serve" these girls by helping them find their way around and see their way to the telethon panel. Zach, that is SO giving of you. NO. Really!

I have had several people contact me about the tee shirts. I will be sure and give you a way to purchase them if you so desire by the end of the week! They were our favorites ever. Mainly because it had a big fat '11 on the back!

And please pay attention to these pursed lips! I am starting to see them in many of Ellie Sue's pictures lately. I just WONDER where she learns this stuff! Ha.

Almost done with my weekend's photos. I actually didn't take many pics. Don hired a photographer, so I didn't feel the pressure I usually do to capture everything. I felt more pressure to make as many things as I could possibly get made for Jake's store. So, I DO wish I had a picture of the hundred pair of earrings and hundred cuffs that made it to the store! ha. Oh well...

Hitting the hay!



Mama J said...

I applaud you for the effort you give in taking photos EVERYWHERE. My family will tell you that I have had a camera permanently attached to my hand for YEARS...and I am the only one in the family that has some priceless memories because of that. However, the older I get, the less enthusiasm I have to cart that precious cargo around. A photographer sees many things others don't and captures it...but they also miss out on a lot. I have cut way back on my pic taking and have to tell you that I enjoy knowing what is going on a lot..that is until I see a photo op..then I want my pacifier, aka the mighty camera. Thank you for your 'sacrifice'.

Amy K said...

Oh my gosh Mo, those pictures of you & Gabbi are the BEST!!

Becky said...

That little Ellie Sue cracks me up!!! My 12 yr old would totally do that to me!!!!
Lovin' the pics! Thanks for keeping us updated!

Becky said...

...and those little cookies are so cute! That's so awesome that they took the time to decorate them all so perfectly!

Bethany said...

Did ya miss me?! Sorry for the lack of comments the last couple of days but my baby, Greyson, BROKE HIS LEG! Out playing with big brother Cameron when he fell funny and broke his tib about 2" below the knee - so full leg cast for him! Breaking this mama's heart so I've been spoilin him rotten! Nothing so pitiful as a 2 yr old dragging his little leg behind him :(

BUT, I'm so glad to see what a great and successful event you had... How proud Jake must be! Also, I love how GG LOVES HER MAMA. I love the pics with her little hand on your cheek - could just eat her up!

Rhonda said...

I absolutely LOVE the pictures of you and Gabbi!!!! PRECIOUS!!!!

tricia said...

love the pictures of you and Gabby

Bj said...

ACCOLADES TO THE WHOLE CREW!!....job very well done! And I too, love the pics of you and your baby girl, adorable for sure....huggers, BJ

Shannon said...

Always enjoy your pictures!!

Laurie said...

Mo! The whole event looked great and waiting up here in NJ to hear about T-shirts! I wanted to tell you my 10 year old baby girl still runs to me like that when we have been apart. It can make any bad day better. I can only hope as she gets older that she keeps wanting to greet me at all!!! Enjoy every second of it!

Laurie in NJ

Becky said...

As usual - you did an awersome job bringing us to the party even though we are afar. I am waiting on the t-shirt info. However, I hope you are ok, cause there has been no update from you today. See, we got spoiled with your bunches daily at the beach,cut back to one when you had to go back to work and now today - nothing! I just love that pix of Gabbi running round that corner to mom