Thursday, May 5, 2011

Closet Clean out.

Every blue moon, I go into panic mode and NEED some help with closet clean out. This is a the beginnning of my attempts to do this alone! And I have this good friend, Breanna, who hears my cry, drives to Monroe from New Orleans, and saves the day! and my mind!

She helped me install a THIRD rod in Gabbi Girl's closet!

Wait, did you think it was "only" three rods?! NOPE!

And the shoe situation was OUT OF CONTROL! Shoes everywhere!

I am almost positive I have mentioned this before, but Bre has a way of saying, "Do you LOVE it?" and makes me really evaluate what I am hanging onto and whether or not it is necessary!

This is the residual pile of JUNK my mama gave the girls for Easter. I mean, they racked up! Ellie and Hazel were devouring some junk food!

And when my baby girl heard "candy", she did all she could to get up there too.Poor little baby William almost got lost in the chunk pile.

So, waaaaay up there, we have size 3T winter clothes. I assume Ellie Sue will be moving to the 4T range, so these are being passed from E to G, and stored in the appropriate closet.

The second rod is nothing but pants and a few little skirts in the back.

And the bottom row consists of outfits which are paired up already (makes it easier on Dad!).

We have shirts on the bottom row, and top row is nothing but dresses..

So that about sums it up for Gabbi.

Oh, and don't think Breanna stopped there! This is the new pajama drawer.

And here we have panties and socks. People who have this kind of patience level amaze me!And finally, Play clothes. She convinced me to get rid of lots of these!

Bre would make a good point when she'd ask, "Why would you put her in these knit shorts and tees when she has all these cute outfits and so many precious dresses?! And besides, she doesn't even care what you put on her." Good point!

This is my under 30 year old friend who has FOUR kids! Wow!

And THIS is the pile of clothes I chose to upcycle for the fabric, just because I think I could make something interesting with it. We'll see!

These four bags were sent to a worthy recipient!

ANd then there was Ellie Sue's closet.

I have just about decided to put a lock on the outside of Ellie's closet! You should see what our laundry looks like.

When we wash and put all of the clothes on the bed to fold them, my pile is x tall. Todd's is x tall. Gabbi's is x tall. And Ellie's is triple x tall! I mean, she has probably 4:1 clothes to each of us! It's because of all the wardrobe changes she assumes in a day! I am TIRED of it!

It'd be one thing if a) she put the clothes back on the hangers instead of the floor... and b) she could accurately tell me what is dirty and clean. But, NEITHER of those things happen! So, now we have a clean closet, and I am trying to decide if punching ugly holes in our new moulding is worth it. I am leaning toward ABSOLUTELY! Todd thinks it's controllable. (IT IS NOT!)

And by "it", I mean Ellie Sue Heidi Klum Hannah Montana Madonna Lady GaGa Tyra Banks Supermodel Groves.


Thank you Breanna. I have a sense of peace now. I can manage this alone for, ohhhh, about 6 months or so (or at least until the next season change), and then... I'll be calling!! MO


Michelle said...

What a SWEET friend! :) The closets look great!

tricia said...

what a patient friend;she did a great job

Nascar88_20 said...

LOVE Ellie's new name!

Amy K said...

Now that is a true friend (and definitely has the gift of organization).

Renee said...

Looks great! Not sure what kind of knobs you have on the closet door, but they sell knob covers that require squeezing and turning at the same time to open. MIght keep her out for a little while. Or, put a locked door know that would require a key to open--like the bedroom knobs. Good luck with that little cute clothes monster.

Nora said...

Great organization!! We now have a shoe shelf that looks a little like that! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.....the very grateful recipient :)

Shannon said...

I need to do that same thing....maybe I will get some motivation from you this weekend!
Happy Mother's Day!

Rhonda said...

I totally GET this!!! I'm a Breanna and LOVE to clean out closets, drawers, cabinets, etc. and ORGANIZE and throw away!!! (I don't have usually much TIME to do that, but when I do, I DO!) My husband is a very creative musician personality (like you, Mo) and he freaks out when he comes home and there are garbage bags of trash in the garage, garbage bags of stuff for Helping Hands and stuff I save for a garage sale!!! But, you have to admit, it DOES make you feel better to be organized!!! :)

nineisenuff said...

Can Breanna come to my house next? We seriously need to do this in our closets! With three girls, you can about imagine what my laundry looks like, too. And I love Ellie's new name. Thanks for the smiles this morning!

snekcip said...

The SPRING CLEANING fever has taken over my house as well. I'm cleaning out Bree's closet too! In fact, tomorrow I'm joining in w/a group to give a giant garage sale! I did the "are you still in love with it" saying w/Bree's things! Bad thing is I STILL LOVED IT but it was way too small! I did keep a few sentimental pieces that were dear to me. My 21 yr old caught the "clean your closet" bug and have a HUGE rubbermaid bin of clothes, plus heels, purses the WHOLE SHABANG!!! I hope we can make a dent in it!

Steph said...

When we were little and liked to change clothes all day, Mom made a rule that we had to pick ONE outfit for the day and if we wanted to change we had to ask for permission - it not we got punished. Might work, it did for us, it only took one time of being punished before we started to ask.

Anonymous said...

Would it work to put two laundry baskets in her room & have her put dirty in one and clean into the other? Maybe you could tell her "dirty"=worn all day, "clean"=(whatever you decide constitutes clean!) I have an 8 year old who is just as bad! Hope yours gets better sooner than mine!

Bj said...

OHHHHHH, am I jealous of those big closets....sure wish they were at my! Mo, you are so fortunate to have a friend like that...hang on to her for dear life!!...huggers, BJ

Beth E. said...

The closets look great! Go to Lowe's and ask them about locks. Several years ago, I remember a friend installing one that required very minimal installation...hardly any holes in the woodwork! We used a hook and eye dealio and installed it way up near the top of the door. Too high for little one's to reach. Good luck! :-)

Cathy said...

MO!!! Let me be your worthy recipient. ;) Every time I see your girls, I end up thinking... WHERE did she find that? Haha.

LOVE the closets. Breanna could go into business as an "organizer." I didn't know they had those until we had to subpoena one for Court, a while back. ;)

Looks great!!!