Monday, March 14, 2011

Gabbi's funny faces

For starters, please disregard the very large Christmas tree in the background! YES, these pictures were taken this last week! I shouldn't even admit that! TOOOOODDDD, get that tree down!! Ok, so what I was trying to do here was get Gabbi Lou to show me her "mean face". She used to could do it on cue.

And try as she may, she just could NOT seem to figure out how to sink those eyebrows and show me her scowl.

And when she DOES scowl, I'll say, "Now smile."

Which she seems to have down pat. "Now mad face"....

and so it goes. ON and on and on. In this next picture, you can really see that scar on Gabbi Girl's left cheek. Do you all remember when she got that in Sears? It was this past fall when we were shopping for the house. I can't believe it scarred.

Between her scars, and Ellie's totally misshapen forehead from all the falls she's had, my kids look like we have bear fights.

oh wait. I MUST mention how perfect Gabbi's lips are! They are always pinkish as if she has on lipstick. She is going to LOVE that someday!

Wait. Did she get it? Is that the scowl?!

Close Baby. Keep trying. ANd while you are at it, toss that rock and roll tee shirt in the trash. Your sister will wanna wear it to church!

JinJin. You better be REAL selective with what you buy her to wear. It becomes a war every morning for her daycare outfit.



Amy K said...

She is just too cute! How could you ever say no to that precious face???!!!!
My oldest fell in an electronics store when she was about 6, and had to have stitches. Those scars, bumps, bruises are all part of their story.
Happy Monday Mo!

Theresa Shirley said...

It's hard to believe that sweet girl can even make a "mean" face! So sweet! That scar will probably fade over time...she looks like she has very fair skin like my daughter. Everything seems to show up on that "lily-white" skin! Hope you have a great day!

tricia said...

I WANT her hair, I WANT her lips!

Funny watching her try to be mean. I like her smiling face anyway! Such a precious baby girl!

Rhonda said...

Beautiful baby girl!!!

MLP said...

Oh Mo...she is such a DOLL baby! Rock-n-Roll tee & all!!! I've forbidden myself from blogs until I get completely caught up on mine. But sometimes I just MUST have me some MO fix!!! Loved all the closet pics and noticed similar items hanging in Haddie's closet. ha! :)

I'll e-mail you some Travis news soon. I've been meaning to do that every single night. Lynna still always asks..."what do you think Mo thinks about this or that?!?" Thanks for being our expert!!!

Mbeaty19 said...

These pictures are so cute. I love all the faces little kids make. Gabbi certainly has some of the cutest faces. Yes I'm sure there will be a lot of girls that will be jealous of those perfect little red lips. Don;t worry about the scar. Scars tend to fade. While it might never be gone completely I don't think it's anything to worry about. Ellie & Gabbi's scars are part of their growing up.