Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Key West (last one)

This is our last KW post. I just had to complete the trip. Full Circle. SO, last day in Key West, and we finally made it to Blue Heaven for breakfast. We had been there before, and were turned away due to a waiting list of 150. Can you even believe that? So, we went across the street to a little place called La Creperie. OMG . It was a French place with UN.BE.LIEVE. A. BLE crepes! We had the Nutella and banana on buckwheat crepes. But, that's not what this post is about, sooooo....

This post is to further share with you what Key West is really like. It is so outdoorsy and chill. This is Blue Heaven. It is a must do when at the tip of Florida!

And here's something weird. We couldn't get over this young little band! Seriously, we were so amused. And at breakfast nonetheless!

And then later that night, when we were at Sloppy Joes, there they are again! The far right and far left kids are actually locals, and their dad did all the set up at this set. So, I suppose he is kind of doing the same thing for his kids as the Doerfel mama and daddy did for theirs!

Since the Doerfels come down every winter (they'll be heading back very shortly. They're from New York. After swinging through South Carolina and going over to Branson. Dang I know a lot about them!), they actaully DO know some of the locals, so I suppose that is how they all met up.

So, let me say, you have to go to Blue Heaven (and La Creperie!!) when in Key West!!

And I mean that is just breakfast! Then there's about a dozen more I could recommend for lunch and dinner. I swear, I don't think I have ever been anywhere that has better food than Key West. ANd that is coming from a lap bander who can barely eat anything anyway!

And can I say I LOVED the awesome foilage, flowery trees, palms, etc. I LOVED all the plants in Key West.

And as mentioned above, we were at the TIP of Florida. I mean, the TIP of the United States! That's kinda cool! I don't think I'll ever look at a map of the US again without saying,
"I've been THERE" when I see the very tip of Florida! I'm odd like that!

While waiting to take our photo at the Southernmost Point, this woman walked by. Tashia SWORE it was Daryl Hannah.

This person was so pale, she kinda looked albino. Does Daryl Hannah look like that? Does anyone happen to know her personally!? Would she wear a hat and outfit like that?!


Huh? Am I seeing this right?!

And on our very last day. No meals left to eat! And then we find this!!

We were told that we had to go see the cemetery. We were told that it was the only raised cemetery in the country. W-R-O-N-G! I happen to KNOW that Louisiana is full of raised cemeteries because we are below sea level and umm... I don't really know why. But something about water and floating bodies, and ????. Anyhoo....Just sayin.

And if in Key West, you MUST go shop here! If ever there were a place made JUST for me, it is this one! I even told the lady at the checkout, "whoever does the buying for this place is cut from the very same cloth as me! We are twos peas in the same fashion pod!" Linen, soft cotton, organic materials, nothign too fitted. Everything just perfect for me! They even had super cool jewelry. umm. mmm. mmm.

Just another oudoor eating place. They are everywhere. Something that is NOT everywhere.... parking places! Here, Tashia "negotiates" with a policeman about our ticket.

We kind of made our own parking places when we were struggling. There are just not many cars at all in Key West. Mostly mopeds, bikes, and like us, electric cars!

Check out this street... NO parking places. And so, we DID get a ticket. Oh, Tashia... have you handled that yet!? Call me!

And everyone we talked to about coming down here said, "You've GOT to try the key lime pie dipped in chocolate on a stick". Well, we DID! It was divine.We were so glad we rented this!

And because we are all compulsive shoppers, we requested one with a trunk that locked!

Cause that's the way we roll!

And that, my dear friends, is Key West 2011! Back to reality. Back to work! Back to motherhood. Back to the really good stuff!!



Zhohn said...

FUN! thanks for sharing your trip.

Can't wait to hear what Ellie and Gabbi have been up to.

tricia said...

Did you miss the girls on Mother's Day? I couldn't imagine being away from my kids on Mother's Day but a trip with my besties would certainly be a consideration

Cathy said...

No way that's Darryl... John John would NOT have been okay with that lipstick. ;) Yes, I had to zoom in close... just to see. ;)

I've never wanted to go to Key West, but now, I seriously think I need to go. Looked like a fabulous time!

Mary T said...

I happen to live about 30 minutes from where the Doerfel's are from in NY. I've already checked out where they'll be playing up here and can't wait to see them.

Looks like you girls all had an awesome time away. Key West is a great laid back kinda place. We can't wait to go back either. Thanks for posting all the pics of the great places to eat. :)

Kaia said...

There are a few Mo's restaurants (I don't think they're related) on the Oregon coast too.. we always have to eat there when we go-love them!