Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dinner at the Beach Club

Staying consistent with the "advice giving" I have been sharing on things to do in Gulf Shores, well, I guess I must add the Beach Club's own on-site restaurant. You never have to leave the Beach Club grounds if you don't want to!

And look who we ran into here! It's Erin. Erin helps us with Shake 4 Jake fundraising every year. Speaking of... you know it's coming up! SOON! I have to get back and start my own fundraising SOON! If anyone out there in Blog land has anything they feel may be valuable to a particular group of people and that they would like to donate to our auction, please contact me! Mary Beth, where are you!? She ROCKED it last year and gave us a hunting auction which brought some BIG money to the pot! And LINDSEY... you still reading?! I need some tutus and .... hey, Breanna... can you make me a few appliqued cute things? Bibs/ burp cloths/ tees?! And maybe a headband of two?! Pleeeeeease?! Anyone else?! Don't make me call you out! I donate a week at my condo every year. If you have something similar and don't mind sharing, send me some info. It'll obviously be a tax write off due to Jakes Foundation being a 501C-3 organization (charitable).

Back to dinner. For now. I'll be back on the Shake 4 Jake event... soon!!

Here are our cute little sitters. By the way, both of their moms read the blog. Only one of them knows how to comment! So, JUDY, what would you like their curfew to be? I forgot to ask! They are obviously only on the Beach Club grounds. I just wanna see if I have been in line with what you would have wanted.

ANd WHY can't I get a normal picture with this nut?!

He was being dumb. So, I followed suit!

Not having one of our "prettier" nights out!

But pretty or not, we ALWAYS have a good time!!



Sarah said...

Look out...I finally figured it out!! I had to create a new account!! I've enjoyed ready all your vacation post!

Sam said...

We always have fun too! We are always laughing and cutting up around our house! I think that is what keeps us young! I love your vacation posts. I would love to try the Gulf Shores out. But since we live in North Carolina....the Outer Banks will have to do this year. We are not big into the crowds at Myrtle Beach. Back in the day...It was the best place to go.

Sam said...

I meant to leave a message on the post where you said your friends kids are graduating high school and yours have not started school yet. We are the same! My friends kids are graduating Saturday night from high school. Mine is Graduating tomorrow from Kindergarten!

Also, I have been getting so many compliments on my Talisman lately..mine word was Stand.

Mary said...

I too want to know what the curfew is! I love little tacky out of the way places. We are having the whole family up to RI this summer. So my question you also pay the babysitters or is the pay the trip, the dinners, etc.? Just wondering what we should be doing.

Zhohn said...

I'm so behind! But I've read every post. Ellie is so cute hanging with the teens and Gabbi was so proud of her mascara! I must agree, it looks like y'all have fun anywhere!!!
Enjoy your last few days. We are heading home Saturday, NOT looking forward to that ELEVEN hour drive! :(

Judy Cousans said... home I'd say 11:00, but at the beach, I'd probably go midnight. That's a good group of kiddos you've got hanging out together!! I LOVE these multi-post days!!! BTW-I have begun project #1 of the Summer of Judy and am refinishing/distressing some furniture I bought for Julianne's room~I am having big fun!! I'll have to tell you about the guy I bought the furniture from~you'd probably enjoy going through his shop!

tricia said...

Each time I hear about the Beach Club I fall in love with it even more!

Erin said...

That picture of me and the girls is precious! I can remember Ellie saying "You know we have to take a picture so smile!" ha! She is so funny! Love those girls! Such a precious family! Love yall!

breanna said...

Ahhh...I just read this post! I told you I was WAY behind! Sorry I didn't send in any appliqué stuff, but I did send Stacie headbands! Did she put them put? Big plans for next a party :)