Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hangin on the driveway

I am whipped! Lots of work. Two toddlers. And now the pollen is KILLIN' my sinuses. To top it all off, I am painting faces at a fundraiser in the morning, and have to be there at 6:45! Out of town! For that reason... I am posting some older pics that I had uploaded but never got around to posting. Check out this cheesy cheese as she comes around.
Think she's seen a camera or two in her days?
Seriously. The kid is a total ham!
I must have big time bribed her this day to get her to wear an actual cute outfit!
Ahhhhhh... it's PawPaw. And Emma Lou!
Giganticly humongous bows are all the rage down here in the south! I mean B-I-G!!
Hey PawPaw. Yippee. Some adult company!
And yipppeeee. Someone else to entertain the young uns.
Oh man. Have you seen such a cute smile in all your life?! That girl is a sweet thang!

Now this picture is a hoot! Does anyone remember when Jake would ride his four wheeler the way Ellie is riding her bike? He called it the neck neck. Ode to the actual trick in motocross, which I think may be called the knack knack.
Then Gabbi Girl got her turn in the Cadi!
She'd been at work with me all day on this day, and I remember that because we tied up some leftover fabric and made a makeshift headband for her.
Oh my. The smiling bandit is back!
Can you tell we aren't quite moved in yet?! Sanford and Son in our garage! UGh. But I LOVE that look from Ellie Sue!
And then there's Little Miss Determined!
She is just happy to be hanging with the big kids!
And I am just happy to have her as my kid!
So precious. And to call her a mama's girl is a gross understatement! I don't know if she'll EVER go on a date. She'll want me to tag along!
And that'll be just fine with me.
What in the world, Ellie!?

Ok, because I am so tired, I am skipping some commentary. Just enjoy some serious preciousness!
And precious seriousness!

Oh yeah, about half way through the outdoor fun, Ellie ran in to get her outfit for the following day to show Emma and Paula. This is exactly how she laid it out for them to see. And by the way, this is exactly how she lays out her clothes EVERY night before she goes to bed. Anybody else got one of these!? This was obviously March 16th!
Annnnnnddddd. she's back!
I may have to ban that mini skirt! She looks like a big girl in that with those long legs.
Hey Ellie, how come you never smile at my camera? And why don't you ever tilt your head?!
Yeah, like that!
yes, Ellie. I am still here with the camera.And these daffodils, well, now they are gone! In fact, I knotted up the foilage today to make them shorter and planted purple verbena all around Todd's LSU grilling area! And I found some super fine purple and gold petunias. I will show you all soon!! I did some heavy duty planting today!

And tomorrow at 6:45, I suppose I will do some heavy duty face painting too! Wish us luck. We are raising money to build a handicapped accessible park. Check out legacy park of ruston on Facebook. "Like" it, as I am sure Bailey Jack's mom would appreciate the support. He's one of the cute kiddos I work with in PT. Alrighty then. Until tomorrow!



Zhohn said...

Wow those girls aren't lacking riding toys!!! Can't wait to see Todd's grilling area with the new flowers.

Good luck tomorrow!

Amy K said...

Enjoy your time off and these sweet little girls!
Best wishes on your fundraiser today.
Happy face painting...

Renee said...

I only have boys, so no there is no laying out clothes the night before and hardly ever are they in something "cute". Silk shorts and old t-shirts is usually all I get to see so I look forward to checking out your girl's attire on the blog daily.

Jody Hayworth said...

Loved seeing the pics of the girls. You certainly have a fun family ~ lots of beautiful memories to share for a lifetime! Thanks for posting!
have a beautiful weekend,
Jody (mom of those 4 boys!!)

Nascar88_20 said...

As always, loved seeing pictures of your "baby girls". I don't think Ellie or Gabbi either one is capable of taking a not-fabulous picture!

tricia said...

Fun driveway time....remember it well.My son loved playing with his motorized"corvette" in the driveway. that was 20 years ago!