Thursday, November 18, 2010

KD Legacy. Oh yeah.

Courtney came and got the two "big girls" a few weeks ago to take them to a fun day at the KD house in Ruston, LA Tech to be exact.
Courtney, or CoCo, affectionately known around here, is Maddi's primary babysitter.
Ellie just kinda tagged along. Her primary babysitter, KK,and first cousin to CoCo (Just like Ellie and Maddi will be someday), usually are inseperable. HOwever, they pledged different sorrorities last year, so on occasion, they part ways.
Staci and I were both Kappa Deltas in college, so on this day, I must say, the girls were where they "belonged"!
It was a pumpkin painting day and the girls LOVE to go ANYWHERE with KK or CoCO!
Along with pumpkin decorating, there was some cookie decorating going on too!
Oh, and some coloring!
Can you tell this is some SERIOUS business!?
Yay! Goooo KD!
They were pretty pumped about their cookies!
Especially Miss Posey.
You know you can't preview your cookie without your knee cocked out!

Oh, and they even taught the girlies their KD "sign".
Thanks, CoCo, for taking the girls on yet another adventure!!
And thank you, Elaine, for your nice words yesterday! I was touched!
And for all who asked....yes, that owl outfit came from Staci's store, Spoiled Rotten, in Monroe. ANd I am pretty sure they'll ship. No website though. I TOLD her she needed to get this in action. Stay tuned!! Mo


jessie said...

love it! i can testify b/c i was there that they had a great time! :)

Anonymous said...

Okay I forgot to ask you....I want to order a couple of the older girls dresses from the show u posted two days ago. The outfit Angel Grace,Piper and the one Ellie had one,the gray with peace symbol on the front and floral like print on lower half...I am stockley for those for my girls...could u let me know what sizes those go to and how much. I would LOVE to order these thru staci's store.
I also can't get over how much Ellie is changing...she is such the big well as gabbi...beauties

tricia said...

I love the adventures of the little ones that you share with us.

kelly said...

Hi Mo. I sent you an e-mail about a canvas. I'm sure you are swamped but I'd love just one more this year. Any hope?

rebeccabrabb said...

i miss the kd lodge so much. i had some wonderful times there and met the best group of girls. they made my college experience memorable! go KD!