Sunday, March 13, 2011

Gabbi's closet is out of control.

I might as well go ahead and show the rest of it! This is the bow collection in Ellie's bathroom. It also houses the gazillion headbands from when she went through the "I don't want to wear a bow" stage. I grew to be ok with it, because there are really a lot of cute headbands out there, so I just tried to go with the flow.

It is actually color coordinated! But, for this photo, there were a few here and there.

I just find it is easier to put them up in a specific spot, so every morning when I am BEGGING her to wear something besides jeans and boots, I can quickly find the color I need.

On the wall behind her (If she's standing, looking into the mirror which we have still not hung), this is her clips. I keep them separate from the bows, because sometimes I just use these to keep straggly little hairs out of their faces.

Way back when, when I had more time and energy, I got a whole lot of these off of Etsy. Because they are really pretty great at all ages, (I even wear one from time to time), our collection has grown exponentiallly.

And I can even convince you know who to wear the big flowery ones in her hair sometimes.

Ok, so let's go to Gabbi's closet. I was kinda laughing at Cassie who commented on how organized the closets were. Ha! You KNOW I am not one to think I have the organization gene. However, when it comes to certain things, I don't think you can function without a little of it. The girls' closets fall into that category!
Ok, so Gabbi Girl gets the hand me downs from two spoiled three year olds! Remember that!

So bless her heart, about 75% of her shoes have been previously worn!
And we are actually into overflow mode in her closet! I have started weaning some to sell/ give, whatever!
Jenny, I like your idea of selling some of them on my blog. Now if only I could find the time to take on such an arduous task! I actually cleaned my closet out a few weeks ago and stuck a bunch of it into three Rubbermsaids. I took them to my office, put them in the waiting room , and labelled it FREE GARAGE SALE! Most of the purses and knickknacks are gone. Some "plus size" person needs to come up there and clean house!!
ALright, this is Gabbi Girl's pants section. Far left are the mini skirts.
Dang. I guess I am more organized than I give myself credit for.
Anyway, all this far right is new stuff. I can tell by the hangers! And I want to keep it all together so when we go to town, we can put on something "new". Everything mid bar to left are shirts, long and short sleeve. Hmmm... I may need to further sort this!
And this pile would be the clean clothes that I can't find a hanger for. Can you say "Problem"!? Yes, I have one!
And they have these fabulous build ins that should have three shelves and I don't know, have baskets or something in them to sort, tights, purses, bathing suits.... what else?!
Instead, more clean or new clothes that need to be hung. I'm a LUNATIC.
And now onto Gabbi Girl's bow collection.
This is a pink dress form which you may recognize from the old house. These are the bows that neither girl wear right now. They are "small". I like the big mamma jamma bows on BOTH the girls! But, I can't get rid of them, because as anyone who has "big girls" will attest, tiny bows recently made a comeback and they were being worn by the teens on the sides of their heads far and wide! So, you see my dilemma! I don't really want to have to repurchase all of these when the new bow trend comes along. Someone help me!
Ummm, yes, they too are color coordinated.

So far there has only been one who can come over and rescue me from this madness. And she is due with her FOURTH baby in April. BUT! She is moving HOME this summer!! Breanna, I NEED you!


kimybeee said...

goodness sakes mo, how many pink bows can one have?? lol i am afraid that toddly may be onto something with the no more buying thing lol!! no wonder the girlies always look beautiful, even in jeggings and ugly tank tops!

kimybeee said...

and you could sell your extra stuff on ebay or etsy. you may even be able to find someone that would handle the listing and shipping and just share the profits with you! (like Jessi maybe)

breanna said...

OH, YES YOU DO!!! did all of those clothes EVER get crammed into the closets at the old house!?!

Amy K said...

It would appear that Gabbi's pretty fortunate to have two 3 year old girls' hand me downs. Wowzers, with all those clothes, has any one been worn more than once? hee hee!
I love all the built ins you have!

Theresa Shirley said...

Wow--love it! Those girls are so blessed! HOW many of the same color bows can one girl use Mo? I think you're right, you are more organized than you give yourself credit for...looks like it to me!

tricia said...

Bows Bows EVERYWHERE!! What a collection of bows and clothes. Very lucky young ladies!

tonetone said...

Oh Wow!!!! That makes me feel better about my little girl's closet and bows. My dad is always saying, "more clothes and bows,oh no?" Love to dress that little one of mine. She is pretty head strong about her clothes as Ellie. Thanks for sharing!!! Love it!!

Veronicia said...

Just let me know when and I'll come help you organize Gabbi's closet again! This time we have to get rid of some things!

Musings of a Homeschooling Mom said...

If you want to get rid of some things, I have a 6 month old girl and am local! Your girls are so blessed!

Nicole said... I think today u found the perfect person for her hand me downs! JAYCI!! ill buy! I buy the same stuff anyway, and since well be seeing u once a week, how convenient! Ha! Seriously! Im so thankful we have u in our life save my sanity!