Monday, January 17, 2011

Talismans, part deux.

Hello all you talisman buyers out there. I am having a BALL making these. I just need about 3 more days in my week and a live in babysitter, and these could be a full time job. I am LOVING it!

So, let's just dive right in, shall we?

Up first... This one's for you, Suzy! Suzy's word is HAPPINESS! And this piece makes me happy! Suzy is an art teacher and is contributing ideas for the art retreats that I really, really want to see happen this year! Suzy, I hear so much of myself in your description of yourself! I am also SO happy when I am getting to create; when my creative juices are flowing freely and I am coming up with new ideas. I KNOW that energized feeling.

I also LOVE that you gave me corals, greens, turquoise.. they are my FAVES! Absolute FAVES... in my house decoration (think about it.. coral cabinets, orange walls, teal baby girl room, turquoise art room, lime green big girl room, .... my faves!)

So, Suzy's word inspired me! She is becoming a good friend, sand I am all about sharing ideas and getting excited about all things artsy with her! For that reason, I included my "art" piece on top with a coin on the bottom, indicative of the money I'd like to see her start generating with her art business.
There is also a silver arm pointing the "direction" she is also seeking for her art to go. And because she allowed me all kinds of "go crazy with it" latitude, I added a strip of leather and and a hunk of turquoise. I think the "rock" is her husband who has stood by her through an ongoing illness and seems to support her thoroughly in her art stuff.
The stack of green turquoise and red coral symbolize her two boys who as she reported to me make her feel very "lucky" to be their mom.
And lastly, I love this little charm.... hands held high in the air, full of HAPPINESS!!
yep, I hope you remember your HAPPINESS, your bliss, when you wear this necklace, Suzy.
Next up, we have Miss Dottie. Dottie has been a long time blog follower, and I swear, I just feel like I know her. PLUS... we are in the same sweet club... the Adopted Mama club. And that binds us for sure! And just like me, she has two girlies. So... it had to be all pink!
Also just like me, her girls are her life! so much so that she gave up her house to finance the girls' adoptions. How sweet is that? Notice I said "house", not "home". Because, as the next piece shows... home is where the heart is... even if it is a rented basement. I think that is the most selfless thing I have heard of. Bless your heart, Dottie! Dottie's word is SIMPLICITY. It doesn't require a whole lot of complicated "stuff" to best raise kids! So, I join you in celebrating your word!
So, in closing here, the three silver circles are the three of you. One has a "roof" on top. It is actually a flower. That one's you. You are putting a roof over their head and making it a sweet, beautiful home! The two pink hearts are, well, your heart... Brooke and Jacie. Ok, Dottie. talisman #2 for you. I LOVED working on this for your friend. What a special gift you are giving her to commemorate her one year anniversary with sobriety. I mean, WOW. I think her getting this gift from you will mean so much to her, and will give her strength to go on for year two. By the way, I think that is her word! At least that is what I intrisically assigned her... STRENGTH!
STRENGTH...thus the oak tree! And the little blue dangles behind represent her two sons for whom she must be STRONG!
Next up... Emily!
And yes, Emily, I AM a cool chick! Ha.
So, Emily had a whole bunch of words. The two I kinda clung to were INDEPENENT and GENTLENESS.
Coming off of a 5 year relationship, she is having to learn to live (and shine!!)again... as an individual! Therefore, note the stars. Two are hanging up high, representative of the relationship which has been a very important part of your life for the past 5 years. Although dissolved, much was learned from it! Some day you will see how it helped you grow.
Also, note the leaves which have a twofold meaning. They represent GENTLENESS as they are a soft place to fall. Reminding you to go easy on yourself. I particularly like the piece which has the two leaves with only one pearl emerging. That's you! I think it is a big year for you and your friendships! They are the pearls all over your talisman!
And the Friends ring to remind you of the importance of them in your life this year.
Hope it means all to you that it meant to me.
Next up...Hallie. Hallie's word for 2011 is HEALTHY! She has three main wishes... to be HEALTHY in the mind, body , and heart!
So, I'd say this is pretty self explanatory. That is all the information I got in my email. I tried to contact you, Hallie for a few more details, but as it stands, I think we have represented the three areas in which you hope to improve your health. I think you can tell which one is the heart!
Ok, Jodi. You're next! For you, it's all about JOY!
So, you needed all kinds of color and whimsy. That makes me JOYful. Hopefully you too!
I included a heart with wings to represent your mom and dad who are watching you and are thrilled that your sweet life has worked out, so well, to your enJOYment!
ANd my favorite part of all...
I wanted to highlight that you now get to live in your childhood home. I drive by mine fairly often, just to see it! So many memories in those houses, huh? I am glad that it brings you such JOY and glad you are getting to share it with someone who brings you JOY! Also, what sweet memories of your past and happy times with your parents!
I am never too far from an incident where we are "making memories" here either!
I'll just say, I've created a monster, and move on!!

This is for Julia. Her word is JOY... for several reasons!
To me, the most important thing to remember this year is that even with the recent death of her mom, JOY, she can go on. She can find JOY in this coming year, and I am quite sure her mom would want that for her! Julia, I didn't make this one too elaborate.
It's funny, because as I start a new one, I pull out all the pieces I think I may want to use in the piece. I ALWAYS start with a big bunch of stuff, then as I put them together... I add more, take away, and sometimes, things just fall away and I am left with the bare bones. That's what happened here. I felt like, in light of your circumstances, a simple reminder of your word JOY, and more importantly your mom, JOY, should hold you to your word this year. I used a very old, vintage rhinestone piece, symbolic of your ability to shine and persevere with the situation going on with your children and their health issues. Lastly, the cross... as you mentioned, so you can find JOY from the LORD!
And next...for Jana. We have TRUST.
Jana specifically requested a stamped necklace and mentioned the five members of her family (including Sadie, the dog). The five balls in the piece obviously represent each one.
I vaguely stamped the letters, as I didn't want them to stick out like so many of the necklaces people are doing these days. I wanted the initials to just blend in, not be the forefront. I wanted the hand of God to be the main highlight. "Walk by faith and not by sight" is resounding with Jana these days, so the hand of God represents that for you. and I am still working on the bracelet!
Check out Ellie's excitement as the guests arrived.
It seems that now that I live on the happenin' street, there are NEVER dull moments! Paula and her entourage came by to visit (and the big girls stayed a while), as Staci, not pictured, is also across the table from me.
I am never really never too far from this itty bitty, who today, decided she would join the "big girls" in dress up! Cinderella style!
And finally for Becky. Who will be living with INTENTION this year.
INTENTIONally be spending time with her children (represented by the blue gemstones, as they both have December birthdays), INTENTIONnally, teaching her daugther scripture that supports how to be a good friend (love that!), and INTENTIONally spend time learning more about wedding photography to support her photography business.

I put a set wings on their to remind her of her mom. She would be proud of her and Becky, she'd want you to be INTENTIONal with teaching your children about the word of God. There are four raku-type (I think that's what it's called) beads which have been in my stash for a long, long time. They are special! They represent your family! Your family is special to me! (Becky is one of my physical therapists!) There are multiple crosses... one for your INTENIONal time with your women's group, and one represents your INTENTIONal time with Todd, (who is a pastor).
And finally, since I didn't have a silver crutch or walker in my stash, I used a single silver stick (far right in above photo) to symbolize the INTENTIONal treatment you intend to give your patients this year.

And with that, Talismans Part Deux is complete.
More to follow tomorrow!

If you have not received an email from me regarding payment or for me to get your address, email me at I've had several people request talismans for other people, as a gift. They didnt' have a "word", per se. Rather, I was given a description of things that are important to that person and a little snippet of their lives, and it has been working well. So, if you need such an item, let me know. I'm kinda on a roll right now! Ha.

I'm having fun with this. Hope you are happy with your piece!



crystal said...

Amazing! Mo, you inspire me with all your talent.

Dottie Phillips said...

Love Love LOVE them! Both of them are perfect. Can't wait! Again you are an amazing artist!

I'm thinking I should take a long weekend trip real soon and just drive right down there and pick them up! LOL

melanie, aka Mo said...

First off, Crystal, I was going to call you today. I made you a surprise one! It is ready and will be at my office tomorrow should you read the comments again and see this! Second, Dottie... bring it on!

Kathryn said...

Better and better! I have tears falling all over my iPhone!

Unknown said...

Perfect. I will always treasure my Talisman which brings me much HAPPINESS. Thank you.

Robin said...

I LOVE Beckys Mel. I think of all things you've ever done.. these are my FAVORITE. I enjoy reading everyone elses stories and watch your mind and creativity at work. I am SO BLESSED to be a part of this. I want to comment about mine but will wait until I SEE it on here tomorrow. The more I look at it .. the MORE I see.

em said...

I can't wait for my talisman to arrive! I love it and the leaves part is brilliant! Thanks Mo!!!

Amy K said...

Awesome job on these Melanie!

I love the picture of GG in the Cinderella dress - she is a princess!

Cori said...

I seriously LOVE that each one is so uniquely created for the individual. I just sent you an email about a necklace order!!

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~
Ok, I feel left out, but it is my own fault because I did not come up with my “word”. I just LOVE the Tailsman that you are making and I need to have one.
You know I am a Mother of three girls who are my life. I also had an extremely close relationship with my Mother who passed away in 1996 from Alzheimer’s. I was her only child and the center of her life.
I love “joy”, I need “change” in order to be happier with myself (I have always wanted to be a Realtor but I feel the school will be too much for me………….but if I had that job, I know going to work would be a pleasure.
I have mentioned that I am originally from New York & I love the city (so anything you have that resembles New York, feel free to add it on) specifically, I am from Brooklyn.
I love to eat, travel, be with my friends, be with my girls, and in general I love to laugh.
I hope I have given you enough info to create a Tailsman for me. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me (303) 470-6355 or my cell (720) 371-4850.
How much are the Tailsman?
And btw, can I request a Christmas canvas this year? I wanted to put my request in early so that you have plenty of time to make it.
Have a wonderful day,
Diana from Colorado

Theresa Shirley said...

You rock girl!! Love the thought and heart that you put into each one of these to make them fit the individual!! I would love to have my own of these days---will have to wait due to finances for now though.....Just wanted to tell you I think what you're doing is awesome!! :)

Theresa Shirley said...
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Hallie said...

Sorry if you were unable to get in touch with me....I never saw an e-mail or anything from you. I realize now, after reading today's blog, that you probably wanted to know more about me and not just my word, but that is okay. I love my talisman is simple and to the point....just like me. Can't wait to get it!

Rohrbachs said...

I would love to order one. If you are taking orders. I have 6 kids and would love something to represent each on of them Soo beautiful those tailsmen you are making!!

Rohrbachs said...

I would love to order one. If you are taking orders. I have 6 kids and would love something to represent each on of them Soo beautiful those tailsmen you are making!!