Friday, April 8, 2011

Pics around MMPT

Because it's Friday, I decided to show you a little of the office. Since we won' t be in there for another couple of days. For me, it'll be 5 days. I am taking a few days off. I'm whipped!! This is Angela. She is my PTA (Physical Therapist Assistant). She's my right hand gal! She does pelvic floor rehab with me. More on that later!
This is Becky. She is my primary adult orthopedic PT in the West Monroe office. And she is a whiz when it comes to matters of the spine. Especially the neck! If there was a neck problem, yo she'll solve it, check out the hook while my DJ revolves it. (homage to Vanilla Ice).
She is also a fellow artist. Used to scrapbook, now is an owner of a thriving photography business! The girls have an appointment next Friday!
Anybody out there been to therapy? Recognize any of these tools?! Therapy balls are a vital tool in ortho, neuro, peds,... basically any type of client. The mobile surface makes the core more dynamic, therefore challenges balance and strengthens the trunk musculature. Hmmmm!!!
I use these little posters all the time. Sometimes to clarify something for myself. Sometimes to show my patients so they can better understand the exercises we are describing or to show them what is short/ long or compressed causing their pain.
This is a piece of equipment we call the rebounder. It can be let down to be a mini trampoline, or we can keep it semi vertical and have folks toss medicine balls of different poundage while balancing on one leg, on a sheet of foam, and even use the numbers as a cognitive training tool.
Hmmm... what's this, Amy? Amy is a Certified Hand Therapist, and probably the BEST upper extremity therapist I have EVER had the good fortune to work with... shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand.... the girl's got it going on! I think this is some of her doing!
We try to keep refreshed material on our bulletin boards. This one is in our adult building and houses info on a recent conference which Karl attended and found very informative. We have neuro covered too! Probably my strength area as well.
Aside from this. Sorry. Look away if you can't stand the heat! And by heat I mean the female anatomy. I have a male anatomy poster in my "pelvic rehab room", but decided to keep it off MoJoy! Anyhooo.... now that I've opened this can of worms...
yes, I do pelvic rehab. Urinary incontinence, fecal incontinence, pelvic pain, pudendal neuralgia, pain with intimacy, low back pain related to internal tightness, etc. Have I ever shared that?! Well, now I have. Wish I could see your faces right now!

Ok, back to a shade of normalcy... this is a grid I set up for a brain injured patient to use sequencing, single leg balance, and asymmetrical stance positions in the treatment plan. I love colored tape. I use it just about every day!!
And this is what our chart area looks like. Check out those charts far right... we have some LONG termers with us!! And we love em like they were our own family!
Just saw this pinned on the wall, so I snapped a pic of it too! Good reference of nerve pathways of the upper extremity.
Three thugs who work for me. Well actually only one really gets a paycheck! Don, far left, is doing an internship right now for his kinesiology program. Tyler, center, is waiting to hear if he got in PT school... he is so deserving! And Jody, far right, is also doing an internship as a PTA. Punks!! They look tough and cool, but all three of them are really tender and empathetic. Qualities I appreciate in the men we hire.
Out front of our pediatric building, you can find this!!
I swear, I feel like I am at the Masters!! How beautiful are these?! I love azaleas. They just don't hang around long enough!!
And I think I love EVERY color of them too!
This is my fave. GG Gerbing. I have these planted all along the front of my new house. I can add all kinds of color and it will always go with white!
So, hope you enjoyed our little trip around MMPT... Hope you've recovered from the "girly parts" poster!



Kathryn said...

I think you need a sign that goes over the door. "Magic Happens Here. Believe!"

Nora said...

Thanks for the tour....and I will second your statement on those can tell they love their work and they are great with even the itty bitty patients - my Kelsey loves them!

Zhohn said...

Thanks for sharing! Love Katherine's idea. Y'all sure are a talented group!

Have a great weekend and enjoy your days off, they are well deserved!

tricia said...

Always love to hear about your peeps at MMPT.

I too love azaleas and agree they don't hang around long enough.

Have a good few days off!

Shannon said...

My sons favorite therapy days were the days he got to play on the "peanut" ball. Sit in the middle and bounce, roll back and forth on his tummy....giggling the whole time!!
Do you have the little bouncy horse I think they call him Rowdy? He loved bouncing on him too! While his therapist would sing "I had a little pony, his name was macaroni" good memories!!

Type A Nightmare said...
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Cathy said...

Amazing! Since January, I've wished I was a PT just so I could work with Elly. It's fascinating!

And... I LOVE Becky!!! ;)

Mbeaty19 said...

While I'm sure some might be disturbed by your girl parts poster I found it interesting that your clinic deals with those type of 'issues'. It's amazing the great resources you offer to the world of therapy. Thank you for all you do for your patients and you followers!

Beth E. said...

Well...*ahem*...yes, Mo, those pictures were quite, ummm, enlightening! I'm sitting here with my eyes all bugged out! lol I can't believe I'm gonna do this, but I have to does a therapist...*erk*..."rehab" someone's pelvic floor? *blush*

Looks like you have a great group of people working with you!

Deb M. said...

Oh man, I had completely forgotten about the PT I went through trying to balance on that stinking foam until you mentioned it in your post. I think I would recognize just about any PT tool you would show. My file would be one of the "thick" ones in the right of your chart photo! I've been in and out of therapy for about 7.5 yrs! And like I have mentioned before, I could only be so lucky as to have a facility like yours where I live. I hope your patients really appreciate what they have in MMPT!!