Monday, April 18, 2011

Getting a dadgum family picture!

Just you wait til you see all these pictures from our Friday afternoon!! I took the THREE girls to get professional portraits made. But, since they looked so dang cute, I HAD to swing by and show them off to Pops and Nana.
While we were there, I thought I'd try for a grandparent photo. The two big girls did great!

I could take just about any one of these, blow it up and be happy with the results!
But when I tried to add in grouchy Gabbi, it all went to hell in a handbasket!
She was so not having it!
Try as I may, she scowled. Incessantly!

Everyone else had smiles... see?! If only in ONE I could've gotten her to smile, that would've been just awesome.
But no such luck. I suppose I will just blow up one of the ones with the big girls smiling for Nana and Pops. And know why Gabbi was frowning?
We'd gone out there to visit and to swing on the tree swing!
And to take a picture, it means we have to get OFF the tree swing.
And that was not cool in her book! Tomorrow, I will share pics of the tire swing. Prepare to be cuted out! This is my dad's back porch he recently had screened in. They practically LIVE out here.
My girls like to hang out here too!
And did you notice the ultimate cuteness of these little aprons?! I cannot wait to share with you all the pics I took and then a few of the professional ones too. I am hoping to change my blog banner to one of these. YES. They are THAT cute!
Many of you are my new Facebook friends. Did you see my new profile pic? It was this cute little bug, swinging on the tree swing. Happy as can be!
Lazy Friday afternoon..... gotta love it.
And hugs from grandkids all around.

It was a fun day! MO


Rhonda said...

I don't believe I have ever seen a picture of Gabbi without that precious smile!!! I did see your Facebook profile picture - BEAUTIFUL!!! And I love the outfits!!! You done good, Momma!! :)

tricia said...

Visits with Grandparents are GREAT. Too bad Gabbi wasn't in the picture taking mood. She's Always smiling!

snekcip said...

I love the cute aprons. I guess I'm the "oddball" b/c I kinda like the "natural" look of the picture! While I do like the "posed pics", I like to catch them just being "natural" or in Gabbi's case "grumpy". It tells a story about the picture. Besides "swings" are a big deal in a toddlersworld!

kimybeee said...

i got news for you - they get less photogenic as they get older lol!!!

back to the q&a where somebody asked about your lapband and you said you would try the gastric sleeve. i work in a hospital and i know someone personally that had one done - please don't do that! the bariatric surgeons don't tell the patients the long term effects of the surgery and that is a very serious thing! gastric bypass and sleeve patients are often very sick after surgery, short and long term!! if you had other compounding medical issues, then it may be worth a try (my friend had tons of problems pre-surgery). but for you to stay happy and healthy, do it without gastric surgery! love ya too much to see you sickly!!!!

snekcip said...

came back to add: Thanks for the answer regarding Gabbi and her siblings. I pray that God changes the "other mom's" heart and allow the siblings to get to know each other. I admire you for taking that "first step" in allowing Gabbi to see her sibling. There are so many questions that will surface over the years and although we would love to "shield" our girls from "hurtful comments" or "probing questions", we BOTH know that "questions" will come. Bree does know her bio-mom and met her bio-dad. Also, Bree's bio-mom and maternal g'mother are close relatives of mine. We have a pretty open-relationship, so Bree is pretty well "in the know". She see's them often and I think that a PLUS-PLUS for her. Keep the lines of communication open where the girls feel comfortable and keep that woman in your prayers. She is doing those siblings of Gabbi's a huge disservice. They need to know who their siblings are. It makes for less hurtful feelings and anger in the future.

Amy K said...

Aww! I think that's a first...Gabbi's not grinning from ear to ear! The one of Madi & Ellie kissing her is soooo sweet! Can't wait to see the rest.

Martha from NC said...

Tell me about trying to get a dadgum family picture!! We had "Nana's" annual Easter egg hunt on Saturday for my 8 precious grands. Before the egg hunt we bribed them into taking a picture. There we were, all the adults taking pictures of the little darlings. Let me just say, have you ever tried to get EIGHT smiles at the same time? One was sticking her tongue at, one was looking the other way, one was mad, one didn't want to sit down - need I say more? I don't think we got a decent picture out of the bunch!! Oh well, there's always next time. I've considered having a professional picture done but I need to "ponder" that for a while. Loved your pics. They were usual! Even Gabbi's frown!!

blessedmomof3 said...

I love the picture on the porch where Gabbi is walking away and Ellie and Madi are talking over by the door. I would love to know what their conversation was about. They look so grown! These pictures are too cute, even the grumpy ones.

Becky said...

you should take one from the spring portrait shoot and photo shop her smile and THEN blow it up for pops!!