Monday, April 11, 2011

Chick-Fil-A day with Pops

Wanna see my cute kids? Have you seen them before? Maybe you've heard of Ellie and Gabbi Groves?! Dang that's some cute kids! And how bout Gabbi Girl's ponytail?! It is getting LONG!
ANd I am going to let you guess which one totally let me dress her. And which one did some big time compromising to NOT wear jeans and a tee shirt on this beautiful Friday afternoon.
They are starting to pose so cute together. If you are my Facebook friend, then I am quite sure you recognize this stone fireplace as a backdrop.
This is the spot that they immediately go to EVERY morning when we are headed out to the car. They have it down pat now, so I just go with it. The day will come when they will no longer pose, so for now, I milk it for all it's worth!
They are even starting to pose like THIS for me from time to time!
And the occasional one of these...
But the day seriously got exciting when we went to Pops's school and he loaded us up and took us to the new Chick-Fil-A!
The one with the indoor playground!! The one Ellie wants to eat at every time we pull out of the driveway. When the old one was open, she NEVER wanted to eat there. But now that they have climbing stuff and a slide, she Loooooves Chick-Fil-A!
Surprisingly, they weren't that difficult to coerce out of the play area. I think these babies were hongry!
And here's Pops. We love it when he comes to town with us. He also had new kites from a recent trip he was on and the plan was to go back home and fly them!
Here's ol scarface. She has a perpetual scar on her forehead. Our neighbor, the ophthamologist who stitched her up two years ago when she originally injured it, saw her recently and said she would likely need some plastic surgery on it. I am convinced that the skull has actually changed shape and there is an internal "jag" that causes it to open every time she even bumps into something.
And while I'm on that scar, get this... Pops asked her how she hurt her head. She said,and I QUOTE!, "Dad threw on his brakes and I went forward and hit the back of his seat because he didn't have me buckled in the carseat."

I am calling BS!!

She actually bumped it one day at daycare! Had NOTHING to do with mom, dad or the car! I told Todd we are likely to be investigated when she gets to kindergarten!

And yet she can sit here and look so innocent!
Now this one IS innocent!
Sweet little thing. She may NEVER have to worry about going to kindergarten! I may have to homeschool her. She won't want to leave me, and I won't want her to go!
Gabbi just pats me and rubs my back when I pick her up. And repeatedly tells me "La you, mama". And then she takes both her hands, cups my cheeks with them, and puckers to kiss me right on the lips. Special, special girl!
And this is what visiting Pops at school, playing at Chick-Fil-A, flying kites, and planting flowers will look like when it is all said and done.
Happy Tuesday. MO


kimybeee said...

omg - is ellie sucking her thumb while laying on the couch???? those kids are adorable.

when my daughter was about ellie's age she asked my husband who slept with mommy every night! he worked midnights, so he was very interested to know the answer!!! at the time we lived in a one bedroom house, so the answer was caitlin, jonathan and the cat lol!! it is so funny what they come up with lol

gg's outfit is so cute and ellie's is adorable too! maybe you can bribe ellie with the blog or facebook and get people to say how beautiful she is to get her to wear other things??

Mama J said...

Yeppers....these babies are always entertaining. Aren't you happy that every minute there is something new and exciting with blessed is that? Memories galore...and such beautiful children. God chose the perfect family for those two little girls...He knew who to pick..they had to be special.

Bj said...

So dang cute...I love the ruffled pants that GG is wearing...they are adorable! You are making some mightteeeeeee good memories Mo...cherish them!!

Zhohn said...

Ellie looks adorable, glad she let u dress her! ;) Oh and sweet GG she is always dressed so cute!
Love Ellie's story about her scar, hilarious!

Happy Tuesday to y'all!

Ronda said...

Sweet, sweet girls. My daughter calls Chick-Fil-A "Chick-Full-Leg". She loves that place purely because of the playland and because they have fruit on the menu. The child is yet to touch a chicken nugget there, but will wolf down the gross ones from McDonalds. Kids crack me up!

Theresa Shirley said...

Awwww....that last picture of Gabbi is soooooo cute!! That is just so precious that she just loves her Mama so much! Ellie cracks me up with her scar story. I think she will most definitely be in the Drama club at school when she gets older....along with pageants, dancing & all! They are both TOO cute. You're such a good Mama :)

Shannon said...

Oh my what kiddos come up with to say!!
Cute cute outfits!!

Audrea said...

They are precious! Love their outfits. You are making some wonderful memories with your little blessings.

coolgirl2011 said...

Awwww.... on the sisterly love pictures.

tricia said...

Love the stories depicting your day with the girls. They are so precious. You better worry about Ellie telling that story about how her injury happened.It certainly was a tall tale. Poor Todd

Cathy said...

I've looked at this post a million times because I'm IN LOVE with Gabbi's outfit. It is AWESOME!!!... and I want it!!!