Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring outside.

Ok, so don't look a the fact that I STILL don't have shutters on the front of my house. I have new architectural renderings and we should have an entirely new front on the house within a month or so. Shutters on the stucco around the bottom windows. Shutters in the windows where the stone is.. Metal boxed built atop wooden shelves under the two lateral windows upstairs, and a big pitch roof entrance built above the front door with big wooden beams to mimic those to the left, and steel plates to secure it all together. Will have more of a lodgey feel. Really, I only wanted to draw your attention to my front door decorations. I did them myself!
We are having the most PERFECT weather! About 70 degrees, and pretty dry for Louisiana. Not the sweltering humidity we are accustomed to.
And the Groves Clan is taking full advantage of it!
We all go out in the driveway or yard EVERY evening to play around. On this particular day, Gabbi Lou chose tossing leaves.
She thoroughly enjoyed herself!!
Back and forth, over and over. I believe she could've done this til the sun went down.
And with such zeal and JOY!
Have I mentioned how much I love this kid?!
ANd then there was this other little girl. ...
Oh, wait. I interrupt this message to let you check out my gorgeous tulips!!
and look at how AWESOME they look by my front door. They will look even better when the new entrance is built!
Ok, so back to that other cute kid. She is a fun loving kid! She is the one who occasionally reminds me that I am almost 42! She makes me use every last bit of my energy!!
And the sass that comes out of her mouth at 3 amazes me. I just keep trying to delicately prepare her dad for things to come! Teenage years should be quite interesting!

Awww, man! No words! There's our sweet Earl! Only a few days before he died. We sure do miss that sweet fella!
Gosh, I LOVE flowers! You should see what my newest employee and I have done to create my garden around my cottage!
That employee would be Hunter! ANd believe it or not, he's been working pretty hard for me! I'm kinda amazed!

As I am about could be Holland!!
Ok, so maybe that's an exaggeration, but they ARE pretty awesome, arent't they?!
Oh, and that wall behind Ellie? It will be covered with fig ivy. I have about 10-15 plants down the side of that wall that just need some time to grow, grow, grow. I LOVE the warmth of a home with ivy growing on it. Makes it feel older and lived in, sooner!
Hey, Gabbi, raise your hand if you love red tulips!
Umm hmmm. That's what I thought!
Yo gabbi Girl. Let's take one of those flowers in to look beautiful in our house. Wanna?!
Oh yeah. that's my ball playing girl!
And this is my drama queen!
And that? THAT would be a big ass tree that had to be knocked down when we were building our house and has STILL not been moved! Hey, who's gonna come cut this thing up!? Jeff? you coming? Get that sucker outta my yard!!
And guess what else. We now have GREEN GRASS! I mean straight up, green, like summertime green, grass!!
Can you belive how awesome these colors are?! I LOVE these tulips! Had to take one in for myself.

It actually got "accidentally" pinched off, so I snagged it up and took it inside to a vase.

Oh, and here's our big daddy. He is tending to business, I guess.
Here it is!
Pretty huh?! See ya tomorrow.



Zhohn said...

I LOVE tulips so thanks for sharing!
Ellie and Gabbi are adorable as always. Can't wait to see the front of the house, sounds like it will be very beautiful.

Happy spring, enjoy those tulips for me!

Mbeaty19 said...

Love your flowers. SO PRETTY!!! Love that your girls go outside and play always. In this day and age where it seems all kids do is sit inside staring like zombies at the TV I love to see parents encouraging their kids to enjoy the outside. Fall more in love with your house and surrounding neighborhood each post you write. Would love to bring the boys down there sometime and let them run wild with those girls of yours. What fun they would have and what mischief I can see Johnathan and Ellie getting into.
Yes in the future I see Miss Drama Queen making Todd and your lives very interesting. I can see you being pulled in many more directions as the girls grow (dance class and shopping with Ellie then various sporting events and animal-related activities with Gabbi) I'm sure you'll love it though.

Sharidrew said...

The greens of my tulips are up! I can't wait for them either! I just wish they would last longer! Oh, and your house is so amazing!! I just love it! It's awesome how different your girls are. I love that! Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to see all the work Hunter is doing.
Hugs from Missouri,

Forrest Fun said...

I need to put tulips around my house they are so pretty!

Well I have decided that if you would like to let Todd have a feel for what he will be doing with your girls when they are older...I have three girls 12, 11, and 9 that will let him know just what he will be going through with the MAJOR DRAMA and I do repeat MAJOR DRAMA, my girls have been driving me nuts.

You also said that Ellie has a sassy mouth, let me send Megan my 9 yr old, you never know what is going to come out of that mouth, sometimes I am just shocked at what she comes up with, but I guess it is what she is learning at school (she doesn't say anything bad, she is just a smart little bugger).

Enjoy them while they are at this stage (I think you need another girl, it would really make life interesting!) they are fun!

Thanks for sharing

Shannon said...

Love the door decor', where'd ya get the wreaths?

tricia said...

The Tulips are amazingly beautiful. LOVE the color. The girls look like they are enjoying the outdoors. Have a Happy Spring!

Heather said...

LOVE the tulips! And love your front door wreaths!So cute! The girls are precious per usual :)

Martha from NC said...

Your tulips are gorgeous! My camellias are blooming all over the place and I keep bringing them in the house and putting them in vases! Just love fresh flowers. Don't you just love it when the grass turns green and the yard is "all pretty"? I'm enjoying these nice days in North Carolina too. Thanks for the lovely pictures.

Tee said...

So pretty, Mel. The shutters will definitely give you some pop. Loved the pageant pics. That's what I remember most about y'all when we were kids. That and your rainbow bedroom.

Amy K said...

Breathtaking tulips, and gorgeous models around them! I sure hope we'll see what you did around your cottage soon.