Monday, May 9, 2011

Key West Continued.

I am definitely with my kind of travelers! We did a little island hopping, and this is what I am coming home with. HAVE I LOST MY MIND?! I think I may even have to buy a new suitcase to get these SIX pair of flipflops home!

But DANG... these are C-U-T-E!

Ok, so, we asked around to see what was happening in the town for the time we are here. And, well, this is what we were told about. It was the virgin voyage for all three of us, and since we are all about an adventure, we agreed we had to try it!

First, please note that Paula's glass is GLOWING! Cool.

As is this queen's skin.

Have you guessed yet where we went?!

Got an idea now?!

How bout now?! It was a big fat drag show. And it was a scream.

These boys, I mean girls, were so fun to watch. They seriously put on a great show. High energy. Funny song lyrics. Tons of audience participation.

I am ashamed that these men have better figures than I do!

Did you see his/ her legs?!

They'd sing and dance, and then just basically walk through the crowd waiting for people to give them dollar bills. At several points during the show, I though, seriously? They just walk around and people give them money. What a racket!

But if you wanted a picture taken with them, it was the "respectful" thing to do (did I just say respectful while discussing a drag show?!), to offer a tip.

I think this may have been my favorite. Guess who this is!

She/ He was singing a song from Burlesque. Broken. It was really awesome. Look how giant this shim is!

And also understand that everytime we have a posed photo with them, they are straight up still singing and entertaining the rest of the crowd, so they had to pose, smile, accept the tip, and keep right on singing. Pretty talented!

No wait. THIS was my favorite! Same shim. (She/ him). This was Joan Collins, as in Mommy Dearest. Is that who was in Mommy Dearest?! I can't remember. But she had her down to a tee!

RIght down to the WIRE HANGERS!!

CRAZY night with the three middle aged mamas!

ANd now, drag show... check!

Ok, gotta mention this one. This is a crazy nut girl who we'd been watching all night. Little front story of information... Paula is a germaphobe! She has one of those gay little Purell bottles on the side of her purse, and would rather fall flat on her buttocks than hold the pole on the tram in the airport! Seriously.. ISSUES with germs!

We may have all also had a little issue with girls who let their boobs hang out. But that's for another day!

So this girl comes up and is telling Paula some story about having carpal tunnel syndrome or a hand wound or something, and Tashia and I are DYING! BEcause, guess what she asked Paula to do...She needed help putting her disgustingly sweaty hair up in a ponytail! WHAT? And she is doing it?!

You couldn't have squeezed a dime between Paula's booty cheeks at this point. I know she is choking back some tears right about now.

But I am proud of her. She put aside her own pain to help that of a fallen comrade. Or at least to fix her hair!

And last but not least... you KNOW I gotta share a little Spongebob action.

More on Key West attractions coming soon. Including our top ten list of things to do when in Key West. Not positive a drag show will make our list, but it was a good time!!



tricia said...

That show must have been hilarious. You can now check it off your bucket list(if it was even on here) LOL

Zhohn said...

Haha! Well that's probably a once in a lifetime thing.

Beverly said...

No one can ever have enough or too many flip flops!

Sharidrew said...

OH MY WORD! That made me laugh so hard! I'm not so sure I'm as bad as Paula but I must agree...germs are nasty and need to be avoided! I carry my hand gel inside my purse! LOL...

Hugs from Missouri,

Ronda said...

I don't consider myself a germaphobe, but I think the hair thing would put me over the edge. What a brave friend you have! The show looks like a LOT of fun.

SarahBeth said...

oh i so feel for paula!!! i have been known to carry small lysol cans in my purse just in case there is a pole we'll have to hold on to on a subway or something...

Beth E. said...

OMG...I am feeling Paula's pain! Sweaty hair...ewww! From one germophobe to another, I'm proud of you, Paula! I carry my own hand sanitizer with me and totally understand where Paula's coming from.

Love the flip flops, Mo!

breanna said...

HILARIOUS!!! I can not believe paula did her hair!? Did this really happen, or did you and tasha pay that girl?

Amy K said...

I can't even imagine how much fun you had. I can picture laughing until there are tears.

tonilynn said...

Mel, I absolutely love the blogs from Key West! Hilarious fun at the drag show. Glad y'all had a great time!