Saturday, January 22, 2011

Gabbi goes to therapy. Makes a buddy!

Yippeee... it's a road trip. With my mama!! And I get to be at therapy today with my mama...and Bailey Jack!
Gabbi and Bailey Jack play together every Wednesday.
At times when Gabbi Girl is at therapy with me, I feel a little guilty for having her there. I don't want a patient or a parent of a patient to think I am not giving them my undivided attention.
In the case of Bailey Jack, well, these two are like two peas in a pod!
They play really well together. Taking turns on the slide...
Taking turns going up the stairs. ..

And playing together on the big capsule ball.
Bailey Jack likes Gabbi....
And Gabbi likes Bailey Jack.
I tend to get more out of Bailey jack when Gabbi Girl is there because he has a playmate. Someone to motivate him to "play" a little harder!
For instance, to bear weight on his arms/hands a little longer. This builds upper body and arm muscle tone.
I think these two would've done this all day long.

And they play in the crash pad. This is where I chunk them to work on core strengthening.
All that foam makes it hard to maneuver so the kids have to really pull and work hard to climb into it or out of it.
So, Gabbi, what'd you think?!
Did you have a pretty good time today?!
Your mama certainly did! I am glad you are growing up to learn about kids of all abilities. And I am glad you are growing up to be loving and playful and accepting. Your mama is very proud of you.


Mary T said...

So cool you can bring her to work with you. I love that she has a friend there to play with and encourage. Your girls will most certainly have hearts as soft as yours for others. Such a blessing to them that they can witness and be a part of your helping others through your work. Thanks for your encouragement to my daughter about becoming a PT. She just finished her first semester and is glad she is challenging herself (that may change by year 4, 5, or 6!!). Your offices look amazing...thanks for sharing the many aspects of the therapies you offer. Definately impacting many lives!

Kathryn said...

Mel, does Baily Jack (who needs to come live at my house because I am totally in love with him) have access to an ECE program where they have about 50/50 enrollment? Thank you for showing us play/grow!

Mbeaty19 said...

So proud of her too. You have one very special little girl there. Ellie and her are so amazing and so lucky to have such amazing parents too. A family made in heaven by one amazing little angel.

Amy K said...

What a sweet bond these two cuties are developing while they're doing their "work".

Anonymous said...

Hutton always does so much better when her bff is here when her therapists come! She wants to do everything that Maggie does! I was feeling bad because I didn't want the therapist to feel like I was pawning another kid off on them and they all tell me that they get better results from Hutton when she is here!

tricia said...

what a precious twosome!

You are lucky to be able to bring your kids to work.

tricia said...

what a precious twosome!

You are lucky to be able to bring your kids to work.

Theresa Shirley said...

Sweet, sweet, sweet--they look like they're having a ball together! That is wonderful that you can take Gabbi with you to work, and besides that it actually helps somebody else! She is so beautiful, and is growing so fast....she looks like a little girl now, instead of a baby :)

pambeck49 said...

This explains why he LOVES the
bouncey medicine ball and little
tykes slide at our house. I just commented to his Pops, that he sure
could handle that medicine ball well. Its not the medicine ball at
all....its Gabbi!! So sweet and thanks for sharing. Gabbi must come to Bossier and play at his
Gg and Pops house sometimes...we would love her too! Pam Beck