Saturday, May 7, 2011

Leaving on a jet plane!

Hey guess what! My two besties and I hit the road yesterday. Oh, wait! NOT the road. The SKY!

Our sweet husbands decided we needed a getaway. (nevermind that stalker in the background!)

Basically, we had anywhere in the world , well maybe not wooorld, but at least the US, to choose from.

All three of us have been pretty overwhelmed lately for a variety of reasons, so we chose to go to the most CHILL place we could dream up.

We chose Key West. And when we arrived, we knew we'd chosen well! I mean, check out that little tiki bar in the background. Things were looking good!

Another total surprise was when Matty, the limo driver, was standing there holding a sign that said "Ford", as in Paula Ford!

The whold area of Key West is 2 miles by 4 miles (or so I was told before I left), so the need for an actual limo was slim... but we appreciated it nonetheless!

Once in the limo, we found more surprises.

There was a jug of bloody marys already made up in the rear of the car.

And... BONUS!!! Matty is a parttime bartender!

Oh yeah, things were looking GOOD for our Key West trip.

Matty was a ball! A great choice for our driver! And look... spiced beans and all!!

Cheers, my friends. Let's prepare for an awesome Mother's Day getaway.

And within minutes, there was ocean! Ahhhhhh...

Paula was doing her Miss America wave here... complete with roses, chocolates, and her drink of choice.

Then, we made it to the hotel, and we had to haul all this stash into the room.

Would you believe they had a vase for us at the front desk, ready to go with us to the room!? NOw that's service!

And another surprise was hidden in Paula's suitcase.

Emma Lou had tucked in this little bear and a card. YO! Ellie, Gabbi! What's up with that?!

All three of us are the MOVE IN types, so we emptied our suitcases, filled the drawers and closets, loaded up the bathroom counter with all our facial products, and hit the pavement.Our hotel grounds looks like a tropical forest.

This is kinda what you run into all over Key West. It's a very quaint little place. To tell you the truth, it reminds me a lot of New Orleans, but cleaner.

Since the area is so small, the primary mode of transportation is mopeds or...bicycles. One requires actual pedaling, so it was an easy choice for us! No biking. We chose to hoof it on our good ol' feet!

This is the first stop... an oyster bar! Oh yeah, baby. Can I get a whoop whoop!? Any other oyster eaters out there? Pau Pau and I LOVE em. Tashia says, "nope, I'll pass.".

We got a list of the local favorites from Matty and then again from Lee, the hotel concierge, so we can get an idea of a couple of different folks' takes on the places we MUST go to.

Alonzo's was a good first stop. GREAT fish dip, baked oysters of all different types, and "grape lemonade" and "pear punch". ( I just went with a Mich Ultra)

LOOK at this! Makes me wanna come back to Key West and I havent' even left yet!

and by 6:00 pm, THIS is what we were doing!Wait. Let me clarify. THat's what THEY were doing. I knew I would need a project (despite Todd's instruction to me to NOT take one), so I packed a "few" scrapbooking supplies and got the bones of our KEY WEST trip mini book in place! When we all come in for our NAP today, I'll start adding the photos!!


Actually, we DID arise and make the party circuit at 9:30, so there are more pics to follow. Todd was just laughing that we were actually napping on our trip! He just texted me and said, "I've been looking and there is a bridge tournament at noon. If y'all hurry, you might make it.". He's so funnnnnnny!!! Later.


adrogan said...

Just wanted to let you know.....You all have THE BEST husbands!! Im just saying....Thats unbelievable!

Kris said...

That is awesome - enjoy

kimybeee said...

how sweet!! it is nice that you have the love and support that you can have all these fun little things in your life. i can't imagine throwing some stuff in a suit case and hitting the road like that...makes me wish i didn't have such travel anxiety. my husband and son go on little trips like this all the time - i just can't take off and go :(

Beth E. said...

Hey, now...I don't play bridge, but I do appreciate an occasional nap! Besides, all that traveling can wear a person out! ;-)

Have a wonderful time!

Steph said...

To me the best of part of vacation is that I can do things on MY schedule, and that includes taking a nap and catching up on some much needed sleep!!! ENJOY your get away!!!


Heather said...

Looks awesome! Where are ya'll staying? (if you don't mind me asking) We might be planning a trip to the Keys in the near future! :)

Zhohn said...

Enjoy! You deserve it!

Amy K said...

That is the most awesome Mother's Day gift ever! Your hubbies & kids ROCK!
Enjoy every deserve it!

Mama J said...

Those guys know when Momma happy, everybody dudes...well deserved! It is gorgeous there...droooooolllll!

Renee said...

Happy Mother's day!

tricia said...

Happy Mothers Day! Girl time wonderful! Enjoy! You all have great husbands. Which husband initiated the need for the special trip? He needs a gold star!

breanna said...

Y'all are hilarious!!! I may just have to crash the next trip!!!

oh, and your last comment about hazel's red shoes...that was b/c your precious girls got her matching dress wet :) just sayin...