Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Talismans... keeping em coming.

Whooooweee. I am ready to go again! Are you ready?

Becky. You are up first!

So, here's the deal! Becky's word is ACCEPTANCE. She has recently begun a new job. And it is a job she is really having to work hard to ACCEPT... not only the job, but the new people associated with her job. She is working the night shift... this is very, very new to her. Becky, don't you think that black in this piece was accidental! It is representative of the night shift! And, even before you emailed me your second time, I had already made the big 3-0 in the middle of your talisman to symbolize what was obviously a very special time in your life. I can't imagine 30 years of service to one company (ANd heck, I OWN mine!), and I find it quite admirable!

I just kept thinking about that. The gears in the piece represent time> So much time spent in one place. And to remind you that even though that time is over, you are blessed to be a part of something new. A new job. A new beginning. You are ready to ACCEPT this with zeal!

There's one little spiral at the top of your talisman, and that is what may seem like a life spiraling out of control, and ....

there is one little heart in the piece. That is your daughter. Your mainstay! I loved that you called her your BFF!!

Hope you like it, Miss Becky. ACCEPTANCE 2011!

Next on the agenda...all the way to Colorado... for Vicki!

I modeled yours for you! Her word is TREASURE!

Obviously, any TREASURE should be symbolized by rhinestones. Duh! And because Vicki has four boys, the four strands of shiny stones are her boys. She has been married for 18 years, as represented with the heart and the turquoise is a reminder of her favorite place, Florida, where she tried to travel to often to see her family.

That really pretty stone, faceted citrine, is Vicki! You are yourself, a TREASURE, because you have realized how blessed you are.

I think this is a better view!

Well, well, well, what have we here?

Ellie's newest obsession... "Organizing" my stamp drawer! Lord, give me strength!

Ok, and now for Crystal. She didn't order a talisman, but I know she has been going through a bit of a trial lately, and, since she is a close friend of JinJin's, I thought she could use one!

Her oldest daughter recently delivered a significantly premature little boy. He actually came home this week, so now both mom and baby are doing better. I would read the mom's (Kristy's) updates and she would consistently use the word, BELIEVE. I thought, well, that's gotta be their word!

So, I put in a few charms with blue topaz stones to represent not only the new baby boy, but also his big brother, Riley. And, naturally, if we are BELIEVING that all will be well, and that this premature munchkin will develop normally, then we must have faith in God. Thus the cross.

So, Crystal, surpriiiiise! Stop by my WM clinic and pick it up. Wear it and BELIEVE!

Now for Robin... Robin's word is EQUITY. She and her husband were able to purchase a house for what they feel was a discount. Through their own blood, sweat, and tears, they turned that house into something which appraised for considerably more, proving their sweat EQUITY paid off.

See the little house? The house that love built!? Robin has three children. The lights of her life. She particularly wants to build EQUITY in her and her oldest daughter, Maddi's, life. Maddi was sort of a goth kind of kid(thus my choice of black throughout). She was going through a phase which many teenagers go through and, well, just wasnt' all that happy. Robin realized this and decided that the effort she put forth to build EQUITY in her own kid's life. Robin shared with me that she uses the phrase, "Let your light shine", thus the stars representative of all three of her children. I used three stars and three brown stars. I told Robin that I didn't think she would see EQUITY in any part of her life if she doesn't spend some time building EQUITY in the kingdom, so I used a cross to remind her of that.

The larger black stone is representative of her husband, who, she reports, has also very much been her helpmate and with whom she has really worked hard to build EQUITY in their marriage.

And would you believe that when I showed Robin her talisman, (she works at MMPT), she showed me her tattoo? She has three stars on her hip bone to represent her kiddos. Do you think that was a fluke?! Hmmm... not me!

Alrighty, Kim, my dear old friend. Your word is GUIDE. I love that word. And even more, I love why you chose it! Kim and I went to PT school together. There were only about 20 something people in our class, so we were a tightknit group for the three years we were holed up in a classroom together (8-5 mind you), daily! She has continued her love of education as a teacher of PTA students at a local university. One of the reasons she has chosen GUIDE is that she has come to the realization that at this point in her life, she has great influence over young minds. She realizes, that at 40, she actually is the authority on a few subjects and would like to GUIDE those around her in said subjects to the best of her ability. I used the silver arm pointing straight to the side to symbolize this leadership. All the little pearls are your students. And you have GUIDED many over the years, Kim.

Similarly, she is realizing that her oldest daughter is at an age where it is no longer ok for mom to do everything for her, and that her role as mom, is to GUIDE her toward the independence which is eminent. There are two other little girls in the family who are not far behind, and I represented all three girls with the three polka dotted balls (the top one being a different color than the other two, as we have had the talk about your baby marching to the beat of her own drum!).

The wings and heart are also a reminder of your babies one day (sooner than we'd like to think) flying away. They are our hearts! I wish you the best as you GUIDE them toward this. The cross obviously is to remind you of the influence you have on so many young lives in your church, and as you put it, "to ACT on whatever God is putting in my path as an opportunity to help someone else reach their full potential".

I had to include that mean ol husband of yours. Ha. The big heart is representative of your marriage. I just had to include it. It is an important part of your life, and I have watched and admired how he has supported you as you are touching lives and GUIDing many!

Lastly, just as you told me you feel I am using my gift, I feel you are using yours! The ribbon at the top cinches all these things up to represent the gift I feel your life is to so many!

Next up. Jennifer. My pal whose word is BE. Just BE! And so, I used one of my very special charms, "Just BE you!"

Jennifer mentioned she wanted to support each of her three children as they learn to accept and BE themselves. That is why I used three totally different colored and shaped pieces of turquoise. They are your young uns. As well, teh three gold pearls are your kids, because I know they are your treasure.

Jenn said she wanted to BE still and in the moment. This is represented by the gear which you will see below just behind the silver BE charm.

She also wants to BE a better Christian, so there is a cross to signify and remind you of this.

Because I know Jenn personally, and love her, I know she would think her greatest treasure is her children. So, she got my big #3! I have been saving that for a special piece. Hope you like it, Jenn!

And sooooo, who we got next?!

Oh yeah! It's for Niki! Not a lot to say here. She simply says she wants to TRUST more this year! Big decisions pending and as long as she is letting God lead her, she knows that her "Faith" will set her path straight!

So, Niki, I am alongside you TRUSTing that 2011 will be a year of good decisions and results. That financial (thus the gold circle) opportunities will come your way and God (the fish and cross) will make you confident in your decisions. The two pearls... that's you and the hubby! Standing side by side. TRUSTing!

Donna. Another simple one. I kinda like em myself!

Donna's word is GRATITUDE! She is just about to finish up the last leg of her education to become a teacher. She is loving her decision to become a teacher and is passionate about this second career. I found this sliver of canvas with the word GRATEFUL on it, and thought, what could be more perfect as a reminder of GRATITUDE? The house is a reminder of your supportive family who has seen you through this life change and the spiral is you. All passionate and giddy about your new career of touching young lives.

I'm always excited by someone else's passion and enthusiasm, and especially when they recognize it and are GRATEFUL! Wear it with a GRATEFUL heart, Donna.

Bebe... your word PERSEVERANCE produced this...

This piece is strongly symbolic of money. I just felt compelled to send this wish of financial stability your way! Seems with your daughter's condition, and the numerous surgeries, the financial pressures may be something you will have to contend with and PERSEVERE through!

The two pearls on top are representative of the two pearls in your life, Andrew and Ana.

With the gold circles, note the "steel" nuts and bolts. That is because I know you are made of the "good stuff", the strong stuff. The stuff needed to PERSEVERE through trials of all kinds.

For Lauren.

Lauren's word is CHANGE. Lauren seems to be going through a very introspective period and recognizes that there are many CHANGEs needed in her life to help her create relationships and hang onto them. The flower is symbolic of the optimism and happiness that you are wanting to see more of in your life. Don't forget. You get to choose your attitude every day. Make it positive, not negative, and those around you will begin to follow suit! I promise!

Lauren, I included a butterfly to remind you of the change that occurs from a caterpillar to the butterfly. It is slow and steady, but the result is beautiful! And I am wishing for you the CHANGE which lets you shine and stand out like that beautiful amber crystal I included to represent a CHANGEd you!

For my pal, Jamette.

So symbolic of you and your life. Your life which does now and always has been solely focused on the happiness of your three girls! The three girls are the three colorful crystals. You can determine which is which...although I think Danielle may be the pink one! :)

You are that awesome Chrysopase stone on top. It is faceted, which means has many angles , as I know you have many talents and gifts to share with many.

Because you chose BLOOM as your word, I naturally had to use the cute little charm with the blooming flower. And below it, there are two hands, representing your new career as a massage therapist.

May 2011 be the year you BLOOM as a therapist, mother, and watch your special girls bloom into beautiful lives of their own.

Jennifer. wow. This is a hard one. Jenn married my cousin, Drew. They were expecting their first baby and had just found out in December.

So when she asked me to commemorate her word, ENJOY, I knew I had to find something that represented the three of them. She said she wanted to ENJOY her time with her husband, her students, her family, and her friends . These are the four dangles around the central piece, which was a bit explanatory.

These pieces are ceramic and one of a kind, made by an artist I met while in Tucson some years ago. I have held onto them for a special project. I think this was it. Today (01/19), Jenn had to have a DNC to remove the deceased baby. It came as a shock to us all. Now, I think, more than EVER, Jenn, you will need to find a way to ENJOY those exact people you mentioned above. It is time to RELISH your relationships with your husband, family, students, and friends. Lean on them to help you and consider the three in the center piece as a reminder of that sweet lost soul. As I sent you yesterday, remember Psalms "Weeping lasts through the night, but JOY comes in the morning."

We love you and Drew!

Ok, Nurse Crazy... you need to remember to EMBRACE all the goodness you have been blessed with this year. I hope this helps you remember it.

The three circles in the back are your three children. I liked using the black and white spiral as your dad who needs you and whose time may be limited. You used the word "focus" as you said you wanted to remain "focused" on your blessings. Your dad is such a blessing. I am going to have to say that those two big dangles represent 5 years each, totalling the 10 you have blessed so many with your talents, ablities, and optimism at St. Jude!!

The ribbon at the top just cinches it all together to remind you to EMBRACE the memories, the things to come (Nashville or bust!), and the AWESOMENESS of turning 5-0! If it's anything like 40, bring it on, baby! I seem to get better with age. And I know you do too!

So with that concept of better with age, I give you, Krista's REALITY.

Krista seems to think she should face the REALITY that she is aging and needs to consider taking a little better care of herself.

Because you told me that you have a "whimsical plaque", I knew you could handle a bold piece... one full of polka dots and playfulness! You know why? It is because TRULY I feel that 40 is awesome! Totally awesome! It is a time that you start to really figure out who you are, what you are good at, and what you are NOT! It is a time of wisdom per se.

I included a couple of peace signs, as I want you to be at peace with the REALITY of your turning 40. It is gonna be great! And a jack to remind you the REALITY that 40 just means it is time to play a little harder!!

Ok, now onto the last one of the night... it is for Jennifer E. I really got a lot of insight into you and your reason for choosing EMBRACE. You consistently referred to EMBRACE as a LETTING GO. So, when I saw this hand that looks as if it is letting things fall away, I knew it had to be central to your talisman!!

I absolutely "Get it" when you said there is alot to be said for your favorite quote, "Let go or be dragged". So often, we waller in that which should be done with and forgotten!

And then, you sent me this quote by Emerson:

".... finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities have crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day. You shall begin it serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense."

This talisman is about that!

Seven little pearls, representing each day of the week. If by the week's end, you haven't LET GO and EMBRACEd what is, reflect on your talisman. It is a reminder that tomorrow is a new day. Next week is coming. It is fresh and new. To be used for good. To touch lives. And in your case, as a school counselor, really , really a time to influence so many!

Hope you all feel full! I certainly do!


Robin said...

THANK YOU! LOVE the EMBRACE one and also the REALITY. I LOVE all of them but I LOVE mine the MOST! I LOVE that I can wear it with anything too!! I cant wait to see more! I enjoy the stories just as much as the pieces.

Jenny said...

Okay you are so CREATIVE!!! I love reading about all of your talismans! You truly have a wonderful gift! Keep sharing it girl!

Jen Ehlers said...

OMG! I love, love, love it!!! Thank you so much! It's just perfect Mo!!!

tricia said...

all of them are so beautiful. i especially like Crystals.
i see you have little helpers. i hope there is a lock on the art room door! you are very talented.

Emily said...

Mel-I am SO digging the talismans and want one for my own but I cannot for the life of me pick a word for the year to work from! HELP! You know that I am trying to finish school to graduate in May and start teaching this year, all the stuff with Shelbi, the singleness issue, my faith....any ideas on a word to start from? You know me well enough that I hoped you might have some creative insight to help me come up with one.

Vicki said...

Thanks Mel! Can't wait to get my talisman! It's awesome!

SarahBeth said...

oh wow! these are so special! i've never heard of these! love them!!

breanna said...

ELLIE SUE!!!! you better get out of that stamp drawer!! ;)
LOVE the new ones!
oh, I'm sending you a list of must do's...

kimybeee said...

just amazing - i think your explanation/interpretation of the materials is as awesome as the pieces. truly wonderful and beautiful and you are a blessing to everyone that recieves one of your mo' originals!!

p.s. we are expecting about 6 inches of snow here in milton wv by friday - perfect sledding weather! lol

Amy K said...

Fantastic job as always Mel! Thanks for sharing the stories and how the pieces came to be.

I am so sorry for your cousin and his wife's loss - I will hold them in my prayers.


Kathryn said...

Beautiful! I showed the last batch to Miss Suzie yesterday at the hospital. She loved them. I will show her these today! If it ever stops snowing. And, if I can get there. Please ask Ms Ellie to come organize my stamp drawers. They are all cattywampus.

KimCox said...

I LOVE it!!! It's perfect!! Can't wait to get it and wear it!!

Beverly said...

I love what you're doing with everyone's words. You are just so creative.

Sharidrew said...

Those are all so awesome! You are very talented! I would love to have you make one for me! But....well, I will think about it! Thanks for sharing all of them. I hope you write all of that information down on a card or something so each person will remember what all the symbols stand for. So awesome!

Hugs from Missouri,

snekcip said...

Mo your work on this talisman and the heart and thought you put into each piece is truly heartwarming and amazing! You have such a beautiful spirit and that's what keeps me coming back here day after day!! I love the quote from your friend and used it on my fb status! I credited it to you because I knew you were on fb and wasnt sure if she was or not! Tell her I said was beautiful and so what I needed to hear to get my day started!

Melissa Jan said...

I love looking at all of your creativeness & inspiration in your talismans. I've purchased some of your earrings on Etsy and think of you each time I wear them. Thanks for sharing your life, your family & a urging us all to be more creative!!

CWoodrome said...

Okay, I guess it is time to come out of the closet. You don't know me, have no connection to me except that I used to read Jake's blog and have been lurking in the shadows ever since. I hope that doesn't creep you out because seriously, I am not a wierd person who peeks into other people's lives. You are just an inspirational person and I pray for your family and like to see your family flourishing despite the loss of Jake.

But, I do want a talisman and that is why I am writing. My word for this year is CHERISH. I have so much in my life that is good and worthy to be cherished but I think I have gotten so tied up in life's challenges lately, I am just not doing it. I have a wonderful, Godly husband who is seriously the best father out there and who babies his wife to no end - definitely something to CHERISH. I also have two boys, ages 8 and 13. The 8 yr old is our only biological kiddo and he is growing so very fast. I am fortunate that he is still super loveable and cuddly and has yet to outgrow love from his Momma. I want to CHERISH that because I fear there will be a time soon when he is not that way. Plus, I have spent so much of his life trying to make ends meet and stressed out that I feel like I have missed alot. I want to embrace all I have left. Our 13 year old is actually our nephew. We spent years struggling thru infertility after having our son, but it seemed God had another plan for our lives that did not include a baby. Last summer, CPS removed our nephew from his home because his father (now in jail) is a raging drug addict. My nephew found him overdosed 3 times in just one year. So, God blessed us with this addition to our family (really he already was even before this); he just came in a bigger, older package than we expected :) CPS has given his Dad stipulations on how he can get him back. We are hoping that he will stay in jail long enough so we can get the boy through high school, but we can't predict the future on that one. I definitely want to CHERISH every minute I have with him and use the opportunity I have to give him a solid foundation in life and a chance to be a normal teenager. Finally, I have spent the last two summers doing short term missionary work in Panama. Each year, I have had the opportunity to spend 10 days living with the native Indians in Panama and sharing the Gospel. I definitely feel privileged to do this as we are visiting their villages that are deep in the jungles and mountains of Panama where visitors just never go. What an experience to CHERISH - not everyone gets to bring God's Word to the true ends of the earth, to people really untouched by modern society. As I go this year again, I want to make sure that I remember how privileged I am to experience these wonderful people. Not to mention that my 60 year old father joined me last year in Panama and will this one as well. Longevity does not run in his family for the men - they tend to die in their early 60s from heart disease. Thankfully, he seems to be healthy, but I want to CHERISH that time with him. My Dad and I are really great friends and not many people have that relationship with a parent.

I don't wear a lot of jewelry and what I do wear isn't all that elaborate. But, I trust you to make it perfect and if you HAVE to get me out of my shell on jewelry, I guess I will let that happen :) I work at a bank that requires me to wear blue and black, so I wear that all the time during the week and NEVER wear those colors on the weekend. Bottom line, I am flexible, it can be for work or not. This was so long - sorry! When I come out of the closet, I guess I go crazy.

Mbeaty19 said...

I love your designs you've been making for all the different talisman. Each one is so unique and carries so much meaning. Really hoping to make one of my own to remind me of my word and all its meanings. You are such an inspiration to me and I can't wait to see your next batch of talisman.

Theresa Shirley said...

Really, really love them once again!!! So inspiring and heartfelt. I agree with the other poster--you have such a sweet spirit! I think that's why we're all drawn to you! BTW--Ellie looks like she's got a partner in crime there with her drawer organizing--lol :)

Beth E. said...

Your talismans are awesome, Mo! I agree with are so creative!

All of the necklaces are great...I especially liked the BELIEVE talisman you made for Crystal. :-)