Saturday, November 20, 2010

Lord, Give me strength!

I seriously CANNOT let this one out of my sight!
And put Maddi in the mix, and WATCH OUT! Ellie likes to "teach" her new things.
I came into my bathroom and this is what I saw!
Maddi, on the other hand, had had a little fun in my art room prior to coming to the master bathroom!
Yep. Straight up MARKER!
And all is well, until they get my angel baby, precious, sweet thang involved!
She now has the same obsession!
And here is Ellie's final make up results... but the story does not end here!
She also found THESE!
The day before this, I obliged her and rolled my hair and hers before she left for school.
What can I say? She was apparently paying close attention.
I mean, this kid is using those little wire clips and all!! HOW can she do that at 3 years old?!
ANd she is always so pleased with herself when she has accomplished such a beauty routine!
I may not make it to her teens!


tricia said...

I can laugh because I'm not 'living it'. but if I were I'd have to have a 24/7 bodyguard on her. LOL My fear is she'll get into something that will hurt her.Thank God she didn't remember seeing the hot rollers plugged in! She would have burned herself.Have a fun weekend with the family

Sandy said...

this is just too funny. I so feel pity for you in a couple years. Man at the time you are gonna have when she can reach the gas pedal in your ride.Look out Ellie is on!!

stephleighjenkins said...

They are a kick!! I seriously don't know how you can keep a straight face around them!!

Lori Curran said...

This seriously made me laugh out loud this morning!

You truly get the "Mom of the Century" award - I absolutely LOVE that you took time to get out the camera and document this momentous day in their history. Those girls will have so many great memories of their childhood - that you took the time to celebrate the fun, and not "freak out" over the things that really don't matter.

I wished that I had done a better job at letting my kids be kids when they were that age. It goes SO fast!

So, kudos to YOU Melanie!!!

Lori in Oregon

kimybeee said...

you better be on god's good side - ha ha ha ha!! that ellie is so stinkin rotten and cute!!! gg only gets away with it cause she is the baby lol!!! you just better hope that ellie always uses her powers for good! keep sharing the fund stuff!!

Beth E. said...

Oh, my! lol

When our boys were little, we put little slide locks at the very top of all of our doors...too high for kiddos to reach! Come to think of it, almost too high for ME to reach!

We placed the locs on all closet doors, our bedroom door, the basement door, and the bathroom doors. We did this for their protection...way too many dangerous things they should not get into! :-)

Amy K said...

Hilarious!!! Our niece used to "doll up" her brother in makeup, nail polish, and hair do's. He's getting married in less than a year - we'll have to pull some of those pics out!
Thanks for sharing these 3 girlies and their antics.