Friday, December 3, 2010

A visit from Sarah

Well, looky here... looky who came to visit us!!

Our long lost next door neighbor!

Still weird as ever! Still willing to do a little of anything for a big laugh!
And here is ELlie Sue who absolutely adores her! Please take note of all the mimicked poses in the following pictures!
If Sarah does it, Ellie does too!
She keeps her eye on Sarah just to make sure she doesn't miss a step!
Sarah's Mini Me.

Sarah's grandfather passed away last week, so she was in need of a little fun without any sadness around.
Enter the wacky Groves family! That's what we are good for!
And please, please, please know that Ellie put her own outfit together! Yes indeed!
We were happy to have Sarah with us for the night.
We miss having her as our next door neighbor. Emma Lou has a social agenda that keeps her from visiting us as frequently, so my girls are stuck with dear ol' mom! Bo-RING!
WHich leaves us missing opportunities to wear GIGANTIC bows on the top of our heads! Dangit!


Diana said...

Oh my goodness Mo, how cute are those pictures? I just love them. All the girls look so cute and you can tell that they are having a blast with their big friend! Just adorable and it must have given you a few seconds of peace & quiet having Sarah around to entertain them. I remember LOVING it when other kids came around so that I could actually get something accomplished!
Have a wonderful weekend,
Diana from Colorado

tricia said...

I was wondering about Sarah. I bet she misses all you guys so much. Life does go on though.You need to 'rent' a tween for Ellie to hang with.

snekcip said...

Glad to see Sarah again in Blogland!!! I know Ellie was beside herself w/TWEEN madness!!!

I gotta say.... that's one BAB on Gabbi's noggin!! LOL!!