Monday, January 24, 2011

Love Gabbi in the morning.

All are going to have to deal with some short blog posts this week. I only got about 25 talismans done this past weekend, so all my energies will be spent on getting the "stories" ready to describe the pieces!

Sooooo... let's just look at a few pictures from my archives. I love ANY picture of Gabbi Girl in the morning. She is the sweetest thing! Her hair is always all big and fluffy. ANd then, you KNOW we are going to be having our breakfast while sitting ON the kitchen table!
And being the good mom I am, Graham Crackers makes a FINE breakfast!
Gabbi surely doesn't complain! We are having an adventure this week. More on this later. And talismans will likely be posted throughout the week, here and there. If you've ordered from me, stay tuned!!
Happy Tuesday!


Tracie said...

So good to see my kids are not the only ones that love to sit on the counters, bars and table tops!

tricia said...

she is a beauty. and graham crackers rock!

Amy K said...

An adventure, huh? Happy creating this week.

snekcip said...

She looks as yummy as those graham crackers!

PS Now get your TAIL to working on those necklaces MAN!!! :)