Thursday, May 19, 2011

Look out Steven Tyler.

Oh yeah baby! Looky what I done gone and done today!I got me some feathers. And I am so excited. I have been wanting feathers since I saw the first set. They definitely fit my personality!! And it took a PT student, doing her internship, who was with me when we got finished with a patient early, to say, "Hey, let's go get some feathers" to get er done!!

We swung by a salon, and just like you hear, it takes, ohhhhh, about 30 seconds to do.
It takes WAY longer to pick out what colors you want.

Jenna went with some brights. I went more with the earthy tones, and my GO TO colors... turquoise, orange, rust, and cream. And of course, the funky ones with stripes! If there'd been a lime green, I'd have been all over that one!

And this nice lady was familiar with my blog! HI!
And so that is the end of my story. I now have feathers in my hair. ANd as I predicted, my three year old was VERY quick to recognize them and wonder where hers were. Don't fret. I bought her some! BUT... she is being bribed to do well at recital Saturday, and her reward will be her feathers! Mama didn't raise no dummy!!


OH. And happy birthday, Staci! We took her out for her birthday. I'll post pics sometime this weekend! She's the ripe ol age of 38!


Zhohn said...

Happy Birthday Staci!!

Really like the feathers on you, fits your personality. Can't wait to see pics of the recital!!!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Love the feathers...and I never dreamed I would love Steven Tyler so much

Amy K said...

Happy Birthday to Staci.

Lisa O. said...

Happy Birthday to Staci!!

I WANT some feathers now in my hair, so cool!! Have a great weekend!

Theresa Shirley said...

Look good on you Mel! Bet they'll look cute on Ellie too :) Tell Staci Happy Birthday!!!

tricia said...

Happy Birthday to Staci.

You certainly are more daring than I......feathers in the hair! What did Todd think?

snekcip said...

Happy Birthday Staci!!!! Feathers look great on yall.....Me...well...If I stuck a feather" in my "hair" It probably would look like "macaroni"! Get it!!! Bwahahahahahahaha