Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Around the house bout now.

Let's take a random trip around the house. shall we?! Staci and Don were out of town, so we got the honor of having one of my favorite nephews stay with us. Ellie was MORE than thrilled! And as she piled up in bed with Hayden, I am sure he was pretty pumped too! Plus we let him sleep in pink sheets!!
Gabbi Girl hung out in his room too. He isn't used to THIS much female love all at once!!
So while I was in there taking pictures, I decided to stroll around my house with camera in hand. You ready?! Let's go!

I ran into a friend the other day while I was at Hobby Lobby buying fabric for absolutely no good reason! I love fabric! Anyway, Tonya was there and told me she could make those ruffle bottomed pants. I said, "Let's ROLL!".
To say I got a little overzealous choosing material would be an understatement.
But hey. You only have toddlers once! And actually, these are ALL Gabbi's. I gave up on dressing Ellie. She is a blue jean/ jegging/ leggings kinda girl, and all the cute clothes in the world are not going to change that fact!
I made these TWO pair for Easter. I MAY try to get Ellie to wear a pair of these. But prolly not!
Gabbi will just have to wear bunnies back to back days near Easter time! One day blue. One day yellow.
We did a few mismatched fabrics too, like above. And a patchwork like below.
These will be some of my favorites! I LOVE turquoise. My favorite color. And I love that there are so many other colors in these to match them to!
And these will be awesome in the fall with a brown sweater. Just sayin'!
Oh man! I have these laid out for GG to wear to school tomorrow!! With a cream colored shirt and a celadon green monogram on it. And hot pick sparkly shoes. You wanted to know that, didn't you?! Oh, and probably a hot pink bow too!
We haven't worn these yet. but maybe Fourth of July, definitely Rebel games, and who knows... maybe they'll stretch til Christmas!?
I liked this print a lot! I have to find a cute black shirt or get Staci to monogram one for me to go with these! And I can already see the Halloween possibilities!
Ok, so maybe I have a little problem. I will seek counseling! And maybe I will NEVER be able to retire so I can support my childrens' clothing fund... so be it!
And THIS is what she chooses... a $3 tank top from WalMart paired with $4 leggings from the same. I swear. This child!
Have I ever shown you Gabbi Girl's "toy " closet? I used these big buckets to sort things. For instance, the bottom 2 shelves have the big buckets of dress up clothes. The top shelf is full of new things that I keep out of reach so we can have something new and novel when Mama and Daddy are going out and a sitter is keeping them, or when they are really, really, really wanting to participate in an art project alongside me. The far right is the area which really hasn't even been set up yet. But when it is, it'll be cool. That is where we keep their movies, and down low is the DVD/ TV box thingy.
Here's Gabbi's totally messed up bookshelf.
One can't say we don't actually live/ play in our home! ANd her collection of favorite stuffed animals,( mainly dogs), sit atop this cabinet.
I started putting out the Easter decorations too! I am an avid holiday decorator! Lots of work, but so worth it to me.
I found these little rabbits at Target this past weekend for $5.99. I LOVE them!
Here's Ellie Sue's!
ALong with her Easter egg garland. (Hey Indigo Twins... notice anything familiar?!)
Now do you?!
And soon I will get to posting a few more of my Easter decorations. Just so much fun to make my house all festive. I hope my girls grow up and remember their house being like this. ANd I hope they'll want to do it for their kids.



kimybeee said...

very pretty! love all the rufflies, but i do think you got carried away lol...maybe your friend can sew a few sundresses or even some tank style tops for ellie sue. you know the fifties? kind that the girls wore with the tight, slim looking short pants. the fabric choices were really pretty!

Amy K said...

I love that wall of the girls' canvases, and your Easter decor.

You're too funny with your "fabric binge" least you've taken the first step...admitting you need counseling. :)

Kris said...

Having 4 boys I see no problem with those darn cute clothes!

Rhonda said...

Gabbi has a pair of "crazy" patchwork pants, just like ours!!!!!!! :) CUTE ~ I love all the fun ruffled pants!

tricia said...

I wish I was a Groves little girl!!!!

snekcip said...

Seeing the little pants bring back fond memories of my dearly departed mother and how she love to shop for fabric! Love me some beautiful fabric! I only wish I had acquired her gene for MAKING CUTE CLOTHES instead of BUYING CUTE CLOTHES! However, I have found a wonderful seamstress on ETSY *2 actually* that seems to keep "pumping out the cute clothes"!

We've been thru the phase of ruffle pants too! Now it's pillowcase dresses that she loves!!

I'm jumping for joy that we haven't gotten to the "screen tee shirt and jeans" phase just yet!

~Mrs.Hodge~ said...

Everything (especially the kiddos) = ADORABLE!!!! I gotta ask, did all that fabric come from Hobby Lobby?? We are looking for fabric to make bedding for the new baby girl and I specifically LOVE the turquoise fabric with the paislies, and the pants below it that you said GG wore today with a cream shirt and hot pink shoes! Can ya tell me where you got that fabric?!?! Cuteness! And if you ever just need to get rid of outgrown girlie clothes.....I'm your woman!!!

Amy said... your friend interested in making some ruffle pants for others. Those are so sweet!

Unknown said...

Love those pants. You are amazing with all of your talent! I don't think there is anything that you can't do! :) If you ever feel the need to make some pants to sell, that would be fine with me. They are too cute!

Anonymous said...

I wish I was your daughter and you could dress me how you wish! And....I love seeing our little sculptures next to ones from Bethany Lowe.