Wednesday, March 30, 2011

More fishing with Pops.

So, so nice that so many of you took the time to comment on the blog your condolences for our family. It was a sad night. We snuggled up in our little private den off the master bedroom, tucked under blankets, ate ice cream sandwiches, and watched Yogi Bear. This big ol house seemed a little bit bare last night! And please understand, with my crazy busy life, I often load up pictures to my blog before I have time to go back and write in the words! For that reason, you may spot ol' Earl from time to time! And with that, I will finish the fishing trip with Pops! Check out these sisters heading down together to check him out! I love it when they cooperate!
Strangely I had posted a picture of my cottage before I knew I'd be posting one prior with Todd saying goodbye to Earl. The point of this one was to show that I have started my new garden here at our new address!
Well, it looks like they made it!

Can you believe how peaceful it is here? I mean, dang... can it get any better than a horse farm across the pond?!
And have I ever shared the back of my home? Well, here it is, sans the screened porch which hasn't been added yet in that hole right in the middle of the house.
Gabbi apparently had herself a little chocolate prior to this trip! And since so many of you asked about her, well, she is doing fine. I don't think she is even aware really yet that Earl is gone. Ellie heard me talk about it. She, thinking she is a teenager and all, went on to explain to Madi that Earl was in Heaven with Jesus and with Jake. She does it with such matter of factness. She is definitiely a confident little toot!
I am sure Gabbi Girl will start figuring it out soon enough. Daddy had to throw out the dog bowls she loved to play in this morning. Not cool!
These are the flowers Ellie brought me. "Awww, Mom. It's like our family! It's me, mama, daddy, and Gabbi." I'm telling you, she is wise beyond her three little years. We'll be having that adoption talk sooner rather than later.
Funny little thing. She is sunshine!
My girls were thrilled to have Pops at the house. Pops, you reading this?! You need to plan this about twice a week!!
Ellie is only holding a stick, but she doesn't know! I think I'll buy them a couple of little fishing poles this week!
yep. After all, we have a pond now. They need one!

Pretty little thing!
Our weather has been nuts! This day was PERFECT! Then, yesterday, it was back around 40 degrees. In Louisiana, that is COLD!
Gabbi cast a few times with the stick too!
I love a glimpse at the simple life. I'd like to say we lived it. Instead, I'm afraid their mama doesnt' have that luxury at this time in life. I have a busy, busy therapy business, THANKfully! But, I have my life plan, and I am heading toward it. I can't wait til I can spend more days just like this!
I do my best to spend quality time outside with the girls when at all possible. That is why some of you don't have your paintings or talismans yet. I havent' forgotten. Just have to prioritize. Hope you understand!
Life is good. Are you taking time to realize it?!
And again, thank you all so much for your kind words. I was touched!
And, Pops, hurry home. (He's on a cruise!) We need to do this again!!



Mbeaty19 said...

Such amazing pictures showing sweet moments in a day. Glad you could relish that time. Nothing I loved more as a kind (and still do) then sitting at my grandparent's pond either fishing, swimming, or just enjoying the peace of nature. Love these pictures and bet that day meant a lot to all three of you and I'm sure Pops enjoy it too.

Bj said...

The girls are making memories with Pops that will last a lifetime. Sweet, sweet times...enjoy them! Thanks again Mo, for sharing your life with all of us...we feel like family!.....huggers, BJ

Theresa Shirley said...

Love the beautiful pics!! It does just look so serene where you live. What I wanna know is---Who cuts all that grass?? :) Looks like acres & acres! I love that picture of Ellie with her hands on her hips....SO cute! Her face is just beaming! I think you do a wonderful job of spending quality time with those precious girls--thriving business and all! They are so blessed to have such a sweet Mama, and I know they will have soooo many happy memories to look back on as they grow up. Love ya'll!!!

Emily said...

Loved the story about your life plan.....that is why I have been in school the last 2 that I can have a career that gives me more quality time with my Shelbi....its very close now and I can hardly WAIT!

Pepper said...

Oh no. I didn't get on my computer yesterday. I am so sorry about Earl. I know how hard that was and how much y'all loved sweet Earl. Much love sent from Mississippi

Tracie said...

Love your property. Would not love mowing it!

Lisa said...

They have pink fishing poles at Bass Pro Shop .. they would be perfect for your girls!!

tricia said...

Life used to be simple before the age of advanced technology and 24 hour cable news service. Life is what we make of it though and even during hectic times your pictures remind us to take a break to ENJOY the simple things that life holds. Thank you for that reminder.

Shan said...

When my oldest daughter was 3 years old she wanted to go fishing with her dad and paw-paw. They wnent and bought her a snoopy fishing rod and reel. It was the best investment! It worked so well at catching fish that her dad and paw-paw took it with them even when Syd didn't go!! She is 20 years old now and still remembers that fishing pole. Have fun with your girls they grow way too fast as you are already learning!

So sorry to hear about Earl.

Amy K said...

GORGEOUS!!! Thanks for sharing your sweet family.
I absolutely understand about the canvas - you do what you need to do. As much as I love your artwork displayed in my scraproom, that's the "little things" in life.
Keep on making those cherished memories for your girls.