Saturday, December 18, 2010

Our little butterfly

I love our office. Know why? We are an ecclectic bunch! On any given day, you just don't know what off the wall, totally NON-therapy related thing we may be doing!
And we really get to know our patients. And become friends with them!
One such patient is Mr. Dwayne! He and his wife, Miss Reba, are avid gardeners.
And apparently, also raise butterflies.
He thought we needed a few too! So he brought us three crysalis. Or is it crysali?! ANyway, it is where the butterflies metamorph into butterflies from caterpillars.
See it hanging from the end of its wings?
Once it was in our clinic for a couple of weeks, it started sprouting. It only took a few hours for it to totally emerge. Then, we had to give it time to get it's sings unstuck and flapping strong!
Poor photo quality, but here are the second two which haven't emerged yet.
And finally the time came! It was time to release our beautiful creature.
Tyler did the honors.
We let it go on a lantana. I think that is a butterfly flower! And look at its poor little wings. It is so like MMPT to raise a "special" butterfly!!
So bye bye little butterfly. Hope you have a happy little butterfly life!
The end.


Michelle said...

So cool! We just ordered a butterfly kit and they delivered the catapillars in the mail to us. They have been eating and growing for about a week and my kids are enjoying them everyday! I bet your girls would love to watch some grow/develop whatever! :) So nice your office gets to know you patients so well!

tricia said...

what a cool experience