Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Out to dinner with Daddy

We are going WAAAAY back with these pics! This is the first night our daddy got here. So, what was that? A week ago?! Almost anyway. I am so glad that this baby still lets me put whatever I so desire on her. Wait til you see what Ellie chose. A total dichotomy of fashion!

Daddy had just driven in and was using the Beach Club's carts to haul his stuff up to the room. I like that service... a lot!

oh, here we have it!

A white denim mini skirt. I had to fight her to get her to wear the owl shirt. Which I actually DO think is cute! And then, we had to go round and round to get her to take the back of it out of a ponytail holder!

She was stuck to her daddy like glue! She misses her daddy a whole whole lot when he's not around! Gabbi is TOTALLY a mama's girl. Ellie kinda splits her time between the two of us. And I have a feeling, because she is going to require a lot of "direction" I'm afraid, as a teen, she will likely migrate right onto being a big time daddy's girl.

That makes me sad, but not as sad as I'd be if I was a weak parent who let her kid get away with anything and turned out to be a disrespectful teen! So, I'll pay the price.

Can anyone relate?! And we went right over to the Beach Club Restaurant to show dad the aquarium. Ellie is enthralled with the eel!!

we were very, very happy to see our daddy! And are LOVING having him here to play with us on the beach! More on that in just a little while! I'm posting every two hours today! You keeping up!?



Shannon said...

Love the 'every 2 hours'!

tricia said...

daddy and his girls;how sweet

Zhohn said...

Love a daddy with girls!

Mindy said...

Don't even think about going home...just enjoy the rest of your vacay!

So glad Gabbi is feeling so much better!

Lindsay said...

Loving all this posting!!! You are going to have a heck of a blog book for this summer!! :)

Donna said...

You are getting so many hits on your site because everyone like me is checking your site MULTIPLE times a day. You have even brought me out of the lurker closet. I am loving the multiple posts but I don't think my boss is liking it too well. Not getting ANY work done here! Trish just posted on FB a picture of Emma Grace that you took back in 2004. Cute, cute picture of EG. I am enjoying your vacation through your posts. We are off to Colorado in about a week to ride 4-wheelers. Yeah!

kendra said...

Love the pics, keep them coming, Ellie's mini skirt reminds me of the commercial where the dad sees the mini skirt on the clothes line so he rubs his greasy hands all over it and then the mom actually gets it all out. too funny