Friday, May 13, 2011

Gabbi goes to Therapy... again!

Yep. I am back in action. Working away in North Louisiana. And as you know, when I work on Wednesdays, so does Gabbi Girl!

We looked around at one point in therapy, and there were 11 bodies crammed into this small space on the side of our main gym. Now, we have 4 extra rooms, but I suppose, we just wanted to work closely to one another that day!

And so you don't think I am the only psycho who carries a camera with her at all times....

yep. Jessi is just as bad as me! Together, my children do NOT stand a chance of not being photographed!

And we've even been known to add props to spice up the photos.

I see big people too. You knew that, didn't you?!

And of course, the little tiny ones too. Here, B is in our cuddle swing. And can I say... he is DIGGIN' it!!

And everything we have the big kids do, Gabbi wants to do too!!

And she's not all that bad at it either. I think coming to therapy and her getting therapy as a by product has been hugely advantageous for my baby girl.

ANd then a high five jump for the big celebration...

Glad Blogger is back up and running. I couldn't post last night. And THAT just won't do!!

See y'all again early tomorrow. Check in.



tricia said...

Gabby is so lucky that 'play time' is more than just play. One very lucky little girl. She looks so happy to be there.

Bj said...

Mo, that Gabbi girl is soooo dang cute!!....but, so is her big sis...God has really blessed you and your girls...with each other....huggers, BJ