Sunday, April 17, 2011

Creative things this week.... for Suzy!

Suzy, to answer your question about what have I done this week that is creative... Jessi taught me about this stuff. ANd I am so addicted to appliqueing things to other things!
I made these two tank tops out of scrap material. These are cheapy Garanimals tees. and stained. But, now they are cute. I can see that owl tee with white denim cropped jeans. So cute.
You can just call me upcycling Mel!
Huh? What? Yes I DID make that ruffled branch! thank you very much!
This was a little cheerleader off a pair of old PJ's that I thought was cute. So... it got a second chance on life. ANd wait til you see what I did with the rest of the pjs!
Here are the scraps.
Oh. and I did this too, Suzy! Getting started for Shake 4 jake. ANd AMY, I got a canvas ready for you too! Email me!
Yep. Made this many!
ANd Suzy... I also did this... which I find extremely creative!
I went to my dad's storage shop. I LOVE it here. I find all kinds of treasures!
When I'm in there, my little mind just tick tick ticks away with possibilities!
Hmmm. What could this be?! Jewelry? Stencils for paint? Maybe as a pendant on one of my new cuffs I'm SEWING!!
LOVE these old metal boxes.
I can only imagine what all I could organize up in these.
Or this C-U-T-E little toolbox. WHY do I love old rusty things? !
Can you tell how small it is?
This big. Or.. this small! I gotta have this, Pops.
What is it about little organizers that I like so much?!
COmplete with dirt and cobwebs. Suzy, am I answering your question? Is this creative?!
Oooooh, these need to be in a piece of altered art!
Ahhhhhhh! Oh wait man! This could be the best find so far!!
My dad is a sign man. He's had a sign business since I was a wee one! And this is one of the perks!
yep this is going home with me! For Ellie's room.ANd finally, a stack of wooden windows that NEEEEEED me to paint them!
ALrighty then, I think I answered all the questions. I think. If not, please jog my memory and I will go back and check it out.



Unknown said...

Way to CREATE !! I can't wait for summer. We have to hang out. First, I LOVE the sewing projects. I mean REALLY. Do you use that stuff and sew the designs on too? Love all of the canvases as always. Fun to do a bunch at one time...and saves paint. Your dad's shop...oh good grief. Treasures. Do you have a big blank wall somewhere? Oh, in the art retreat bedroom or the loft....start doing an A-Z big, funky letter wall. All different kinds and colors. You'll have to add another paragraph to your artist bio now. Thanks for sharing...somehow I knew you were doing something fun and RELISHing in your creativity. Cool.

melanie, aka Mo said...

Girlfriend, I HAVE to relish in my creativity... or I'd wither! Mo

Unknown said...

AWESOME! can you post some pictures of more of your creative creations?- hattiee:)

Renee said...

Whoa, what a stash! Can't wait to see what you create with all of it.

Mary said...

Okay-so I don't know if you are still taking questions but I have one more! :) I know that you spend a ton of time with your family and are really close. However, I have to ask if you ever annoy each other? :)

Anonymous said...

Didn't answer mine:)

melanie, aka Mo said...

Mary, I kinda answered that another way from another person, and the answer was kinda like this... Puh leeeeeze!! Of course we annoy each other! Today, for instance, Staci had an Easter egg hunt. I am sure she was annoyed that I didn't come help. At all. I was keeping my girls at home pretty much alone all weekend, and was worn out. I did, however, take Maddi off her hands all day Friday and kept her a good bit of Saturday so they could get the house clean. My dad didn't remember that Staci had texted him about the event, so I think he got his feelings hurt when he was reminded after church that we wouldn't be going out to eat as a family, because the annual hunt was on. As with every family, we have our "aggrevations", but the good outweighs the bad. And we choose to FOCUS on the good, letting the "other stuff" just become a source of annoyance and not the big stuff. Now, I gotta go back and look up bakersdozen's question so I can finish up this weekend's Q&A. Mo

melanie, aka Mo said...

HattieAnn, before I forget...
the girls are always around and by "around", I mean ON TOP OF ME! It is hard to spend time in my artroom without my girls. I have to just KNOW that there will be an accident/ mess of some sort if they are in the room. I choose to let it go and feel it is better to have them in there with me as I create than to skip that time altogether. I hire a helper every Sunday and that is the time that they KNOW that I will be in my artroom and they are to keep the girls preoccupied and busy... best if outside... I LOVE my Sunday afternoons. (Plus my girls are learning about art along the way too, (and creativity), which I think is an invaluable tool! MO

melanie, aka Mo said...

Ok, Bakersdozen. I am not necessarily closed minded to more children, but I will be 42 this year, and there is something to be said for that. I don't want my kids to be my age and potentially not have their mom and dad around. I want to know my grandkids. And I want them to have a relationship with me. That age thing is a biggie in my decision to possibly be done with my TWO angels.

As for Ellie... I cannot even IMAGINE her as a teenager! I see the way she poses in pics, cocks that hip out, prisses, and I just think, "Oh my Lord. Please help me get through her teen years." I think I would consider myself a laidback woman, but also NOT a pushover. I do spank. I do put kids in time out. I do take away priveleges. And actually, she responds to all of these. Usually, responding appropriately with an "I'm sorry." So, I will just have to wait and see, I suppose.

As for God in our house. Well, that's touchy. I don't think I have ever felt I am totally where I need to be in my Christian walk. But I am a Christian, waws raised in a very spiritual family, and want the same for my girls. We talk about "making Jesus smile" by going to church, helping people or generally doing the right thing. Ellie and Gabbi have strongly resisted children's church. It is a nightmare to drop them off and hear them screaming. They just don't like it. ANd when I take them to big church, I often have to leave because Gabbi doesnt' get the whole "be quiet" concept, so I haven't forced the issue of church each week. Shame on me. I know better. We have only recently started back. We will soon have the adoption talk with Ellie and as I have shared, we will help her understand by talking about God's Book of Families. ANd in that, we will plant the seeds that all is preordained by God and is good. I had a preacher/ PASTOR for a grandfather who made sure that I had strong Christian roots. Mama always volunteered to make sure I was in every group at church too.... GA leader, youth volunteer, Parent/ guardian to Church camps. So, I have had others raise me up right. Now it is my turn! I will rise to the challenge! Mo

melinda marie said...

hi mo! any chance that you have finished my wedding bouquet talisman? just checking.
facebook me.
melinda marie hughie

Kaia said...

I'll give a simple one if you're still answering.. what's your middle name?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Melanie!

Amy K said...

You are rockin' the craft world girl! I'm enjoying catching up on all your Q&A.
You've got my canvas done...exciting! Sending you an email.

Unknown said...

LOVE the t-shirts!!! I have a suggestion....tie a ribbon bow on each of the shoulders!

firefamily said...

I am in awe of all you can get done in a weekend, it makes me feel lazy when all I get done is laundry and dishes (and keeping with four little ones).
I saw your canvases for the Shake 4 Jake and I am totally stoked about making the trip down there and I can't wait to start bidding on stuff.
Can you make another Cheerleading canvas in Black, Red and Silver (or white will work too). I will totally buy it, no matter how much it goes up to. Chrissy is totally into the Cheerleading thing, we even went to Nationals last year (in Memphis). She has a Cheerleading room and one of those canvases would look great in there.
Can't wait to see ya'll in June.

Zhohn said...

Mo, Can I answer Kaia's question for a prize? Lol I'm pretty sure its Susanne! And I think that's Ellie's middle name also. And is GG louanne? And Staci Leanne
Haha for some reason that post sticks out.
Hope I'm right!

HattieAnnHoerr14 said...

mo hey i picniked a photo for you how can i give it to you?