Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Snow Day!!

A week ago today, we had a snow day in Louisiana. I'm here to tell ya. That just doesn't happen very often. AT ALL!
I love that I was able to whip out some coats and hats and scarves and dress my baby dolls up in winter wear!
The funny thing about a "snow day" in Louisiana is that, as you may have noticed, there is no snow!
We just have no road crews prepared for such events, so our local everything (school boards, court houses, universities, etc) prepare for the worst and close down. It's ridiculous to tell you the truth!
I made a big deal about icycles so at least my girls would have some kind of idea of what it means to be out of school due to the cold weather.
For me, being an independent business owner, these kinds of days are almost the worst! All my employees are praying that I will cancel work. However, we have clinics full of patients scheduled, and since we don't know all their home numbers, someone is going to have to be there on MOnday morning to see who is or who is not going to show for their appointments!
How do I decide who should show up at each clinic to do that?! And then, if indeed the roads are fine (as they WERE), how do I justify all being off? I don't like being the decision maker who affects so many lives. Oh, and with school being off, there is also the situation where working moms have noone to keep their school aged kids.
My girls ended up staying with me. They went to work with me. I did invite my employees (any who asked) to bring their kids with them too!

It was a special day for us. I LOVE having my girls with me at work!
Actually, I love having girls with me anywhere!

We should have about another month of semi cold weather. Then, around the end of February, we'll have daffodils and tulilps coming up and we'll be back in short sleeved shirts.
For now, we will enjoy our sweet hats and coats.

My pretty girls... Gabbi in one seat....
Ellie in the other.

And a happy, happy mama up front driving them to work.



Mbeaty19 said...

Look this post. The girls look so cute in their outfits. Glad you guys have cool weather down there so we can be treated to these adorable little girls in their coats, gloves, and scarves.

Kathryn said...

Six inches of snow due here tomorrow night. *sigh*

Mary T said...

Still no snow day here, despite tons of snow all winter and freezing rain tonight. Temps are supposed to drop 30 degrees tonight to near zero by morning. Kids have been praying every night for a snow day. Finally got the automated call from our district tonight that we've been hoping for. It said school is delayed two hours tomorrow........for PLUMBING PROBLEMS!

p.s. I want Ellie's coat. Those two girls are on the cutting edge of style I tell ya'!

Zhohn said...

LOVE blogs about your precious, angelic GIRLS!!! Nothing cuter than baby girls in hats, coats and scarves!

Sure hope you consign their clothes, they're adorable!

tricia said...

i could squeeze their cheeks,they are so darn cute!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, cute, cute winter gear for both little princesses!!! Miss Ellie looks so tall and so much older when she's wearing jeans . . . she's growing up so darn fast . . . I LOVE her plaid jacket. Just cute as a button!

kimybeee said...

those girlies would love some sledding snow! like when you took ellie to colorado?! the girlies look cute in their "warm" clothes - i love that gg looks like she doesn't have fingers in her gloves lol!!

Amy K said...

Mo, you just had to rub it in that you'll have flowers coming up in February, didn't you???
We'll still have plenty of snow on the ground then!
Heck, Friday our HIGH temp is supposed to be -2.
Oh well, I guess these are the days we endure to be so thankful for the beautiful change of seasons.

Belinda said...

Great pictures! as usual. I am in South Arkansas..I know what you mean about NEVER getting snow...but with this storm you are talking about, we got about four inches! Our kiddos got TWO snow days!! They were happy campers!
It was very pretty, but being on the ground for a week was a little much for me....

snekcip said...

Ellie and Gabbi are cute little "no" snow bunnies!!! Don't fret, we had no snow here either! Not even a "flurry"! We got snow in while visiting Dallas for Christmas 09! It was a dream come true! How I longed for a WHITE CHRISTMAS! The snow was beautiful, the pics of the kids were gorgeous on Christmas day, they had the fun "sledding" in the snow BUT OH BOY it was treacherous to drive in!!

Mo, you ROCK!! You have got to be the WORLDS BEST BOSS!!! I mean really....how many employers tell ya "sure, bring the kiddos with ya"!!

Gotta also say, "Where did you find Ellie's coat?!! Bree has shoes and a skirt that matches it to a T!!!

Theresa Shirley said...

As usual those girlies are stylin' to the hilt!! They look like they're about to be in an outdoor fashion show :) Cute, cute, cute! We are usually the same about snow around where I live (near Atlanta), but this time we really did get a winter storm! We had about 5 inches of snow with ice on top of that. Our kids were out of school all of last week. Now they've got to make it up on their "Winter Break" which was supposed to be next month...oh well--they had fun playing in the snow!

Vicki said...

Awwwww! So cute!

Shannon said...

Well it's a blizzard here right now in Nebraska...come on up!!

The girls look so cute...love Ellie's coat!