Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kids Day at the Park

So this is what the girls and I did this past weekend.

This is registration...

Legacy Park is a dream right now, but thanks to a hefty grant from a local hospital association, we get to break ground in the fall. We've has numerous fundraisers to put in place a handicapped/ all inclusive park in a very nice existing park in Ruston, Louisiana.

There were fraternity and sorority recruits on hand that day to volunteer.

as well as a 5K to get the VERY early morning started.

And they're off!

The girls and I had to JUMP out of bed and HIGHTAIL it the 40 mintues away, since my alarm was set for 5PM instead of AM! I got a text wondering where I was at 6:48, when I was late for the 6:45 board of directors photo. I had to text back, "IN BED". NOT cool! I was frantic, and then had to hurriedly get three little girls (Pacie the sitter) dressed and in the car ASAP.

Thus, my nice bang action!

Gabbi did this purposefully. I asked her if she could make "this face", and she did quite well, I must admit.

So, later in the morning, I was sitting around chitchatting with an old friend from high school. All of a sudden, they called her name as the TOP female runner to finish. Who knew? I said, "Kelli, I am pretty sure I even took a picture of you as you were running by a while ago, and didn't even realize it was you." Well, here it is! Way to go, Kel. Wish I had it in me!

Cute. That's all I got to say about this!

This park will cost $300,000, so it was no small undertaking. One of the babies I see, (I've introduced him playing with Gabbi Girl... Bailey Jack), well, anyway, his mama, Jana Beck, is the one who had the vision and has made this happen.

The Sigma Kappas operated my booth. I KNEW we were going to have a TON of volunteers, and nothing is more boring than being available for a full Saturday afternoon and have nothing do. So, I showed them a thing or two, then basically socialized and kept an eye on my kids. Wait! Let's call it networking! Sounds better!

Look at the seriousness of my two year old. She is an old soul.

No she's not. She is a wittle bitty teeny tiny baby who is never going to grow up. That makes me feel better anyway. Look at her checking herself out.

She seems to like it.

I'm in a two ponytail mood lately, can you tell?! I don't think there is much cuter than that!

Speaking of other things Gabbi Lou liked...

I think the kid would stay in one of these all day long. We hope to use Mary Allison as a baby sitter this summer. And since she will have her license, she may be driving the girls.... SHORT distances!

We have a jumper place called The Jungle Gym nearby, so Miss Lou can get all of this she wants.

OH, Hi! It's Emery! She is a blog reader. YAY! Emery, we finally got that balloon partially out of your face so you could be in the picture too!

And here's Jessi! Or is it Jessie?! She reads too, and one time ran into me at Staci's store and didn't introduce herself. So glad she did this time! Cute babies everywhere, wouldn't you agree?!

Speaking of CUTE BABY! I think this one's going on gatorfoam at about 18x24"!

FINALLY, my kids got to eat. Around 10:30, they cranked up the grill. There'd been no time for breakfast, since we were flying down the interstate shooting for 7:30. Ahhh... nothing like a hotdog.

And here's a shot of the "extra curricular" activities.

My table is still going strong. And because I have a couple of irritable, hot, tired, babies on my hand, I am well aware, that I am about to peel away. They have it under control, they have their directions for clean up, and they are young college girls! I made the picture, got my group going, and hardly ever have time off, sooooo....

only one last thing to do.

Ellie was mesmerized by this! This baby horse drinking from its mama. Later we saw a huge, very well endowed MALE horse. She blurts out, "Does his baby suck that?!" Gotta love Ellie in a crowd!

This is the extent of her animal interaction. Oh and by the way... note her bluejean jumper. We had to compromise!

Gabbi, on the other hand, said, "oh, I don't think so"! This was NOT enough for her!

So the kind man let her climb aboard. I seriously think we need one of these miniature horses. My kids would love one.

Todd , cleaner of the pen; however, would not.

Gosh, how do you resist this furball!? And with that... we were gone. A fun day for a good cause. Can't wait to see the whole thing come to fruition. Should break ground in the fall! I am sure you will be seeing it too... via MoJoy.



Bj said...

What a great way to spend the day! I know the girls had fun and all for a good cause. Thanks for sharing Mo, I so enjoy your blog!!

Shannon said...

We have a barrier free playground in our city, it is wonderful. Make sure you get a handicap swing!! That is my son's favorite thing...wish I could find one to purchase for our own yard.

melanie said...

Ellie's horse comment: TOO FUNNY! I can't stop laughing!

Emily said...

Only YOU would be brave enough to post Ellie's horse comment on the blog........PRICELESS! Made my day!

tricia said...

The park idea is spectacular.

The girls looked like they were having a grand old time!

Diana said...

Good Morning Mo ~
What a great day for your little dolls! It really looks like a good time was had by all.
Gabbi getting her face painted was precious (just like her) and you can tell she liked what she saw.
I laughed out loud at work about the well endowed horse and Ellie’s comment – HYSTERICAL!!! Out of the mouths of babes…… that is one for the books!! She is a riot!!!! (Bet you just wanted the ground to open up & take you in)
Gabbi looked adorable on the miniature horse – she was lovin life as it does not get much better than that! I do think what you are missing is a miniature horse!!
Have a wonderful day,
Diana from Colorado

jessie said...

i made your blog! can i now consider myself famous? :)

omg! i just died out laughing at ellie's comment! my olivia also loved the miniture horses and would have stayed forever had i let her!

and your "old high school classmate" and i work together as advisors for tech's kd chapter! small world!


Holly said...

The girls are so adorable! I love watching them growing up with such joy and zest for life! Good job Mom!

Love Holly & JakeDog

Ava said...

Yay for Emery and Jessie! It is always fun to see people I know on your blog.