Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Gabbi and some mascara

Man, my kids LOVE make up! It used to be only Ellie! Buttttt....This one has becomed equally obsessed!

And since we are in this little condo, with little storage options, so my make up just sits up on the counter in my cute little make up bag, the girls are very, very privy to its whereabouts!

Apparently, Gabbi Girl found the mascara on this day!

And apparently, she was quite pleased with her work! Check her out checking herself out!

Umm hmmm... just a "tooouuuchhh" more.

and then, she appears to be making a final inspection! Hilarious. I love that look on her face!

Yes, Gabbi. We ARE going to take your picture and share this little adventure.

Whoa! Now THAT's better! Even if that is MY toothbrush!! Who ok'd that?! Good think I've never been much of a germaphobe. I actually think germage helps BUILD immunity!!

Looking cute, little girl!

And look at that sweet look she's giving Mary Allison.

If I've heard it once on this trip, I've heard it ten times, "She's the sweetest kid I have ever met." And it is so true. She's so petite, and talks squeaky, and rubs and pets you. And well, just loves you up! She is precious!!

I adore this baby girl.

Mascara and all!



Tracey said...

She is hysterical! How precious she is!! You are wonderful to enjoy these moments of silliness and not stress!!

L said...

Would love to "hear" her sometime! I can only imagine her sweet little voice with the fun Southern drawl y'all have down there. Still jealous up here in NJ!


Georgia said...

So glad Gabbi is feeling better. She is such a cutie!!!

Sandy P said...

Just got caught up. It sounds to me like you are getting enough hits to advertise on your blog.

Unknown said...

aren't girls wonderful? mine are 23 and 24, but seeing your girls' antics remind me of when they were little. they didn't get into my makeup too much back then, but they sure don't mind 'borrowing' things now!

tricia said...

Gabby is so precious. She makes you want to squeeze her!

Not going to worries me to see kids into mascara(any other make-up,ok)If she pokes her eye with the wand(and it happens)a scratched cornea is beyond painful.
Have a fun day!

Forrest Fun said...

She did such a wonderful job, looks like you need to show her how to use the eye liner!

She is so sweet, so hard to be upset when they are so sweet and proud of what they have done!

Momma of 3