Friday, May 20, 2011

My posse of three

The pics in this post may seem totally unconnected. And, well, you are kinda correct. BUT, they are all members of mama's posse, so they all get a little face time!

First, there's Gabbi Girl, who is precious in her sweet white dress and little polka dot sweater.
And I gotta say... I am a HUGE fan of the pigtails!

And then, waaaaaaaay out there across the pond, you can see my husband.

One might assume he is fishing. That's what normal people do when they are on the edge of a pond.

Can you still see him? Look closely! But nope. Not my husband! He is hitting golf balls across the pond!

And then we have the third member of my posse. She was inside and being quiet for WAY too long!

I soon discovered why! She had fixed her hair.

From one side, it looks like a nice little clippie holding it up. You know, a simple swoop up deal.

But from the other side, one learns she is a complex hair designer. Nothing simple about this style! More is more is Ellie's mantra!

I pretty much LOVE all three in my posse!



tricia said...

Such a beautiful posse....ALL keepers!

kimybeee said...

if you must have a posse - it may as well be the best one ever!!!!!

Kai said...

Love Ellie's hair! Todd & Gabbi are pretty neat too, but we laughed hard at Ellie!

Amy K said...

You've got an awesome posse.

Kaia said...

I love the pigtails, too! And I was sure Ellie being quiet for so long meant something worse than that.. whew!

Beth E. said...

That's a great posse! Maybe E could come over here to SW Virginia and fix my hair for my son's wedding? ;-)

snekcip said...

(Im "posse" bly) cute post!