Friday, December 3, 2010


Guess what time of year it is!! YEP! Staci and I are headed out today (friday) to Memphis where we will join the 100 people committed to TEAM JAKE for year 2010!

Oh, and by the way. These shirts are for sale! They are long sleeve tees, so let me know if you are interested!!

We gathered for our usual "pep rally" to celebrate Jake, remember him through little stories, watch Aunt Mo TRY to talk about him but absolutely still cannot without blubbering, and get our runners' tees!

I love that we have team members from all over. These two are from Homer and make the trip with us every year. They are 5 Kers, and help me with the sign depositing the night before. BLESS THEIR HEARTS!!

This is one of a pair of our fearless leaders! Karl and LoriAnn do such a great job of raising awareness and money for St. Jude. They are precious to our family!

You KNOW we had to serve a Jake Favorite!! Johnny's Pizza for all participants! Remember when Jake was in Bone Marrow unit and couldn't eat any outside food?! We would THere's Trav, who did his first 1/2 marathon last year for TEAM JAKE. His wife and Dawn also do the 1/2 in memory of Jake!

Maddi is going north with me and Staci, but my munchkins are staying HOME!

Good Luck, Todd!

As Don told stories of Jake, people listened intently. Jake was such a cool kid and had such a short, but FULL life!

Middle girl (Sorry, I forgot your name... I am a sorry sot!) is the team's top fundraiser! Thanks so, so much!

I think Sarah will win the spirit award with these shoes!!

Oh yes she DID go and get some TEAM JAKE customized Nikes for her first 1/2 marathon!!

We had the meeting at MMPT where we are fully Christmatized! This is the drawing for the big trip to the Saints game. I didn't win!

I love TEAMJAKE! This group is so dedicated and committed to this mission!

As per tradition, the crew headed outside for the car paint-off! Ron, in usual form misspelled words all over the place, but he got them corrected! Poor, poor Ron! I mean, really, Ron... TEAM JAE?!

Riley helped with the window painting.

As did BritanyAnn.

NIce work, Kiddos!

So if you see this caravan in Louisiana, Mississippi, or Tennessee... honk!! We will know that means you are remembering Jake too!!

Won't be posting tomorrow! Will be back in action on Sunday!!



jessie said...

the team's top fundraiser is my sister!! jackie!! way to go!

tricia said...

have a great trip!

I see thru a comment that Jackie is the TOP fundraiser. What devotion!

Sandy said...

Go Team Jake!! Hope you all have a safe and great trip!!!

Debbie said...

Go Team Jake!!!

I am interested in a Tee Shirt. How much are they?

God Bless~
Debbie Jean

Unknown said...

Good luck Team Jake!

I would love one of those shirts!

Hannah Kate's mom said...

Will be praying for Team Jake! Good Luck! Most definitely want a t-shirt! Let us know how to purchase :)

Acutescrubnurse said...

Last year, I was in Memphis the day of the marathon!! We had to stay one night in Memphis before our flight left for Cancun. Saw many racers on Beale Street and thought about Jake. It was a great time, wish I was there today!!
Have Fun!!

Amy K said...

Best Wishes to TEAMJAKE!

Love those awesome running shoes!

Amber said...

Would love to purchase a couple of shirts. What sizes do you have?