Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring decorations. So far.

Can you tell I am fired up about spring? (And then today I had to turn on the heater.) It had better NOT kill my tulips! Well, guess what. We have our first window treatments in our house. It's about time we start occluding a little view, if you know what I mean! And so we started in Gabbi Girl's room.
I bought these from Pottery Barn. So cute, but NOT long enough! SO, I am going to ask someone (Tonya, who I THINK reads the blog) to add some green and white gingham to the bottoms of these to make them long enough.

I like the "puddled" look on curtains, but given that I have two toddlers, and don't feel like having the bar pulled out of the wall, I will make them just "dust" the ground! Or how bad is is actually to have them about 12" off the floor?! Just wondering.

I know I've shown this before, but I swear everytime someone comes over, they comment on this old screen. It is an old screen door, with painted owls and some ricrac and some fabric as wings.

I don't know what kind of paint was used, but it is opaque in some places and "sheer" in others. SO, I would think it is just plain old acrylic. Just sharing, because I bet there's SOMEONE out there who attempts this project.

I also started adding touches of Easter here and there. I just skipped right over Mardi Gras (Sacreligious in Louisiana!) and "Aunt Patrick's Day" as Ellie calls it. I figured I'd get more bang for my buck if I did Easter, because I could use it as spring and when's Easter this year? Like, April? May? Who knows.!?

This chandelier was already busy and looked like a bird's nest, so it wasn't really the best one for this "treatment", but it is central to our lives, so it got the decor.

Earl was fired up one day when I came home, and in his excitement, he jumped up on the table and grabbed my pink chick. He chewed on its foot, thus the black boot vs. yellow.

And remember this tree branch that I had all dolled up at Christmas? Well, I've decided it is the perfect shape and size for this cubby in my foyer. It may have to live here forever. So, this was obviously a free branch, and see all those eggs?!

Well, I got a BAG of them from the Dollar Tree for a buck! Yesssiirrrreee! Bargain basement!
I like it so much I think I am going to add one to Ellie Sue's room, in a big lime green and white vase! And I also LOVE the very cute ornaments they have at Pier 1. I bought one of each for Ellie's tree.

I havent' got this decoration all figured out yet, but I LOVED this moss covered chair. And I filled it with glittery eggs. I need to fill the bottom with newspaper or something so the eggs show better. Any other ideas?

We have a store here called Paul Michael. It doesnt' serve me well to EVER go in there! I LOVE just about everything in that place! Isn't this a cute decoration?! Paper Mache'!

SO, that's a starter for our Easter decs. I actually did the front door today! I'll add that one in a future post. So much to do, so little time.



Sandy said...

Love your spring/easter decor!! I actually did the yard deocrating on Sat. I love spring time!!

Sharidrew said...

Does this mean you/Todd took the Christmas tree down? Because you can't mix Christmas and spring! heehee

They look great! I would add some newspaper or fiber fill to the bottom to bring the eggs up higher. That chair is adorable!

Hugs from Missouri,

Theresa Shirley said...

Love the Easter decorations! Here's an idea---if Todd hasn't took the tree down yet, you can just decorate it for Easter too! hahaha. I don't know how you find time to do all that you do woman!! You must have some major energy going on.

Lisa said...

Here is a great idea for lengthening curtains. Just saw this last week. It is a cute idea and would work in your girls' rooms.


Maggie said...

I think it is totally NBD to have the curtain end right at the window. THEN, depending on the set-up of Gabbi' room, it would allow for a nice padded toy chest that she could kneel on to look out the window, and the curtains wouldn't be in the way. Just a thought.
Love all the Easter decor. All the nice colors definitely let us know spring is coming. I think we have a little longer to wait up here... It snowed yesterday!! Yikes

Cheers from Boston,

tricia said...

I love the view from that window! How peaceful. It certainly looks like spring with those tulips blooming. We got about 4 inches of snow yesterday here in St Louis...so its hard to believe Spring is close by.

I love your decorations!

kimybeee said...

now mo, you stop telling stories on earl! he would NEVER EVER do anything naughty. it had to be the cat! lol

SamC said...

How about some kind of Easter basket grass in your moss chair?

Nancy said...

Love the decorations so far!! That screen is just precious....
Tell Mary Allison it is okay that she didn't choose my name for the earrings (this time)...(lol)
Gabbi is just gorgeous!!
and just as a side note: they make medications for your shopping addiction!(love it)! Would love to come shop your free garage sell!

Nancy said...

Love the decorations thus far!! That screen is great! My husband loves owls...just wish I was "artsy", so could do one for him! Tell Mary Allison it is okay she didn't choose my name (this time, lol_.
Love that Gabbi Girl, scowl, and smile...gorgeous!!!

Kim said...

Easter is April 24!! Loving all your decorations ~ wish I had that ambition! I especially LOVE the mossy chair ~ I would get some moss stuff (generally in any floral dept) to add a little to the bottom of the chair to raise up the eggs! I would just leave the curtains ~ they look just fine as they are! I think instead of art retreat ~ I need to come down for an organizational retreat ~ you got it going on sister!!

Pam said...

you could grow real grass in a plastic pot and put it in the basket and pile the eggs in it.

Amy K said...

I l-o-v-e all your decorations! Awesome job Mo! I am in awe of your beautiful tulips. We finally reached a high of 40 here today, so it's coming for us too...can't wait!