Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mo' Talismans!!

Ok, sit back. Grab a drink. Here we go again. CWoodrome... you didn't tell me your "real" name, so I'm just going with your email name!

So, when you tell me you "aren't really a jewelry person"; and that you "work in a bank all week, wearing blue and black"; and that you "NEVER wear those colors on the weekend".... well.... that makes for an interesting decision on my part!

CWoodrome's word is CHERISH. I went with work clothes! A talisman is worn to remind you of your word. To bring you strength toward keeping your word to yourself. So, if you are at work 5 days a week (I am making an assumption here), then, that is the majority of your week, and you should have it on. I also imagined that you have a collar shirt or a button up and left it somewhat short so you could have lots of comments on it from your patrons at the bank, and you'd have to then tell them about it, further reinforcing WHY you chose your word and WHY you are wearing this to represent it! SO there!

With that, I don't really think I have to explain the blue stones. There are two... these are representing your two sons, whom, of course, you cherish. Each of them has a heart worked either above or below it. The big blue cross is your Dad.. I think it is super cool that you and he are able to go on mission trips together. What an unbelievable bonding experience. Something you, no doubt, CHERISH!
And because obviously your faith is very strong as a "north star" in your life, I used the silver cross to symbolize your belief in God's plan for your life.
Purposefully, the crown was attached to the blue cross, signifying the crowns being laid up in Heaven for the work you are doing here on Earth to teach those Panamanians in "the far corners of the Earth" about Jesus. Absolutley an opportunity you should CHERISH!
Ok, Emily. Your COMMITMENT is next. I love this piece. I dont' think I have to say a word about it, and it just screams COMMITMENT!!

It is very industrial. Very STRONG. Very stable! It, to me, means, a promise you make to yourself (and those closest to you) that will not be broken!

Emily tells me that it is difficult for her to see things through!
She says she starts things and tends not to complete them. Well, this year, there will be no such nonsense! And your talisman will be worn to remind you. See that cage? That is your word... to yourself... which is locked up tight and cannot be broken.

I used three metal rings in the chain. The two gold ones are you and Chris. You will keep commitments to yourself and those which regard him.
That sweet little silver link stands for commitments made to Stormy... like her gymnastics class, which come hell or high water... you will keep right on taking her to!
I secured the whole thing on a nut, symolizing strength of your word. And the beads I chose also are thick and strong.
One last piece are the three links representing again, your family. Commited to one another. No matter what.

Ok, moving on. My Aunt Bonnie. My mom's sister. The one who has had surgeries and pain and pain and pain for the past few years. She says her word is TOGETHER. "Keep this old body TOGETHER, Lord, a little longer."
Aunt Bonnie, as I often do, I pulled out all these pieces that I wanted to use on your talisman, but when I put the very first piece on, I knew I was done! I just loved it. It was simple and told the whole story!
The nut is representative of something that keeps something together. And it is a strong binder. So when you wear this talisman, remember your own strength!
Then I wrapped and wrapped and wrapped this heavy gold wire around the nut, binding it to a cross. God has already bound your pain. He can give you strength. He can hold you TOGETHER a little longer!!

I hung it on a soft and light leather cord, so it won't further be a burden to you. Lord knows we don't need you adding neck ache to your list! Ha. Love you!

And here, for Tricia, I decided on your word for you. Actually, two words came to mind with what you wrote me. FREEDOM and LIGHT. LIGHT as in not encumbered. Not heavy.
Since almost your entire email to me was regarding Dave Ramsey and he preaches financial FREEDOM, I felt like your piece needed to have wings, representative of your flying free from your past burden of debt.

That solid clear crystal is you. Shining and clear and fresh. Able to "let go of all that stuff you feel you just have to hold onto."

Again, more wings showing your freedom from money stress! Oh how that must make you feel LIGHT!

There's your house... with its mortgage all caught up, thanks to healthy financial decisions.

There is quite a bit of gold in the piece, representing the money that will be stockpiling now that you are on a mission and have a budgeting plan. May 2011 give you that FREEDOM.

And don't think I left out Pierce. Other than your info to me on getting your finances in order, you also mentioned your only son, Pierce. Being a sentimental mom, I HAD to represent him. He is that blue polka dotted bead.

And that little gold bird is again, FREEDOM.

My mother in law walked in as I was taking pics of the talismans. I happened to be holding yours up, and she absolutely loved it. Hope you do too! Good for you, Tricia! Happy 2011.

Hey there, Nicole...
This one is for you. I intend to change the clasp to a rose copper, but for now, had to get it assembled ot keep all the pieces together. Anyhooooo....

I had so many things I pulled prior to leaving town to use in your piece. I had light blue beads and was thinking I would do a whole piece in nothing but little light blue beads. Then, since you said you wore a lot of black, I thought I could do black and light blue to show your CHERISH.

But, because those precious new twin boys are such to be CHERISHED. And because you want to CHERISH your opportunity to be a stay at home mom with them while they are infants, and because you CHERISH your marriage to your husband....

I went with this...

These Tibetan turquoise beads are something I've had in my collection for years and I CHERISHed them! Now, I am sharing them with you. They represent your boys... strong and healthy and of good fortitude. I know preemie twins can be a little scary. But this talisman represents good strong boys and you getting to be their mama... CHERISHing this time!

Hope it means the same to you as you wear it.

Yet another situation where I pulled all this junk out and ended up with a single bead. ANd yet, I LOVE it!
This one's for you, Jodi. After reading your story, and realizing that with your word being FORGIVE, and knowing that at the depths of all your words was simply FORGIVENESS. That was it, plain and simple!
So this is for you. It is a heart which has been through a lot, but which is now all stitched up (time can do that), and as healed as healed can be. You have survived. And FORGIVENESS is actually better for YOUR heart than for the forgivee! It lightens the load. It cleans the slate. It allows love to come in.
To me, it certainly seems that you've gotten the support and love you need from your dad, and now, with your words, I realize you also have a special place for your dad's "significant other". I hope 2011 finds you full of fogiveness and a heart full of happiness.
Next, this colorful little number is for Kim. I so enjoyed just reading your words! I LOVE to hear someone with such gratitude and JOY for their own life. To hear that you get to work at a job you love, find JOY in your ministry at church, and such a JOY in your salvation is just so refreshing!
I had to include your "Crowning joy", that little white pearl that will hopefully one day be your grandchild.
I included a glittery, blingy "G" for Gary, who has been your beloved for 31 years!
Your talisman is full of crosses. Know why? Because you have a JOY in your heart that only God can provide. I know you must sing... "the JOY of the Lorddd is my strength!"
Kim,strangely, I didnt' assign specific meaning to each little piece, as I sometimes do. Rather, I used lots of color and, to me, that brings JOY. ANd of course, lots of crosses, symbolizing your salvation and the grateful heart you have.
As you wear it, I hope you remember your word, "JOY" all year round!!
And lastly, Jennifer, for your friend, Stephanie.
The two pink stones are for her daughters. There is also a gold wing to represent her mom who was killed in a car accident last year. I cannot imagine!

The BELIEVE charm is for her to cling to regarding healing during her battle with cancer. And to see her through this upcoming surgery.
The cross represents her Christianity, the source of her healing.
And lo and behold, I have a fleur de lis on there to remind her of home. From Louisiana to Alaska, WOW... what a culture shock.
So, Stephanie, cling to your spirituality to get you through... oh, and of course, good friends like Jennifer who think so highly of you as to commission a special piece, a talisman, to be worn to bring you strength.
Tomorrow, we will be having more... for Kate, Amy, and Becky (for Taylor!).


Amy K said...

Awesome job as always Mo! Each story so personal, and the way you encompass all of it in your creations is truly a gift.

Kathryn said...


Theresa Shirley said...

Love them as usual Mo!! So special :) And BTW--I dreamed I met you last night....I know---what a weirdo I am :) You were for some reason seeing PT patients at a hospital local to me...I remember seeing Carl & and some others getting into a vehicle--and then there you were. I hollered "MELANIE!", and went over & hugged you & introduced myself. Haha--you probably think I'm a stalker now! Come to think of it--you probably thought I was weird in the dream too :)

Lou Ann said...

I have followed your blog for a while now - since Jake's caringbridge site! I sent an email to the address on your profile (comcast) but it was returned as undeliverable! I was asking if you would make a talisman for me! If so, let me know the cost and I'll give you some information on me and my life. Thank you.

CWoodrome said...

It's so perfect - THANK YOU! My name is Christina, by the way. I typically wear silver so I love that you used this without prompting. I can't wait to wear it to work and to Panama - a great conversation piece. You are a very talented lady. Guess I just need to know now how to pay for it :)

Cathy said...

Awe Mo! I know Stephanie and her Mom was one of the most amazing people I have ever had the privilege of knowing. She was one of those people who left you needing to be better than before. Ya know? I love her talisman. They're all beautiful but how special that you made one for Steph. Small world.

Kim "Shug" Floyd said...

It is absolutely perfect and will bring me joy just to wear it! You truly have a gift! Cannot wait to get it!

Thanks so much!


Unknown said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Mo, you are so talented that you nailed everything! I on the other hand forgot to mention that in addition to son, I do have a wonderful husband of 12 years (love you Peter!). He is also being very instrumental in my "Path to Freedom". I love what you have created for me and am very happy that you are so creative!


blessedmomof3 said...

Mo, as I was reading about the talisman for Kim I thought " that sounds just like my sister." By the time I got to the part about the G, I knew that it was. You got hers exactly right. I also got the chance to see one of the talismans in person the other night. Your friend Jennifer was sitting in front of me the other night in class and I leaned up and said "what's your word?" She immediately. knew what I was talking about and told me all about her word "be". Now I want one for myself and my word savor. Are you going to be making anymore? If so, let me know, and I will send you an email with some info about me and my word! Thanks, Leigh Ann