Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hey mom, take my picture.

I have created a monster! Ellie says to me, "MOm, take my picture like this."
"take one of me and my baby."
And please take note that her "baby" is a teenager. And that Ellie had to have me do her hair just like her "baby's", braided on each side of her face and brought around to the back in another ponytail. JUST like her baby's!
But, I still can't get over how she gets herself dressed, chooses her clothes, dictates how she wants her hair fixed, then barks out to me, "Get your camera and take my picture." Crosses those legs and gives me a "cheeeeeese"!

And did I mention my sweet husband who has been making us a fire every day after work/ school? We love our daddy!! Reminds me of my own daddy who always kept a fire burning in our fireplace at home when Staci and I were little girls/ teens.



Mbeaty19 said...

Love the fire burning and your 'little' girl posing pictures. Such a little girl with such a big personality. I'm glad so allows you to photograph all her 'growing'

Amy K said...

I'm thinking Ellie is just helping you out to make sure you're "preserving these memories"!! :0
That girl just has to keep you in stitches.
Great photos and fire in that awesome fireplace.

Mary T said...

Beautiful big girl. She's sure got some style! Very soon she will be picking out your outfits like my girls do :) LOVE the fireplace too. Gorgeous background, makes the photos all the more beautiful!

Woke up to -6 degrees this morning (-20 with windchill). Another 2 hr. school delay because buses wouldn't start, still no snow day :(

tricia said...

she certainly has a strong will but is so darn cute. the fire looks so cozy

Theresa Shirley said...

Sweet girl! She looks so tiny sitting on that MASSIVE hearth. Her little legs look so far from the floor! Love that fire--I hope I have a house again someday that has a "real" fireplace.

Renee said...

Precious! And I think GG and her therapy bud are the cutest team around

snekcip said...

I think that child has "been here before"!LOL!! That's Todd's subtle way of saying "There may be some "snow on the roof" but there's still fire in the chimney baby"!! WOOT-WOOT