Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Are we ready to play guess whose talisman is whose?!

I bet this person doesn't even read my blog, so I'll start with her. But, her SISTER does!! And her sister wanted me to make her a talisman which represents a need to enjoy life even amongst the chaos. Sound familiar? Tina?! So, in my utter wisdom, I used a favorite peace sign, sterling mind you, charm and dropped it right amongst a cluster of three crazy, chaotic beads. Those represent the three darling children she bore and is now raising!

And just for good measure, I also added three black and white crazy circle beads to represent them as well. I think they stand for gymnastics, and football practice, and tutoring, and ballet, and daycare, and.... you know... the usual chaos associated with being the mom of three little wee ones.

But looky there... what's that? Why. It's a heart! It means love is going to ride her through this tornado period of life.

And what are you and I both wishing for her this year, Tina?! PEACE amongst the chaos!

Even the cording (ribbon) is a little chaotic. I made it long so she could adjust it to her liking. I kinda like mine long anyway!

ANd now for Tina. Blurry picture. Sorry!

I usually just hang all the drops on a center point with no particular reason for how they are hanging with the exception of aesthetics. But, in the case of this one, representing your HOPE, I had a plan!!

First, we have Hayden't strands.

You have HOPE for Hayden's future as he moves off to DC to pursue what I know will be a great and rewarding career. He is your little shining light, thus the crystal. He is also your heart! And that bird... well, that is his freedom. You giving him that freedom and knowing that he will always come home to his mama!
There are two blue crystals on your talisman. They represent your two boys ! This strand is Stanton's! It has the HOPE that we both know can represent St. Jude, but it is also the HOPE we have in the LORD, knowing that you will reunite with your sweet baby boy one day. The heart with wings is self explanatory. And he, too, is your heart!

And this strand is YOU! It has a doublefold meaning to me. It is first, representative of gentleness. It is a soft landing. It means you need to go gentle on yourself when your boys are gone. Be pampered a bit. Relish this phase of life too! And also, it represents growth or living! You say you never expected an empty nest at this time in life, and that you will miss that nurturing....

Well, go out there and grow it. Grow that ministry with children you mentioned. And while doing so, your heart will grow and heal. Your life will grow as you reach out to others with a nurturing spirit.

Here's HOPE that you have a great 2011, Tina!

Next up, I am wishing SUCCESS to Lisa.Initially, the only thing I was told is that 2011 is the year you would be SUCCESSful with losing that weight! So, I got to work on that piece. That is represented by the three larger balls, cascading down to three smaller balls, to eventually one ball, flanked by silver to really set it off in its best look yet! That's you, my dear.
There are also blue and "pinkish" beads beads dangling from your heart which represents your children. I know what you mean about loving your life and never, for a minute, wishing it the least bit different. That is called gratitude!
Oh, but girl, when you told me that your daughter had a tethered spinal cord, I had to go all PT on you and build you a tethered cord. That is my leftover wire that I used to create a spinal cord to represent your daughter, who is also flanked by two hearts. Yours and hers! I can assure that in light of all of Jake's procedures, I know how hard it is to watch a child have to endure "difficult" situations, but, in the case of Paige, I think it is building her fortitude!
That little silver heart by itself is your husband. 10 years. Congratulations!!
Ok, for you, Cori. I took what you told me and made something really simple for your friend. I thought since she is a P.E. teacher, she would appreciate the leather cording to the chain I use in most. I also knew you said I should keep it simple. So, here it is.
That garnet is Miss Lynlee Faith who was born severly prematurely and who no one expected to live longer than a day. A month later, she is still breathing!

She is flanked by her mom and dad's birthstones, representing them supporting and standing by her, and loving her... right into health. I pray Lynlee keeps on growing and thriving.

Ok Miss Diana. Your turn!

See that ring on top?! It is one of the rings I bought when Todd the Bod surprised me on my 40th birthday with a trip to NYC! I know that city is special to you too! I bought it in the garment district and decided it should be one of two things that represent your city to you. I'll mention the other in a few!

There are three hearts on your talisman, representing your daughters. One's copper, one's gold, and one's silver. Three very different girls, but all have your heart!
I included one of my favorite pieces as your central piece. That mosaic turquoise is your mom, with you as the focal point and center of her life as her only child. It also has three dangles from it, signifying your three daughters, whom you spoke so highly of and who are obviously "your whole life"!
See those white handmade porcelain beads? They remind me of the streets of NY. I suppose they could also be the streets of Brooklyn, specifically! :)
I hope you like it. I certainly had fun making it for you!
The turquoise cascade of beads represent your friends, with whom you tell me you enjoy food and fun. A blessed life indeed.
And so, Diana, there you have it!
And that's all for tonight. We have a full agenda around here, so I am stealing time to write up these summaries, as I can! Look for more tomorrow and Friday.

Keep those requests coming. I have truly enjoyed the stories, the connection with people (after all... you all "know" me. and now I get to "know" you!), and the creative outlet which comes with the design aspect.



Kathryn said...

I love them! The beads and pretties are all so perfect together.

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~
You made my day!!!! I LOVE my talisman – you did a fabulous job, thank you!!
The center circle that you said you bought when you were in New York last with Todd is PERFECT, I will tell you why. My Mother taught Fashion Design at High School of Fashion Industries and then taught at night at Fashion Institute of Technology both of which revolved around the garment center in New York! How cool is that? – Without you even knowing that part of my life!
On to the mosaic turquoise that you said was one of your favorite pieces (that represented me as her only child)– well my Mother’s sister moved to Arizona from New York and my Mother loved Arizona and has many turquoise pieces – so that is close to me too.
The porcelain beads that you added to represent the streets of New York (or Brooklyn) are right on, cracked and all – I love it!
All said & done, I love it, every bit of it! And please know how much I appreciate you taking your time & effort to make this for me – I will treasure it, for sure. I know it came from your heart & that alone makes it a wonderful gift.
Have a great Tuesday & thanks again,
Diana from Colorado

Kelly said...

Totally of the subject but I have a question... when you do your beach trip is it to Gulf Shores? We were thinking about going there and was wondering if you could give me any information.

Lisa O. said...

I just want to thank you so very much for the BEAUTIFUL talisman!!! It is soo me, everything about the design, colors, etc!! I was about to start crying looking at it and reading everything you wrote!! I can't say thanks enough and I just know this is going to keep me going on those days when I need a little extra support!!!

kimybeee said...

i knew you were talking about tina h as soon as you mentioned hayden and going to dc. i follow stanton's cb page and i know what you mean about her being hard on herself.

they are all once again beautiful and so meaningful!

i enjoy the short posts about your girlies and your fave things - that is all about relishing the small things!

Bj said...

Mo, you totally amaze me!! You are soooo talented and so sensitive to the "needs" of others around you. I know we've never met face to face, but I treasure you as a friend! May God continue to bless you as you serve.......BJ

SarahBeth said...

ok ok ok... i'm jealous and want one. :)

snekcip said...

Keep em coming! They are all gorgeous!

Mbeaty19 said...

I have been so impressed by all the talisman you have made. Reading each of your reasonings for the embellishments have been great. As soon as I saw Tina's though it was so inspiring. I know all of us that follow her & her family can relate to everything you said and your reasoning behind her embellishments. It's truly perfect!!!!
Still haven't figured out what i want to do for my talisman yet. Lots of great inspiration though.