Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Key West Continued.

I know some of you may be sick of Key West pics, but now that I have toddlers and much less time for appropriately recording my travels via a scrapbook (although I have one started!), I have to record my fun times with this blog. So, bare with me... I think only one more day!

Sloppy Joe's.. Ernest Hemingway's favorite place to hang out. It's one of those places that, well, when you are in Key West, you just have to go visit!

And have I mentioned that EVERY SINGLE PLACE that we ate was DE-LI-CIOUS!! If you are looking for a vacation where you are in search of really good food, especially seafood, go to Key West.

Ok, and maybe my favorite part of the whole place... this band!

As luck would have it, I sat beside their mom and best friends. So, I got the whole run down! Here's the deal. There are 10 kids in this family. The oldest, TJ, is on the banjo and is 22 years old. He is married and his wife is pregnant. They have a little boy. The youngest is Charlie. He is 5 years old. And then there are 8 more! 9 of the kids are boys! Poor, poor girl... Kim!

Look closely at the two pics above to see that they are actually playing each others' instruments, as well as their own at the same time. Talk about some bilateral integration (that's therapist talk for really awesome coordination and an amazingly high degree of cerebral processing!!).

The kids kinda go up and down the east coast playing gigs and are all homeschooled. They travel in a motor home. Kim is 21 and pitches a tent aside the motor home. Do you blame the poor thing?! They are obviously a close knit family, and I think you may be seeing and hearing more of this group in the future.

I took this pic to show Todd that there was a brewery next door that I thought he'd appreciate. Know what he noticed? That blue tee shirt (far left) with Ernest Hemingway on it. He said, "That's a cool shirt. Why didn't you get me one of those? Tashia, Paula... you reading this?! Can you believe that? I think it may be about the ONLY tee shirt on the island I didn't buy! Dang.

I tried things I have never eaten before. And I LOVED them! For instance, this is fish dip. WHO KNEW?!!

Ok, so back to the band. They are called the Doerfel Family. I plan to google them. I know they have a website, but I haven't looked it up yet. First things first.... blog post! Then google!

Would you look at this?! The two youngest ones hit the stage for a little mike time later in the show. This is the most musical family I have ever witnessed.

They eventually "plugged in" Charlie and let him strum his little homemade guitar along with his clan.

Tips were coming from every corner of that place!

And that's all I have to say about that. (Forrest Gump!)

I just thought the whole experience was fun. Thought I'd share!



Cassie12 said...

Mo....thanks for sharing that story on that family....we saw them last Oct when we were in Key West but didn't know the story on them....and didn't see the little guys perform. We really enjoyed them also.

Amy K said...

Nope, not sick of Key West photos, but am going through a little Ellie & Gabbi withdrawl. :)
Thanks for sharing this family's story.

Beverly said...

Amazing! I think you're either born with it or not. I took years of piano and organ and now all I can play is chopsticks! Loving 'visiting' Key West!

Mbeaty19 said...

So cool hearing about the band and their story. I love how you always find the little stories to go with things. Been really enjoying your pictures and storing ideas for a possible trip to Key West in the future. Glad you and your 'girls' have had a great trip but I'm sure your GIRLS are happy to have you back. Thanks for sharing and always making me feel I'm right there with you.

tricia said...

I've been enjoying the pics and dialogue of your trip. I'm glad you girls had a great time!

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~
I just love seeing all your pictures from Key West! As I mentioned way back when, I lived in the Fort Lauderdale area for 17 years and had many fun times in Key West (and the other Keys too for that matter) you are so right, it is VERY laid back with lots of good food & drinks!! I miss all that.
The best we can come up with here in Colorado is a place called the Fresh Fish Company – they have a happy hour every day & they have WONDERFUL fresh oysters with the best horseradish to add to them along with fresh lemon – ahhhhhhhh, heaven!!! We try to go there as often as possible!
It looks like you & your friends are having a blast! I love a little get away with my friends – it’s the best time for sure. In fact, I am meeting three of my cousins in Albuquerque, NM June 1-4 for some catching up & just hanging out. I am looking forward to my girl’s trip too!!
How are Ellie & Gabbi doing with you away? Probably just fine I’m sure. I also left my girls with my hubby when they were little for escapes & Dad always had everything under control – were lucky that way. I guess some men just could not handle it – I’m glad my husband could.
Have a wonderful day & a safe trip back home,
Diana from Colorado