Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pre and post shopping on Saturday

Whew. We are so busy at work! I mean SOOOO busy! Guess that is nothing but a good thing! I am going to post a short but sweet one tonight. I'm kinda beat! This was this past Saturday. I took the girls to town with me. Because I am a glutton for punishment! This is what Ellie Sue dressed herself in. I did not have the energy to argue! Please note the rainbow striped panties hanging out of the top of her jeans! And for whatever reason, she feels if a shirt drops below her beltline, then it is too big. I do not know WHERE she got that!! Especially since her mama is the queen of the tunic!
Gabbi Girl let her mama do all the choosin' on her outfit! Can you tell?! Those sweet little Sea & Sun sandals, and big red bows on her pigtails!? Nothin but sweet!
Even Ellie's doll looks like a dadgum teenager! Puh-leeeze!
When we were in town, GG fell in love with this hat. She insisted on wearing it all around Old Navy!
and therefore I insisted on buying it for her! She has worn it everyday since!!
Have a good weekend!!



Amy K said... sweet...longing for sandal weather!!!

Beverly said...

Love the hat and I, personally, can't wait for flip flop weather here in NC!

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~
So much has gone on and I have not had a chance to comment……first of all, I was so sad to hear about Earl. You could just look at his pictures & know that he was a great dog – I remember Ellie putting barrettes on him and lying all over him & he just took it all, he really loved your family!
The blog about the sleepover with Hayden is just so precious. He looked more than thrilled to be hanging with Ellie in her room…….too funny! But being the good cousin that he is, he just went with the flow – a sign of a great kid!!
And the fabric you bought for Gabbi’s new wardrobe……….beautiful! She will no doubt be the best dressed girl in Louisiana. Those prints are darling (just like Gabbi) she is very smart to let you dress her!
And I love the hat you bought her – it looks great on her (anything would look great on her)
Fishing with Pops – What wonderful memories were made with Pop teaching the girls how to fish – they will remember that for years to come.
Your property looks gorgeous – what a place to grow up in!!!!
Have a wonderful weekend,
Diana from Colorado

tricia said...

Each their own personalities;each so special!

Nancy said...

Love the little pop of the hip Gabbi has going on.... and that hat!! She is a doll!!
And Miss Ellie, well.... what can one say! 3 going on 30 as you say! What a wonderful handful you are blessed with.

Turo Fernandez said...

This is my Fruit Of The Loom Blue Stripe Boxer Brief Underwear hanging out of the top of my red pants! I’m of profound mental retardation! The same for her! Ellie must see this! Is Ellies Rainbow Panties Fruit Of The Loom?