Thursday, January 27, 2011

Talismans. #3 on the week!

Here's a weird question... have you seen this talisman yet? Have I highlighted it yet? Have you received it in the mail? I swear, anybody wanna be my assistant. LOW pay. But a lot of fun! Ha.I'll skip it for now. I'll move onto those which I KNOW I haven't posted.... like this...

Oooohweeee... for Joan. Sorry Joan, I think the depth of my side conversations with you on Facebook will overshadow what I will be able to tell here on my blog! But here goes...
I thought your word was going to be LIVING. Cause remember... that is what you first told me?! ANd now it is PRIDE. But I think with all the crystals on this number, "wearing it with PRIDE" will be easy too! You, my dear, are the big center clear crystal... sparkling and pure.

All of your dangles hang from a sterling "TRUTH".... appropriate, I'd say.

I showered the little piece with LIVING things... like this fern, and the flower in the background. ANd it hangs from a golden circle... a symbol of marriage. You are LIVING with or without a band on your finger.

You are flanked by your four daughters. Three at home and one away. They support you. They've got your back.

I hope you wear this with PRIDE and every time you handle it, you feel a little stronger.

Ok, for Kate...

Now, Kate, if this doesnt' bring you JOY, I don't know what could! I LOVE all these colors! ANd there's some black and white in there to represent "confusion". You are just at a really scary crossroads in life. But, if you think about it, we've all been there.

There comes that time in life where we have to face that it is time to grow up. Big girl decisions will have to be made! You are there, my friend!

For instance, the double heart, there, represents your present love life situation. Do you really feel this relationship is what is good for you longterm? If the situation he is in now does not give you the opportunity to leave, then I don't know what would. And if, in fact, you decide you should stay, what will that mean for your future? Does that look like a future of JOY!?

I LOVE to read how much you currently love your co-workers and job. I represented them with all the colors. It sounds like they bring you JOY! Although, theroretically, it is time to use your new nursing degree, I don't agree there is a hurry. In 2011, you've chosen JOY as your word. Do what makes you JOYous!

But also remember, that you are that star in the above picture... beautiful and shining. And just as you came to love your present co-workers, and they you... you will make new friends and relationships and you will find JOY in your next career too, IF you are looking for it!

Your brother, your "hero", is represented by the red heart. And his children, your precious niece and nephew, are the two hearts hanging from it.

There are a few little metal links. They are representative of STRENGTH. You are just at a crossroads. There will be plenty more! It is a first biggie one, and you are just confused. You can do it, Kate. Job, Boyfriend, School....

Ahhh... there you are! The star! the star of your own life. (and check out my hands... jeweler's hands! A cut from my pliers and beat up fingernails from opening jump rings. Just sayin!)

I tucked a little "JOY" up in there at the top to always bring you back to what you are seeking. Living with JOY is a good way to live. It makes you grateful too!

I put your talisman on a heavy duty chain. I thought it symbolized the heaviness of your situation right now, and the decisions you have to make. But remember, just like my Poppa always told me...

"Make a decision. Then, make it right." No matter what you decide, it is how you proceed after the initial choice that will bring you peace. You are the master of your thoughts. No regrets. Just feed your decisions to look for every ounce of JOY that you can find in the choices you made!

And now for Amy... Who has chosen LOVE for 2011.

Amy, this one was easy. I have loads of hearts and "loves" that I wanted to use in your talisman! And as it turned out, it all started moving toward whites and greys. I never really know what's gonna be the end result til I start putting it all together.

You wrote me about LOVING the Lord, thus the cross, and LOVING your students, thus all the different little pearls, and LOVING yourself, thus the big crystal. We all should want our little lights to shine and stand out. Take care of yourself, and LOVE yourself.

About that single thing... keep yourself (the crystal remember) and your reputation pure (white pearl), and you will find the perfect man at the perfect time.

And I thought this little charm with a big heart in the middle best symbolized you, at 28, single and "OK with it". I am glad. Life is great with a man, and it speaks volumes of you as a person that it can be great without one too! Your guy is out there, enjoying his life too. ANd when LOVE is ready, you'll find him.

Becky. This is for Taylor! ANd yes, I DO have a half painted zebra striped canvas at my house. I seriously didn't think you were still interested. Let's talk!

For Taylor...

Miss Taylor, your mama loves you a whole, whole lot. I can tell it by the way she describes you when she writes to me. And because she is already grieving your leaving for college! Sound familiar, Paula? Penny? Becky, I have friends in the same boat this year, and they are pitiful!
Ok, Taylor. Your mom tells me you are a really good girl! So, I, personally included a horseshoe for good luck. Good luck wishes never hurt anyone! They are no substitute for hard work, but I am sending you luck on finding a major you love and one that can give you a career you will enjoy for all your adult years. I have that and it is most valuable!
The little heart with wings is you flying away to make your own way in life. Don't forget your mama though! And those younger siblings! They need your good example! They are represented by the three stacked turquoise beads on the bottom, separated by a silver disc, then that's you on top... leading the way. Showing them how to fly!
This gold ring is representative of your reputation. Keep it golden! It is one of those things that you can't rescue! It is imperative that you maintain high moral character, for yourself, as a reflection of your family, and to attract future employers who are looking for those "good girls" like your mom describes.
I put it all on a turquoise silk tie which can be worn short on your neck like with a tee, or long over a sweater. Just tie it up to the length you desire.
As for talisman posts, well this is the last one this week! If you are interested in a necklace, don't forget I have a new email address. When we moved, I left the last one behind! I didn't want all that stupid spam anyway!
Now, it is And if you ordered one and havent' heard from me, please contact me. Thanks. Mo


Amy K said...

So pretty!

Kathryn said...

Oh. Every day is like a private art show around here! I sent you an email.

Sharidrew said...

Hey Mo!

You are SOOOO talented! I just look at the picture and I can almost always figure out the word each piece represents. That's because you have really used your talents to make these lovelies very personal and well, just pretty amazing! God bless you for sharing your talents with us all!

Hugs from Missouri,

snekcip said...

I really LOVE the turq/red combo talisman!! Very pretty!

Tracie said...

Hey Mo,
Love seeing all you have done and reading the stories behind what you do. I received your email letting me know that you had mine done and to look for it on Monday of last week. I know you are crazy busy with life I just want to make sure I havent missed it. Have a great rest of the week and weekend!

Beth E. said...

I am sooo excited about getting my talisman! Did you get all of my rambling emails? Did they have enough info for you regarding my word? Lemme know if you need more info.

Becky said...

Thank you so much!!! You gave me a teaser the other night that Taylor's talisman would be online today so at 5 am when I got up to feed the little one I couldn't wait to see what was waiting for me! You put my words (literally) into something so beautiful and inspirational. I know Taylor will treasure the talisman and your rational behind it forever.

About the painting, after learning about Taylor do you think DREAM or STRIVE would be appropriate for her? Your ideas would be great!I want her to wake up to it and know there is a meaning behind it.

Thanks again,


jenny said...

Ooooo, Mo, I LOVE Kate's. That's the coolest one yet. The older I get, the more I appreciate COLOR. I think when we get to heaven, Jesus is going to show us a million more and richer colors than we see now. Thanks for sharing your gift. Maybe some day I'll get my stuff together and order one for my wonderful, wild, and crazy sister! God bless.

marc said...

It is so awesome how you can come up with so many different/meaningful items - just great! Makes my day to read your blog every morning - I realize that it is a good day - and life is great! Lots of things to be thankful for! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!

Amosann said...

HOLY SMOKES!!! I LOVE IT!!! I CANNOT WAIT!!!! check your facebook inbox as i sent you a message there.

Hallie said...

Gosh, I wish I had your creativity....if I keep following your blog, do you think it will rub off on me. I have ordered everyone of your jewelry kits and actually have accumulated quite a supply of my own beads since. I have also made several of the ribbon necklaces. Everybody who has seen them has LOVED them. Even the ladies at my local bead shop who are "pros".