Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Morning routine

So, this was last Thursday, I believe, before daycare.

Gabbi's usually up at the buttcrack of dawn. Screaming, "maaaamaaaa. Maaaamaaaa". Or walking into my bedroom and pulling on my arm to get up. She does NOT sleep late! And guess who doesn't get to either!

no really, I LOVE getting up at 7:00 on a Saturday to watch Horseland , land of the spooky talking horses! No really!

Anyway, I usually go ahead and get gabbi dressed. She is also my breakfast eater, so when I am trying to DRAG her big sister out of bed, she can be fingering her dry cereal. Yes, I am THAT mother!

Oh wait! I just saw the picture! I gave her an actual banana on this day! Go me! Well, healthy IS my middle name!

And just for good measure, have you noticed lately how LONG my baby's hair is? It was tucked in her sweater last night, and I could actually envision it as a bob. It would be SO cute! Anyone had the kahoonas to cut their baby girl's hair off to try a bob?! Tell me about it.

And then when I finally got this one up and at em, she just wanted to "play her game".

And as a matter of fact, she DID insist on wearing those pink hair extensions in her hair that day. Hey, as a patient of mine has coached me... save the fighting for the "big things". So, I am really trying to do that.

In the meanwhile, I have to figure out what to do with her very, very cute spring clothes!!

Maybe I can get her to wear it if I match it to hair extensions. ( I actually DID buy her some green hair clips for St. Patrick's Day... and it was because I want to convince her to wear her green shirt ... which she has already bawked at.. and her new green shoes.) I'll tell you how all that goes! MO


Mbeaty19 said...

Love it - Gabbi's hair is so long and beautiful. I was just like Gabbi when I was little. Up early eating my dry cereal while my siblings lounged in bed as long as possible. Have to admit those are quite the hair extensions. Crossing my fingers that Ellie will wear her green attire and accessories for you.

Theresa Shirley said...

Hey, I'm with Ellie--I could sleep late EVERY day. I am so not a morning person!! I admire you for being able to get up & get Gabbi dressed so cute with hair bow & all first thing. I really think Ellie looks super cute with her pink hair extensions..haha :)

tricia said...

Nothing wrong with sleeping in late....GO ELLIE SUE!

I love those pink teeny weeny hair extensions!...and Gabbi's hair is just gorgeous!

Shannon said...

Yes, very wise advise...pick your battles carefully!!

Could you tell Ellie if she doesn't wear her green shirt she may get pinched? :)

firefamily said...

I acutally cut my daughters hair into a bob for the first 6 years of her life, Then she got into Kindergarden and cheerleading and wanted long hair. She is nine now and still into cheer leading (her goal is to be a college cheer leader) and her hair is almost down to her butt. She likes but says she misses her short hair soemtimes.
My baby girl is only 4 and I cut her hair into a bob when she was almost two she has since grown it out and it's almost down to her butt as well.
I guess what I'm saying it I've done it for both my girls and most of my 8 neices as well. They love the bob until they reach about 6-8 years old then they want to grow it out.
I say go for it if you want to see what it will look like and if you don't want to take her to the salon, wait until I get there for the Shake 4 Jake in June and I will do it then. We can do at home where she is comfortable and it will be fun for her. I will bring all my hair stuff (kids cape, combs, scissors, and fun kids hair stuff) so she has the best time.
See you all in June

rebeccadavis said...

Go for the bob. You will love it. You will also notice her hair to look thicker and healthier. Take the chance. I have my daughter's bobbed at the beginning of summer and the beginning of school. (have to let it grow out during school for dance recital lol) It will be sooo cute.

Carla said...

Definitely go for the bob! I cut my daughter's hair that way when she was about 2. People used to stop us and say how precious it was. It will make it thicken up and look healthy and take less time to blowdry. Sadly, now my girl is almost 7 and has asked to grow it out for recital. We are experimenting with lots of clips and bows!

snekcip said...

While cutting hair is such a "personal decision". I mean once it's cut...their is no changing your mind!! Personallu, I do love "the bob" on little girls! Especially on Mindy's (sweet Bowen)! Just downright cute!

Top that off w/a cute BIG BOW and its ultra cuteness!!

Ellie is a mess..."nuffsaid"!

Ava said...

I think Gabbi's hair would look precious in a bob. Go for it!

Amy K said...

The first time we cut each of my girls' long hair was to donate it to Locks of Love. Their bobs were adorable, and they felt good about how their hair would be used.
It is however hard to get used to no ponytails.
Good luck with your decision.

Beth E. said...

Maybe you ought to talk to Lindsay about Bowen's's a bob, right? I love it! Whatever hairstyle Gabbi has, she's always adorable. Miss Priss (a.k.a. Ellie), too! ;-)