Monday, April 11, 2011

Swimming in April!

Ok, so now I have a better idea of what it is like for lots of you in other parts of the world! As for down here, it is H-O-T!! So hot that both days of the weekend, we got all opportunistic and borrowed the next door neighbors' pool! Thanks, Fords!
I "hired" Pacie, to come on over, since she's 9 years old and all, and "watch" the kids for me.

Really, I had a fundraising deal this morning and it required me to take my attention from them for short bouts. The event was in the park, and I didn't want them to miss it. So, Pacie's job was to help them in and out of the jumpers and just keep an eye on them. They were never more than 25 yards from me anyway.
Just so you know, I don't typically hire 9 year olds as sitters. But, Pacie, you did GREAT!
And then the day led to this! We were hot and sweaty from the park, and the girls had maintained a pretty good attitude despite the heat, so we went for a dip!
Ellie in her ring. And Gabbi, my waterbug, in her floaties!
They loved having Pacie play with them in the pool. And I loved making jewelry poolside for another charity event coming up. I seriously need to get OFF boards,(board of directors), at least while I have toddlers. It seriously spreads me very thin!

Ok, back to the pool. Gabbi Girl just LOVES the water. Ellie has a healthy fear of it.
Ellie took swimming lessons last year, but Gabbi was too young. This year, they can both partake!
I wish we could have them prior to our annual beach trip, but I don't think that's gonna be the case.
Ellie acted all preoccupied with her hair situation to avoid going in the water with her floaties on!
Meanwhile, back in the pool....
Gabbi is wishing she didn't have hers on at all!
Look at that little squirt. She doesn't even get rattled by her head being under.
In fact, she practiced it over and over all by herself.
And ta da. Happy as a lark!
I'm so proud of you, Gabbi Lou. Know what else? She's the one who seems interested in ball... basketballs, soccer balls, whatever. NOT Ellie. She only talks about dancing and recently, pageants. Because I told her she could walk on the stage by herself. She LOVED that idea! Ham!
I would've never pegged Gabbi Lou as the athlete. But lo and behold, she just may be!
And my swimmer!!
Oh, and don't let me forget this....
This brave girl jumped off the diving board!
And then, as I am clicking my camera, I almost fainted. One of her floaties fell off!! Pacie was in the pool, so I started screaming at her to make sure she was ok.
And like that, she bobbed right up and started swimming with one arm, like a wounded chicken. It wasn't pretty, but she didn't panic either!
Really, really proud of her for that!

And this one....
Not sure WHAT you call all this! Sunbathing?!
WHAT?! Get yo clothes on, Ethel! Actually, this is where I stopped taking photos. Ellie spent about an hour or so butt naked! I tried, but it really wasn't worth the fight. I am sooooo getting my payback! Since none of you knew me "younger", well... I was the crazy one. The one who also didn't mind the freedom of being a little nude-ish. I missed my time in the 70's I think.
Gabbi Girl is a little more on the sane side. Probably more like her calm, cool, collected Daddy.
Good to have that balance!



Amy K said...

Ha ha! Great post Mo. I'm really looking forward to swimming pool weather.
I love how you capture their completely different personalities, and share it here.

Bj said...

Love these pics of your sweet water babies! They are growing up so fast...enjoy each and every moment Mo!

Sharidrew said...

My son would be so jealous! He was asking to go swimming this past weekend. It was hot in Missouri...well in the 80's anyway. But our pools don't open until Memorial weekend around these parts. At least public pools and we don't have any neighbors with an awesome pool like the Ford's! (darn the luck) My tulips did bloom over the weekend and they are so pretty!!

Have a good week MO!


tricia said...

Love seeing the girls enjoying the pool! Gabby has the swimming thing down. That she didn't panic when she lost the 'swimmie' is great!

jmckemie said...

You are gonna have to get off those boards soon, just to keep up with the calendars for those girlies! You are gonna be running from pagent to sports practice, in all directions. Ellie does realize, that she has to wear those other kind of lcothes in pagents, though, right? I can just see her "outfit of choice" selections, though!
Saw a cute shirt this weekend that reminded me of Gabbi and her bows. Embroidered T that said "The bigger the bow, the better the mommy" with a big ol' hair bow emoroidered on there.
Thanks for sharing your weekend with us!

Bethany said...

I have 5 kiddos and used to fret something fierce about mine losing their floaties. Seemed to happen way too often. But now for my youngest two I have found "puddle jumpers" and they are AWESOME! I bought mine at Target the last couple of years but you can find them online as well (Amazon). They are pretty inexpensive (about 20$) and they have some cute designs as well. Also, they are a coast guard approved life saving device so you can use them on boats as well.

Bella's mommy said...

i wish bella was excited about the water as GG is. is ellie doing the little miss thunder pageant? bella is. hope you will let that little diva in a pageant real soon!!!!!

Unknown said...

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