Tuesday, May 10, 2011

More Key West fun.

Day two. Let's start our day the way I do every day with a delicious ice cold Diet Coke! Every place we ate in Key West was open air like this. They ALL had a tiki feel, rarely with sides on the joint and usually with a bar and often live music. It's very much like I'd imagined!

On Mother's Day, we had arranged for ourselves a relaxing day at the spa.

We stayed at the Pier House, and I must say, we thoroughly enjoyed our choice, and really, really enjoyed their spa!

Later that evening, once all facialed up and massaged, and with painted toenails, we got ready to hit a sunset cruise.

This is the boat we cruised on. It was chosen because it had live music and snackies. Also, it was called Commotion on the Ocean, so we felt like it would probably be entertaining. No one has told us we are middle aged yet.

So, we got our mama fruity drinks and waited to take off.

I'm telling you... I am not a rum drinker, but the coladas and daiquiris and fruity little island drinks were unbelievable.

Can you guess whose toes are whose?! And can you guess who wore a pair of NEW flip flops on day one and got a blister between her toes like a F-O-O-L!

All hands downstairs while taking off.

And we' re off!

That's actually our hotel right over there.

It was totally great. I don't know what the weather is usually like here, but it has been in the upper 80's and breezy. Absolutely perfect!

These two fruitloops were...ummm... I dont' really know what they are doing.

And as promised, it was truly a sunset cruise! We watched the sun til it disappeared over the horizon.

And when it did, the crowd erupted into a cheer. NEAT moment.

I don't know why I can't be normal in a photo anymore. It just isn't in my make up!

Then the band sang a song about big boobies, and me and my compadre, whom I met on the boat, KNEW this song was for us!

Yes, that's my coral colored bra you spy there. I, like a ding dong, did not pack a single neutral colored bra on this trip. Uncool. But, I swear, in Key West, no one cares! Most people are just galavanting around town in a bikini top and cut offs. They couldn't care less if I have on a coral bra.

Going, going...

Almost gone!

The three amigos have had a great time! We travelled together last year for the first time and realized we are very good travel partners. We split EVERYTHING three ways!

All meals, all cab rides, all dessert stops, .... etc. No matter who ate what or drank what or whatever, we just split it. Makes life way easier.

PauPau and I have been friends since we cheered together in white and black knee high tube socks in the 6th grade. Goooo Claiborne Yellowjackets!

Is it me or does this band member look like John Goodman?!

Thoroughly loved this band.

And here's paula with her Purell hand gel. Know why?!

Because down there in that galley is the only bathroom on the boat. And it is a boy/girl bathroom. And it smells like sewage. Worse than a Rent a John! UGH! And Paula had to go use it! Ha.

Ok, once back on land, we were headed to find some supper, and we came across this joint.

I LOVE the laidback attitude of this whole place. Just bellly up to that bar and order some oysters on the half shell. In a bathing suit, shorts, or whatev!

And when we came by much later, the place was closed, except there was nothing to close, so they just slung that rope across the entrance. There were no walls or doors or ceiling! Most of the places have trees planted inside, which over the years have grown enormous and are now providing the canopy as the ceilings. Very quaint.

We were making our way to PePe's. This place is 100 years old.

ANd just in case any of you are intersted in a trip to Key West, the three of us are planning a TOP TEN things to do or see while in Key West.

And since I had my camera with me at all times, we may even do a post on TOP TEN things you should NOT wear in public! Whew. We saw some sights!

NOTHING bad to be said about the desserts here!!

And well, that about sums up Day two. More on the trip to follow.

Happy Tuesday, y'all.



Amy K said...

Beautiful! What a wonderfully relaxing mini-vacation.

Theresa Shirley said...

I feel like I'm there--almost! It looks beautiful! You need a vacation home there one day--looks like an awesome place for an artist to be all creative and such :) Looks like ya'll had a ball!

Zhohn said...

Your posts make me want to go!! Definitely looking into that for next summer, just girls. Going visit Mickey in a few weeks so no Key West this year :(

Happy Tuesday!

tricia said...

fun times with great friends....how awesome!

snekcip said...