Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sizing 'em up!

Ok, so guess what we started recently! We took one of our brand new doors and started keeping track of the girls' heights so we can watch those little suckers grow!
I had a really cute little chart in our old house, but I like the permanency of this door! And I hope to transfer the heights of the girls on each of their birthdays from that chart to this door!
I kinda freak about losing such valuable information, thus a door vs. a wall! I can take that door down and take it with me if ever I am forced to!
This is the first year I didn't do it on their birthday, but I figured there hasn't been too significant of a growth in the past 3 months or so.
Can you believe I have these two angels?! I am so blessed. Just sayin'!
Ellie is all about it. Now that she's seen me WRITE on a wall, I have to seriously guard against her thinking it is ok for her to do so also!
She kept asking me for the pen so she could write on it too.
I am just waiting to come home to some serious artwork on this door. I will freak!

Now, I have to get mine and Todd's heights recorded, and possibly friends,neighbors, relatives, just for "flava"!!

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Shannon said...

Too cute!! My Mom did that for my brother and I, and when they remodeled the kitchen and "the piece of wall" had to be removed...You guessed it Dad cut it out floor to ceiling and framed it for her! It's a good conversation piece! Who needs Thomas Kinkade when you have the Beard children's growth marks!